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    :)Annie, Gretchen Rubin talks about some people being moderators and others being abstainers. I am an abstainer. I know how to eat no candy and I know how to eat the whole package but I have no idea of how to eat just one or two pieces. Once I figured that out about myself, it made it much easier for me to deal with troublesome foods. In social situations, when offered these troublesome foods, I say "no thank you, that's not my food". In the same way that sober alcoholics decline alcohol offered to them and celiac people decline foods with wheat and people with peanut or shellfish allergies decline those foods, I stay away from several foods that I can't eat in moderation.

    <3 Barbie in NW CA

    I don't know who Gretchen Rubin is or what her definitions are, but left to my own devices, if I had a package of cookies or chocolate, chances are I would end up throwing the last one out because it would be that old.

    I tend to hoard food, but not eat much of it. I like the idea it is there. I like having one cookie or one chocolate in an evening and then not again for several days. And I tend to leave the last one there just so that I know there's one cookie left in the cupboard in case I happen to want it.

    My husband on the other hand likes to empty a package of cookies.

    So we end up having something sweet each evening and our two tendencies kind of meet in the middle.

    Machka in Oz
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    Regarding the light from our technology ...

    On my laptop, I can set the night light to come on whenever I want. Earlier I said it came on at 11 pm. Just checked and it comes on at 10:45 pm. I've upped the strength to 28% just now because I wasn't noticing much of a difference.

    My phone has similar settings:


    Machka in Oz
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    I listened to an interesting podcast today on friendship. Then I bought the book! :D My friends are vitally important to me. In The Guardian today a writer said that the essential ingredients for a loving relationship, be it platonic, or otherwise, are 'Belonging, Connection, Safety'. I like that; it is how I feel about my best girlfriends, as well as DH.
    I'm celebrating my friends as well on Valentines Day, and have sent them messages.

    Love to you all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    :heart: :heart: :heart:
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    Pg. 37.. Have an early appointment. Will catch up later!
    Word of the year: APPRECIATE; today I appreciate my dentist.
    #2 Practice fairness today by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes: I did this with a camper who I received complaints about. I put myself in his shoes when speaking with him. He was a very lonely man who only had his dogs (one barking, one loose) and the people he meets at campgrounds. Made me more compassionate when talking to him about the dogs.

    #3 Watch a movie that reminds you of kindness. I watched the Adam Project.
    #4 Take a picture of 3 things that make you happy. Send them to a friend. Done!
    #5 Be kind to yourself. Self-compassion is equally important. Will do today.
    #6 Start a conversation with someone new. I do this every day with the campers!
    #7 Consider a current struggle. Write down 2 thoughts that give you comfort. My dog Brownie’s heart trouble. Her spells are getting worse and there is nothing the vet can do. Comforting thoughts—She lived a good life with us. She brought us many days of comfort and enjoyment with her loving attitude.
    #8. Consider and celebrate diversity today. I am a white girl living among darker Mexicans and native Americans. Campers come from around the world and love to hear the accents and learn about the different cultures i come into contact with. Do this every day!
    #9. Identify a role model who embodies perseverance. Can you find two ways to emulate them? My 30 year old autistic nephew. He never gives up no matter what health challenge he faces. I can emulate him by not complaining about every little ache and pain, and by doing what needs to be done to get through any health issues that may come up.
    #10. Check an item off your to-do list this weekend. Working on my taxes.
    #11. Make twice as much for dinner and either invite guests or deliver the meal to a friend. We give food to people all the time. My DH cooks and we give food to different campers and workers here at the park almost every day!
    #12. Make a list for the week ahead so you stay focused. In process!
    #13. Consider a recent disagreement. Did you extend forgiveness? After I bough myself a Sonic blast to ‘cool down’.
    #14. Express creativity by making art or cooking a new meal. I write in a journal that has writing prompts I have to make up stories for. Yesterday I wrote a short story about a dog leash!
    #15. If you are waiting in line today, let someone get in front of you.
    #16. The next time someone does something you appreciate, be sure to let them know.
    #17. Offer a helping hand to someone, such as holding a door for a stranger.
    #18. Share about a recent book you read and what you learned.
    #19. Show sincere appreciation when someone serves you food or drink.
    #20. Complement someone today. Ideas include recognizing a great smile or earrings.
    #21. When you recognize someone is struggling, offer words of support.
    #22. Ask for help. That’s a simple way to express bravery.
    #23. Encourage your teammates to utilize their unique strengths.
    #24. Reflect on the steps you have taken to achieve your past goals.
    #25. Express gratitude today by thanking someone.
    #26. Think about the upcoming work week. How can you apply teamwork?
    #27. Send or leave a handwritten thank you note to someone.
    #28. Giving constructive feedback is one way to ignite honesty.

    Rita ( I think I’ll drop the RV!)
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    Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I consider you all good friends and lovely people.

    I'm still avoiding the extra chocolate, and using my avoidance skills on my taxes. No Hurry!

    Betsy have a wonderful cruise!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Went out to get my BP meds and asparagus for tonight. On the way I made an appointment for a hair trim tomorrow morning. I don't usually do outside things in the morning, as it's my writing time, but I've given myself this week more or less off. I'm still researching topics and jotting down notes on my phone and I did a couple of Instagram posts at the weekend, so I don't feel too guilty. :p . How to organise the book is the main consideration as I have more than enough ideas. Sometimes you just need to have 'moodling' time for those kinds of decisions. 'Back of the head' work.
    I'm looking forward to getting my hair trimmed, as I've been putting it off for having no money. I will take my gold necklace in to town tomorrow afternoon.

    Beautiful day here. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Welcome Marie from northern Colorado!

    Sorry to hear about your fracture. Can you do seated exercises? It won't be as much calorie burn, but better than nothing.

    Annie in Delaware
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    124124. Happy hearts day <3
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    Welcome Marie
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    <3 Happy Valentines Day! ❤️‍🩹
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    Karen ~ Love the photos of Lilly Bell and Rory.

    Barbie ~ I am an abstainer most of the time unless I get a wild hair (usually emothional thing).

    Rebecca ~ That is funny about you r actions when your brother joined the family. I am glad he is still in your life.

    Marie ~ Welcome! Our friend Rory is from Colorado and she is also very active with outdoor activities.

    DH had his colon test this AM and we went to the wrong facility to get it done. There was a mad rush to get there in the interstate traffic but we made it on time. Now waiting to hear results.

    Happy Valentine's Day to All... <3<3<3

    Carol in GA