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    Terri I agree moderation is key... I am finding with the changes I have made in my eating moderation comes with it especially meat. I do agree with one of the videos that Lanetteis sharing that diversity in fruits and veggies is also a key in what to eat. He recommended 30 different fruits and veggies a week. I think I do that because nuts and herbs and spices are also included in this total. I added fresh ginger to a dish last night even though it wasn't called for. I thought it went well with the sweet and sour chicken made with fresh pineapple.
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    When I was on a mission to lose weight in 2015, I weighed and logged all my food here on MFP. Every single thing ... even cough lozenges.

    I also exercised a lot and tracked that too.

    And every single day for 15 weeks, I always consumed fewer calories than I burned. There were absolutely no "cheat days", "take a break" days or anything like that despite the fact that those 15 weeks included my birthday, Easter, etc.

    At the end of 15 weeks, I had lost 15 kg.

    I took a 1-month break then to visit Canada, but when I returned to Australia I resumed what I was doing and lost another 10 kg.

    I know, when I am ready, I can do that again. 😀

    M in Oz

    That's a lot of weight! Congrats.
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    Debbie - Ahh Bluey, yes a big favourite of my granddaughter’s I have only seen an episode or two as we don’t watch much tv when she is here, but her Mother actually watches it with her. She says it is one of the best shows she’s seen and she likes how it is done. She also said she doesn’t want to strangle herself after watching more than one episode at a time. She liked Handy Manny like that too.

    Heather - when I’m logging I’m quite honest with it because I figure the only one I’m hurting is me if I don’t.
    “But I wish we had known how to practice love better.” That spoke to me.
    I think DH and I are content with one another right now and love each other dearly as friends. We need to work on practicing love more, that’s a good way to put it.

    I’m ready for bed.
    Tracey in Edmonton

    Ezie watches tv all the time-at home and here. First thing she does is turn the tv on- at least now she asks first. This started before she even started coming here, always had the tv on. It is hard for her if the tv is off. I am fine with it off so if I can keep her busy on a project, I have it off. I have even tried turning it to the cooking shows and she likes them too now.Total couch potato.

    I really need to work on "practicing love better"
    It won't get any better if I don't at least try.
    Right now, I don't consider dh my friend. He is a irritating room mate most of the time.
    I need to start with feeling like he is my friend and see how that goes- Lowered my expectations a lot which helps with being disappointed. (Have done this with pretty much all areas in my life)

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    Rebecca: Congrats on your oldest son's advancement! I know that means he gets to stay in the service longer which I think you said was his goal toward retirement. Very good photograph.

    Carol in GA
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    I had been studying for the DMV California test for the last few days and getting all my information ready. I suck at tests, always have. I know what I should do, go slow, repeat the question, say it out loud, visualize, take your time, etc.. I still suck. Well, after prayer, I PASSED!!!!!! I had all the information that they needed, I am soooooooo relieved!!!!!!!! More than half of the questions weren’t on the practice tests that I was taking online or in the section of the book that I was reading!!!! I am soooo glad that is over with. Now I just wait for it to come in the mail.

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    This is the card game they were playing. Huge fun for all ages. :p
    Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Heather sorry you fell! Hope it's just a few bumps.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Heather - glad no major injuries and you were able to enjoy the meal. I see that card game is available - on sale! - at Walmart and I put it on the shopping list.

    Sorry to hear about the skylight problem. Work on roofs makes me nervous for several reasons. :p

    I'm watching Vera reruns these days, I'm up to Season 3. Is Season 13 - which I presume you're watching - the final season? I ran across some scuttlebutt that Brenda Blethyn is leaving the show.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State where I didn't blow away or lose power. Chicken house and run are holding together and staying pretty dry. Round 2 of snow on the way - maybe some tonight mixed with rain. :#
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    Heather, hope you aren't too sore after your fall and didn't do damage to your wrist again. Thank you for mentioning the card game. I see it is available on amazon so will be ordering it. Has very good reviews.

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    Stat for the day-

    Walk w/family- 50.41min, 41elev, 2.98ap, 97ahr, 136mhr, 2.55mi= 248c
    Strava app = 313c