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    Finished the very last song in Zumba and my Fitbit buzzed- 20,000 steps.
    I need to remember to eat a good meal before class- I barely had enough energy to get through the last half of the class- checking to see my steps near the end did help to push to hit that goal.
    Came home and had a little jalapeno brie, crackers(just six), two large artichokes and some fresh papaya. I was very full after that. Stuck to my 1000 for the day.
    You would think I would have slept really great after that but Fitbit says it was a 75-Fair-5 1/2 hrs of sleep.
    I got up early to make a phone call(trying to get on the list to get two of the cats fixed at the low cost clinic-tried last month but didnt get in-NEED to get them fixed so I can kick the one outside- she won't stop peeing and now pooping on my side of the bed or on the couch and recliner- everything is covered in pads) Tried to go back to sleep after that but couldn't.
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    Rebecca - Woke up thinking of you, dear heart. Hope the pain has lessened...

    Katla - Thank you for keeping us posted...

    Anyone using a CPAP, or whose partner does - Do you use a Phillips CPAP? There's a massive recall on them, as the foam starts to deteriorate and make people sick. https://www.usa.philips.com/healthcare/e/sleep/communications/src-update

    Carol - I hadn't thought of using them in the tub, but I often use dishwasher tabs when I have a pan that has far too much burned-on material to come clean in the dishwasher or by scrubbing. A few hours of soaking in hot water and dishwashing soap will take care of most anything.

    I'll be back...
    Lisa in AR

    I will have to ask dh what brand of CPAP he has

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    Rita's challenge
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    Got 4 new tires today. I really needed them as the tread was quite low. To the tune of about $700. I also need new brakes. But since my brakes right now still work, we'll just have to wait a bit.

    Tomorrow go to see Jess after work. I already peeled and sliced onions so all I should have to do is separate them. That is, unless I need more.

    Off to bed.

    Michele NC
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    Well, I’ll try to get caught up. Apologies in advance to anyone I may miss.

    Went to Jess’ this weekend after work. On Sunday I took a 1-1/2 hr walk around her block (yes, I did get a bit lost...lol). Then we went to the NC State Fair. On a lark I brought my pedometer. I only got in about 15,000 steps. I thought I’d be getting more.

    Been working, today I got to the gym. Yea me! Did a body pump DVD. Had ceramics last night and will have it tonight. Found out that we’ll be at the local baseball land. There is a building adjacent to it that the city of Hickory owns. In one way, I do wish we were closer. But can’t have everything. At least we can still paint! Got 4 new tires and need new rotors

    Allie – Tracey and Kyle really need to find more care for Miles. Perhaps you could watch him M W and F and another person T and Th? You sound like you’re exhausting yourself.

    How many times Vince tell me to call about something then proceeds to tell me that I should have said this and I should have said that. If he felt I wouldn’t do it right (why else would he stand over me) then why didn’t he do it himself?

    Saw this gal who used to work at BK Sat. Morning. Seems she’s a size M so I asked her if I could have her shirt. She brought it by this past Sat. At least I now have 2 more shirts! Now I only have to do laundry every 4 days instead of every 2

    Don’t we all have parenting regrets?

    Rori – I was wondering where you were! Love your smile

    Debbie – awwww those kittens. The airport here has an aviation museum and they have some fighter planes on display. Well, there was this one feral cat who was around. They noticed that she was spending a lot of time by one of the planes. One of the workers used a camera and found that she’d gone into the cockpit and had a litter of kittens!

    A back seat is an option!

    I have a sign in the kitchen that says “make yourself at home, do the dishes”

    Oh, how I remember the plastic covers on furniture and sticking to it!

    From what I understand from Jerry, BK is having an inspection from the health dept. on Fri. Boy, are they really cleaning things! Personally, I hope they clean the walls. Every set of shelves in the refrigerator is being taken out and cleaned. One set of plastic shelves Jerry repainted.

    I’m trying to think of alternate sources of protein to have with breakfast. Think I’ll hardboil some eggs. I’ll probably do some food shopping tomorrow so I’ll get some chicken breasts and cook them up

    Vince bought Halloween candy today. $50 worth of candy. I have it in the bags but the bags are tied shut

    We had to vote one time when we were in FL so we got absentee ballots. I really liked being able to do it by mail. Vince seems to like to go to the voting places. Why, I’m not sure. Bet if you could vote online, he wouldn’t object!

    Carol – good cleaning hints! Thank for passing them on

    When we were at Jess’ this weekend, she wanted to show us her office and a tour of the school. We saw this one pig that was something like 800 pounds. She needed to put a salve on its hoofs since it had cracked hoof. Lots of other animals – horses, cows, sheep, mice, cats, dogs, etc. etc. etc. Just about everything you can think of. I must say I’m really proud of her

    Lisa – thanks for the info about the recall. Fortunately, I have the Dreamstation. Vince already got his new one

    About the only thing that I hate about the IP is that the condenser cup comes off so very easily

    Phew! I think I’m caught up...well, sort-of

    Michele NC
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    All peaceful again in Hove. :)
    DH has mended the kitchen unit door. I held it while he screwed new screws into the wood filler I bought. I hope it holds up, but it's OK for now. :)
    Then he went for a haircut. :)
    In the morning I had researched why he couldn't get a phone call notification on his off screen. He has never been able to answer his phone in 3 years and couldn't understand why. I explained it to him many times as I had the same problem with this one at the beginning. When he went to the barber's he took his phone into the network shop and told them what I had told him. They didn't understand, but took his suggestion from me and fiddled with it. It is now working properly! :D
    Why Samsung should send out phones that you can't answer, I don't know! He also didn't understand about the scroll down option. Oh well.
    So, just the washing machine to sort now. I have got rid of as much water as I can, but it is smelling! They are coming on Friday, when I will have to get as much emergency washing done afterwards as I can for the cruise. :# I hope they don't refuse to do it because of the remaining water.

    Lisa - Thank you for the photo. It tells a thousand words. I think it's amazing that some of us are walking about and you should be very proud of yourself. <3<3<3

    Lots of love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Afternoon ladies
    Got a load of laundry done and paid a few bills ,last night.. I will probably hop in the shower in a bit..
    Michelle..they dont have any other alternative for babysitting..which is sad ...if im sick or want to go away there isn't a back up.
    Lisa - so sorry you had such a messed up childhood.. I know it must have been horrible for some of you that went through it..
    Mine was fine..in my younger years ,I did get bullied beat up and molested,not totally violated by the neighborhood boy.. luckily they finally moved away.. both the parents were alcholics.. my mom started drinking heavily,both my grandfathers were alcoholic..so I come from a long line...but last time i got rip snorting drunk I was 19.. never again..
    Ive dealt with my demons,the dope that beat me up and molested me..wanted to be friends on Facebook.. I messaged him and told him that I forgave him ,but never would I ever forget the nasty stuff he did.. he even threw me in there pond in back and i didn't know how to swim..one of his buddies fished me out.God Bless him.. years later that poor man committed suicide in his mothers backyard.
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    Watched the partial eclipse then went to Craft this morning. I used DH’s welding mask. Took it with me to craft and my friends were delighted to see the phenomenon.

    Debbie: Glad your visit with mom went well. You and your friends look great.


    🥳🎉 Cheers to all those celebrating.

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    ☘️ Terri

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    2015 - on the ranch
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    Lisa- dh does have a Philips CPAP machine but looked it up and it is not the same model. Thanks for mentioning it.