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    Lisa- it is more work now that mom is not able to do as much BUT, yes, the recipients are thrilled and that is what makes it all worth it. The biggest recipient is my former hubby and his whole family(parents and both brothers). I will make a big tray of them to take to zumba for us to enjoy after a workout.
    I need to get my lists started-first list is what we will make, trying to remember the different combinations for the fudge- LOVE coming up with new ones and perfecting some of the older ones.
    Then a list for who I need to make boxes or trays for. Always make a little extra in case I forgot someone. Need to note favorites for some friends(former father in law doesn't want nuts because of his dentures, former brother in law's wife loves the cracker toffee so they will get extra of that, zumba teacher loves that and another classmate's favorite is the caramel corn.

    Fudge varieties: rocky road, mocha almond fudge, blueberry pecan, pina collada(with white chocolate), cranberrry walnut, chocolate peanutbutter, Almond Joy(almonds and coconut), cherry walnut or other nuts, white choc. with dried kiwi and strawberries, - forgetting a few. Hope I can find last years list.

    I use all kinds of chocolate- dark, semi-sweet,espresso, milk and white plus butterscotch chips.
    We get most of the dried fruit from the food program, sometimes the nuts so I come up with combinations from what we have on hand but also know the staples I need to pick up.

    Already got 9lbs of butter-half pound goes into each batch of cracker toffee and caramel corn
    Need more choc. chips- one pound for each batch of fudge along with one can of sweetened condensed milk

    Will also make lots of nut clusters and some of the candy molds to add variety to the trays.

    I will make what I can at mom's and leave half there for her and then I can make more here at home or at a friends house who wants to learn how to make some of it.
    I have learned to not depend on help and when I get any, it is a bonus blessing.
    None of the recipes are hard. The only one that takes long is the caramel corn that bakes for one hour, stirring every fifteen minutes.
    I do assemble line work and get them done pretty quick. It is just getting mom started that takes a while. I will go with my recipes ready(I have done them so many times I have them just about memorized)

    And, with all that candy making, the last two years I think I tried two kinds of fudge, and just had a small piece. It is hard to stay away from the cracker toffee and the caramel corn but if I do eat it, I track it.

    Funny story with the cracker toffee- I had the recipe for well over 35 yrs, thought it sounded strange but tried it one year because we had everything right there- Oh my goodness- that is the best stuff. Simple ingredients and quick to make- about 10 min total.

    Ok- now that I am thinking about it- time to get my lists started(before I forget.

    Have 2 hrs before I hit the wetlands- haven't walked there in a week so looking forward to it.


    Mom and I took a candy making class about 40 yrs ago- the recipes we use are from that class.
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    Hello ladies!
    I did my yoga and marching. Yay!

    My mom burned a pot trying to make lunch. It's a step closer to the end of her cooking privileges, but I don't know how I could ever enforce that. Partly because my record is not perfect. Anyway, the house smells, which is a good reason to go buy groceries.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Annie- we had a neighbor here in our condo complex do that,the solution was to unplug the stove.. and she could only have microwave or cold stuff,then it came down to meals on wheels and now she is in a nursing home poor thing.
    Well im home .. but little boy is taking his chances and trying to take of 4-5 steps no hands and he is calling me ga ga lol which is cute..
    Tracys dad my ex always promises to do something or get something and never follows through. So it was the Turkey this time for Thanksgiving. He said he was getting a basket from social services.. and he called her today and said he wasn't.. she has learned not to rely on anything he says..
    So sad..
    So she is looking for the best price for turkey..
    Im glad i wont be around, Kyles mom and dont know if his nephew and brothers will show up...that side of the family has quite a bit of issues ..
    Oh well..
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    Worked then bowling then ceramics tonight. They did ask me to come in tomorrow because one of the managers is sick, which is no big deal. I usually go to the gym on Tuesdays, now I will even have time to go to the Salvation Army. When I go early in the day, the Salvation Army isn’t open. So there’s a positive. Another guy is coming to see about the retaining wall around the drain then I’ll show him the other work I need done. In a way, I do hope he gets it done before the other guy since I’m getting frustrated that he hasn’t done it, especially since he said he would get to it in October.

    We’re not going to be putting up Christmas decorations this year (much to Vince’s dismay) because we’re getting a new roof. So I’ll enjoy your decorations, Tracey. I wish there was a way we could get something hung up on the side of the house like you can. Only I don’t know of any way since our house is all brick.

