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    Thanks, indianagranny, for the humorous bit about the drug test. How did the boss respond?
    Your "friend" sounds a lot like my sister. She's still trying to tell me that it's "normal" to be overweight after a certain age. I think she stops just short of telling me to grow up...
    But when you've lost weight, and you feel better about your body image, it's amazing how serene you can be, when others are slinging arrows.

    They have fat-free coffee cream? I must get me some of that...
    I couldn't live without my coffee. Threeof them, first thing in the morning, but I barely put any cream in, so the three only cost me 120 calories.

    It's really hot and humid here today, but that's also a good thing. I don't think I'll have any problems getting my 8 glasses of water in today...:drinker:
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    Welcome SR:flowerforyou:

    Dwray - OOOOWWWWW! Geeze woman - warn me before you tell stuff like that! You fell on your surgery knee????? OMG! I just jumped all over my living room for you! That had to hurt soooo bad! I'm glad you didn't "undo" what was done, and hope you heal (again) quickly! Dang girl! And then a bug on top - you are NOT having a great month! Maybe you should just come stay with me and I'll take care of you!:flowerforyou:

    Indiana ~ LOL! People crack me up that they can't just be joyful for other people's successes! That's okay, time will prove to her that you've done it the right way, and maybe she'll come around:ohwell: I'm sure that with all the hauling, lifting, and walking you are doing in the heat at work you are getting plenty of exercise during the week! Take care of yourself - :heart:

    Adopt4~ That is the tiniest, sweetest face! I can't believe how small your baby boy was!!! The pics are all so great though - The smile on the youngest is priceless! Cracked me up! What a proud mommy you must be!

    Sheila - Is tomorrow the last of your tests?? You and April are getting together soon, right? I'm glad, cuz I'm sure you are ready for a break! I'm glad you liked my son's music ~ I'm a bit biased, him being my son and all, all he has to do is hum a tune and I think he's great, lol!

    April - I'm with you, can't go without my coffee - but I drink it black and it's half-caf! It's the placebo effect I'm sure, but I still gotta have it!:blushing:

    Crazybee - funny how quickly into this lifestyle we start analyzing our calories and realizing how many empty calories we consume!!! Mine were in sweet tea and Dr. Pepper ~ both of which I gave up on Jan. 7. I like for every calorie to count - cuz I likah my food!

    Prayerful ~ not enough cals left for a bedtime snack? I hate to think of you going to bed hungry - that can't be good:frown:

    Anita ~ Prayers that your dh's Nevada job comes along to keep him home, and if not, prayers that the TX job will be a huge blessing! Maintain girl ~ love yourself!

    Pawprint - You can totally keep control with the bf at home - just keep reminding yourself of how great you are doing and how much we are allllll behind you! And I don't know if you are aware - I have a slipper that I will personally come over there and use on your bf if he isn't supportive and helpful!! :angry: I'll do it! I'll use the slipper!:bigsmile:

    Cyndeebee~ Uggh! Humidity stinks! Definately get your water in!

    My birthday was great gang - thank for all the birthday wishes! My sweet hubby gave me two fountains and a pond! I'm soooo excited! Kids gave me great bird feeder and a crazy iron gnome! We went out to dinner and I ate waaaayyyy too much AND had dessert! So, today I did an extra 30 min on the treadmill and did my crunches and watched my cals!!

    Catch up with you later gang:heart:
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    Holy cow... 2 days and 4 pages later... Im gonna try to catch everyone here in one post like the talented Kristi & lulu do.. LOL

    Kristi- Happy 4 month anniversary!!! Ive had enough drama in my life to go round and have finally gotten to the point where if I get it out and move on.. Im a much happier person. So, Im greatful to have good supportive buddies like you guys that are here to listen to me gripe and complain, knowing that I'll get over it and be fine. LOL Thanks for that!!! Oh, And Thank you for the encouraging words on the no smoking, altho I have a confession to make. This morning, morgolis was outside smoking and I went and sat with him to chat and have coffee, like we do every morning. He had to go in the house for something and asked if I would hold his cig. So I did and while he was gone, I took a drag off of it and ...OMG...Cough, gag, wheeze!!!! EWWW GROSS!! It tasted like crap!!! The aftertaste about made me hurl!! He came back out and I handed it back to him as was like "That thing tastes nasty!! how can you smoke that!?" :sick: :sick: Definitely WONT be doing that again!!!!!! Thought you would appreciate that I am now one of those ex smokers who complains and gripes about the smell of it because it is SO GROSS!!!! I cant believe I ever walked around smelling like a freaking ashtray! YUCK!

    Billielover- Welcome to our Team!!

    Healthymom- Too cool that your parents are now closer to you and that you get to see them more now. My mom & brother live in Arkasas (just moved there a couple months ago) and we are about 30 minutes from Morgolis's parents. I love them dearly but have had enough of them recently... LOL..just need my space.

    Cyndeebee- SUPER cool that you are doing the geneology for the family. My grandma is 101 this August and I did alot of research online last year to out together a slideshow for her 100th birthday. I found out that Im related to all kinds of cool people, some of them famous. Was pretty awesome stuff to pass onto my own kids.

    Aprilrenee- Woot Woot on the Weight loss!! Keep rockin it girl!!!! Your doing great!!

    Lorann- I will get pics of the room up AFTER it is done.. LOL... Adopt4 helped me decorate a little more yesterday when she was here. Tee hee!!

    Nitag- Congrats on the new arrival!! Big baby!! 1 whole oz more than my youngest was when she was born. Nice name too, different but not common or wierd. :flowerforyou:

    Crazybee- LOL yes, you know me soooo well, but I am POSITIVE it was her!! She made the mistake of telling me what they did when they did it to someone else, and well.....momma dont forget. As I was out there picking it all off the branches...I was thinking" hmmmm all too familiar... that little turd!" On the fat for burger thing, definitely rinse it if its greasy and for the other stuff and measuring it.. look at the package and see if it tells you the calories for dry or made as directed. They are different for different foods. Also, on the coffee.... I use sugar free cocoa mix in my regular coffee when I want a "mocha". LOL Otherwise I do regular coffee with 1% milk & a little sugar. I also like the Truvia Sweetener. No funky aftertaste like splenda or the other fake things. The fat free & sugar free flavored creamers are also the bomb and I am still the same coffee *kitten* you knew 10 years ago. Thats never gonna change, I just changed the way I order my starbucks. I went from full fat everything mocha to nonfat, nowhip, sugarfree peppermint mocha.... and Grande size which is 220 calories compared to a Venti size which is 280 made the same way.

    Prayerful- