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    Dropping in to read a little before my next meeting - Thank you for the welcome! What is everyone working on for goals this year?

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    Pain-I do not doubt for a second that my pain is NOT all in my head. To be fair, my GP doesn't think it's in my head. She recommended I go to a Gastro, but I am quite sure that my problem is not gastro and I don't want anyone sticking a scope down my throat for nothing. So, I'll dig around a bit, check out Machka's links, and see what I can find out. I'm about to change insurance too, so there's that to deal with.

    It's a wonderfully rainy day.

    Tina in CA
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    My current view
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    Managed to find another pair of shoes for donation. :D
    Threw out a few clothes and found four tops for donation. :D
    Threw out an old, non stick, now stick, fry pan and a similar small saucepan. Heard the bin lorry taking it away. :p
    So much pleasure! :laugh:

    Had my hair trimmed. What a relief! It hasn't been done since before the early October wedding. The increase in interest rates has really made a difference to me. I might be able to send the bride her delayed wedding present (money).
    Soon to book a dentist check up. :D

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    really180 wrote: »
    Dropping in to read a little before my next meeting - Thank you for the welcome! What is everyone working on for goals this year?

    :) I don't have goals, rather I have resolutions. I can control my actions but I can't control the outcome. My daily resolutions include drinking 6-8 glasses of water, seeking every opportunity to be active, walking at least 10,000 steps, reading something that enlarges my spiritual life, spending quality time with my husband and dogs, remembering my word for the year "enough".

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Flea - Happy Anniversary. <3 Looks like it was a nice spot!

    Debbie - hope you are feeling better.

    Tina - what a shame your hiking trail was so loaded, I probably would have felt the same way. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. Is that you standing next to that tall cactus? Sedona used to be on my bucket list. If I could teleport myself there and back for a day, I'd do it. :p Sorry about your pain - could they be adhesions or internal scar tissue from a prior surgery or infection of some type? I don't think they show up in CT scans or ultrasounds.

    Heather - wow, that's a huge wave. 85 mph would probably do my roof in. :o You are so nice to touch base with your old friends, I sure hope G's steriods do the trick. I agree, your meals always sound so good. I appreciate you telling us what's for supper.

    Barbara - 2023 was a great year for you (despite upcoming tooth visit!). You are such an inspiration to me, getting your exercise and steps in. My See's candy should be here tomorrow and I think with all of the protein I'm eating, I can enjoy one piece. We'll see. I might have to walk it across the street to Roger, lol. Thank you for the links and information you share. And I like hearing about Joe's kind heart and growing appreciation of all you do.

    Lisa - good luck with the sofa cushions. Glad you were able to get things fixed up to be able to enjoy the new room a bit. Proud of your budgeting and spending skills - paying off the house and getting the room done. You should teach a class in it.

    Rosemarie - after my husband died, I thought about making big changes inside the house, but glad I just replaced a totally worn out recliner. If I was to do anything, I'd rearrange the furniture in the living room. Get a professional carpet cleaner in to really give it a once-over. I used to do that in my apartment all the time before I was married. My husband forbid it and I contemplated divorcing him, lol. Not really.

    I started this post yesterday. And was on the run most of the morning. So here it is. Now I need to catch up and see what you gals have been up to.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State where the big chill and some snow is expected to start January 11th. :# Gotta get the chicken run ready!
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- pushed Chispa in buggy- 2hrs 2min 36sec, 21elev, 3.24ap, 89ahr, 161mhr, 6.64mi= 647c
    Strava app = 813c
    Zwift home spin bike- strava stats- 20.16min, 142aw, 194elev, 19.4amph, 104ahr, 138mhr, 6.54mi= 118c
    Strava app = 163c
    Zwift stats- 20.14min, 195elev, 141aw, 52arpm, 19.39amph, 6.54mi= 163c

    Total cal 765
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    Miles dolled up for snow
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    Happy New Year!

    Karen in Virginia

    Love seeing your beautiful face!

    Willamette Valley OR
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    Tina- talk to another doctor or push for answers.
    Dh went in thinking it was his knee. First his GP thought he was just trying to get out of work, or it was all in his head. Then he sent him to PT which made it work. Wouldn't refer him to ortho but one of my daycare parents happened to work in that department and got him in. The doctor again thought he was trying to get out of work- but agreed to do xrays. As he was starting to leave, the doctor had him walk away from him again. Said to have his hips xrayed too. Came back and the doctor was super nice- told him good news was his knees were fine, bad news was, both hips were shot- options were to have them both replaced or dont and deal with the pain. At 45yrs old he had double hip replacement. Sadly he had the ones on the recall list. Just under 5 yrs later, both had to be replaced along with reconstruction because of cobalt and cromium poisoning. Blood test revealed his numbers were over 20times what they should have been. They still bother him to this day and the second surgery was 10 yrs ago now.
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    Happy New Year!

    Karen in Virginia

    So good to see you, and happy New Year back to you!

    Just dropped in to share some news... was just commiserating with my daughter that it's been a year since we saw her... and the silver lining of a recalcitrant ex making it impossible for her to pick up the kids this weekend means that she can't get them until Monday... She couldn't change her outbound flight from Hawaii without it costing a fortune, so she wangled in a trip to see us... she's flying in from ATL tomorrow morning, and then back to Columbus on Sunday night to pick up the kids on Monday. Three whole nights with her! Can't wait to see her. Would love to see the grands, too, but can't wait to see my girl.

    And... the son and fiancee are coming in two weeks earlier, as well. They'll actually be here Valentine's Day. Can't wait to see them too!

    Later, y'all,
    Love from Arkansas,

    Great news- I know you will enjoy every single second of your visits!!