    M – lovely necklace. I especially like the way it complimented the blouse. Love the picture of the flowers

    Terri – I’m really not upset that Jess and her friend aren’t coming here. It’s not like she never comes here or never calls. Most of the food that’s in the freezer, I know at least she and Colby will eat so I’ll just save it for sometime when they come down. Normally, for Christmas Eve I have the fish, pierogi, cookies, etc. etc in the freezer. This year Jess is oncall so she’s asked if we could go up there, so I’ll just need to make the pierogi and take them with me. Same with the cookies. But I won’t have to freeze the fish. I’ve been looking on Craigslist for a bed like IKEA’s Songsand in white or light wood for down at the condo. Seeings how it’ll get used only 2 or 3 times a year, there is no way I want to spend $400. Not gonna happen. Since storage is at such a premium down there, I would like the four drawers underneath. Well...I’ll just keep looking. It’s not like I need it asap. There’s a bed down there. Eventually, I would like to move that bed into the master bedroom and get rid of the bed that’s in there. When I find one for the spare room, that’s when it’ll happen

    Lanette – we have one neighbor who will bring cookies. Well, they usually have a neighborhood christmas party. But when Covid hit she brought the cookies to our homes. Honestly, half of them went into the garbage. There were a lot that had peanutbutter in them or peanuts and I don’t like them. I know, silly because I love peanuts. Just not in something (like cake, cookies, brownies)

    Amazon Prime card: I have an AT&T card linked to Amazon so when I use it, I get Amazon credits. Same number of credits

    I’m supposed to bring something (to eat) to bowling today. See, once/month they celebrate the birthdays of that month. I bought some cheese and I’m thinking I’ll take crackers. I know they’ll have the cake. But we really don’t need cookies, but some people do bring them. Usually store bought ones.

    Well, the cheese went over pretty well as did the crackers (I brought about 2 boxes and brought home ¼ of one)

    Ceramics tonight

    Michele NC
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    Grateful for...
    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Mary-- Sorry for your loss. Sending prayers and hugs. Just like the lady living with us. 2 weeks ago she goes over to check on his sister and found she had passed away during the night. Only 53.
    Barbie--We got our first Christmas card for the year this last Saturday. Way to early for me.
    Betsy--Sending HUGS and prayers.
    Flea--Sorry you tested positive. I pray you have a quick recovery.
    Heather--Sounds like a lot of fun and great memory.
    Kims--WOW that is a lot of cookies. I try and make some for the neighbors on my block. 6 houses. No where near what you do.
    Up to page 32, but out of time.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    barbiecat wrote: »

    :)Lanette, I applaud your efforts to limit electric use. I realized that turning the furnace up a degree or making use of other benefits of electricity is the treat I allow myself much like others buy jewelry, clothing, furniture, or restaurant meals as special treats.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA

    Barbie, I agree. I have no desire to suffer and be chilly, lol. Heat in the winter and A/C in the summer is a priority.

    This whole experiment is to try to determine what was raising our electric bill last year when we had the wood stove going nearly 8 hours every day with supplemental heat provided by the heat pump. Luckily, most of the time the heat strips never came on and the heat pump was merely circulating air already warmed by the wood stove. DH had a small heater running on high in the living room a lot of the time (too hot for me!)

    If I don't fire up the wood stove, will it make that much of a difference? For example, a couple months ago I discovered DH also had 2 small heaters running in the shop all the time. I think he forgot they were on, so I set one on low near Kitty's bed to keep that her comfortable and keep the office part of the shop comfy. The main shop with the litter box - that one is turned off right now because it's 50 degrees out there. Warmer than the flower bed if that's what she chooses, lol. :D

    My various electricity savings scheme might only save $5 a month, which is not a big deal. I don't like to waste electricity and by doing things to conserve that aren't impacting me directly, why not.

    I am fortunate our electricity rates are fairly low compared to many parts of the country right now who are seeing their rates really increasing.

    RE Amazon Prime & Rewards - I was apparently mistaken in an earlier post when I assumed a person had to be a member of Amazon Prime in order to get the rewards.

    I just did a little research - perhaps those of you getting rewards without the Amazon Credit card can give more info on this link: https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=17351181011

    I like the Chase Amazon Visa - they are easy to contact about items billed but not delivered, any disputes - they are right on it. I'm sure most credit card companies have similar policies.

