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    (((hugs))) to those who need them.

    Not much new or different today. Really busy this morning, so I ran out fast. Skimmed everything... I think. Love you all!

    13. Pause to watch the sky or clouds for a few minutes today... just about every day, whether it's gorgeous or not. The sky just fascinates me.
    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Well, I cook a lot of simple dishes and repeat a lot , so I don't have many flops, but tonight I did. It was supposed to be lamb stew and my mom helped me. The pieces of "meat" were so bony it was impossible to cut. I should have boiled them for an hour or more, but mom wanted to fry them and then make gravy. There just wasn't enough meat. Oh well, back to catfish tomorrow.

    I did an hour of yoga Yay! But I still need my aerobic walking.

    Annie in Delaware
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    We have rain right now and into tomorrow and then supposedly snow and wind but I wont hold my breath.. the news stations like to hype stuff up.
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    1948CWB wrote: »
    My worries with my husband....it is very, very difficult for him to get up from a seated position and when he does go out he walks very slowly. Mostly because he has a knee that needs replacing and peripheral artery disease in his legs that makes his feet hurt all the time. He has a very bad cataract in one eye that makes him almost blind in that eye. And he is still having problems with his digestive system. He gets exhausted from minor excursions. A lot of these could be taken care of but he is stubborn (or scared) to get it done. As I have said before, I know very little about handling the things that he has always taken care of in our 54 yrs of marriage. I know that I will be able to get help if needed, but, right now I'm just scared.

    Carol in GA

    Can you start learning now?

    M in Oz
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    Good evening ladies!

    I did my aerobic walking Yay! It still makes my knee tired but it's getting better. Yay!

    I ate 1093 calories for a deficit of 393 Yay! That makes up for being over a bit on Sunday. I had a doctor appointment in the middle of my eating window today, but I worked around it.

    Annie in Delaware

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    Betsy- Thanks for the details of your cruise. I am so happy you had such a great time. We have loved the cruises we have been on. Never had an inside cabin- need to have at least a window to see out of.
    Looking forward to when we can go on another one. We have never been on one to anywhere other than the Pacific Coast(Mexico up to Vancouver/Victoria)
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    Machka, I gave it a try and will wait for my new computer if necessary. I appreciate your help very much. Thanks. Hopefully things will get better.

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    Machka, sorry to hear your cat bite required medical attention, but very happy that you were able to see a doctor and get everything set up. Darn cats.....
    Betsy, your cruise sounds just wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    I'm sure there were other comments I wanted to make, but have been reading on my phone today and just got onto my computer tonight and now it's past my bedtime.....
    Hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to the newbies!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    This is an article by my favourite psychotherapist. It's not intended for people whose marriages have really hit the buffers, but those that could do with a little bit of a spruce up. That's most of us, I guess. I like it because it's doable. :D Putting it into practice already.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    Sounds like it is intended for couples who are on the verge of calling it quits!

    "Things have reached yet another impasse and we are nearly at the point of separating. ... We have tried therapy and he doesn’t want to do it again."

    If a marriage has reached the point of the one in the article, it needs more than a little bit of a spruce up.

    The communication strategy is a very common one taught to educators (like me) and in just about every group session I've been in ... team building at work, brain injury get togethers, carers get togethers.

    How to Use ‘I’ Statements Instead of ‘You’ Statements During Difficult Conversations

    What Are 'I Feel' Statements?

    Machka in Oz