    Taking a break from the woodpile. I might be running out of room in the woodshed... I have a few days to put on my thinking cap and rummage around in DH's "treasures" to see what I can erect to hold the rest if need be. Then the rains come next weekend.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    DH went to a new Doctor today and was very happy with his experience. I am happy that DH was able to get there. Someone in his care facility sent him to this doctor as part of their services. DH was very pleased.
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    Oh my! I've never understood this US cookie thing at Christmas. Why? If someone gave me cookies or candies I would freak out or hand them to the homeless. Sugar? Carbs? Fat?

    Great last day. Sad to leave.

    Love Heather xxxxxxxx
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    edited November 2022
    Heather— Pre-Covid loads of people gave cookie trays as gifts. It will take time to sort out social parties and trays of homemade cookies. :star:
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    ⭐️ 💖 ⭐️
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    :) About holiday baking. I don't do it. Jake's brother makes great fruitcake and has sent it to us from Ohio for years. This year Jake asked his brother to not send any more fruitcake because he was being very careful about what he eats. He told the same thing to his local friend who bakes for charity bake sales and always brought him a pecan pie when she was baking. If a neighbor were to bring us a tray of sweets we would politely decline the gift.

    :) Last week we got a package in the mail with two boxes of See's candy. There was no note or card but we were pretty sure who sent it (friends who always buy a gift for Jake on his birthday in spite of how often he tells them not to). We wrapped up the candy and donated it anonymously to the office manager in our park who always has candy on her desk for residents who come into the office. When our out of town friends asked it the package arrived we thanked them.

    :)Lanette, thanks for the explanation about your thrift with utilities.

    :) Our woodstove is entertainment a lot of the time. It's just pleasant to sit by the fire and talk or watch TV.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Heather - what fun! You look like you are having the time of your life.

    Lisa - I can’t sit with my legs straight out in front of me either. As a matter of fact, I was warned not to with my hip injury.

    Rebecca - I am in the same boat. No couple friends. DH enjoys his own company. I don’t know when he got to be that way. He was social when we met.

    Annie - does your Mom pay attention to how much you take?
    My brother shut the breaker off for moms stove when she was becoming a danger to herself with cooking. You could do something like that. Turn it off and on as you need to make meals.

    Flea - I hope you feel better soon.

    Katie - I had a cough and fatigue and that was it when I had Covid. There is a strain going around here now that seems to cause more symptoms.

    Rosemarie - carbs are my weakness. I know if I can cut them for a couple of weeks I’ll get past the cravings for them, I just seem to struggle doing it.

    Kim - that is a lot of cookies. I don’t do any baking at Christmas unless my girls decide we need to have a baking day here. I hope your Mom understands. Quite a few in mine and DH’s families bake like that. I don’t see the sense.

    Debbie - yesterday when I decorated the temperature was hovering around zero. That is why I chose to do it.

    Machka - I love that necklace.

    Kimberly- I love crafting. I can’t wait to see your projects.

    Lanette - my Mom never really decorated much for Christmas and I was always in awe of houses that were decorated outside. My first Christmas at my in-laws I felt I walked into the North Pole. I go all out now and have for years. My daughter and granddaughter are coming on Nov 25 to transform our house.

    Barbie - I am willing to pay for electricity and heat because I didn’t have enough of it growing up.
    I thought of you this morning when I realized I hadn’t set the timer to shut my outside lights off last night. They were still on this morning and I hope some walkers enjoyed them.

    Michele - brick would be difficult, I don’t think even command strips would work with that.

    Thank you all for the comments on my Christmas figures. I love doing them.

    I am going to finish my deck and work on my stockings this evening. My time is running out.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Vince had some afib so we didn’t go to ceramics. I could tell that he wasn’t as “anxious” as he was previously, but I stayed home anyway on the outside chance that he needed to go to the hospital. And, of course, he didn’t. But it might have been a blessing in disguise (that we didn’t go...not the afib) because he forgot to put the brushes in the box with the bisque that we were going to take

    Vicki – I’m so sorry for the lady. How horrible! Thanks for the reminder that I need to get my Christmas cards out and ready to be written out

    Lanette – our electricity rate is low, too which is why when someone suggests solar we can’t justify the expense.

    Lisa people in NC don’t know how to drive in snow, either. The good thing is that the second the first flake falls, almost the entire city shuts down. The people seem to think that if they have 4 wheel drive, they can go in anything. Not on ice you can’t. Besides, I don’t know why anyone would need 4 wheel drive down here. Bet it’s the same way by you

    So sorry to hear all the bad news.

    Michele NC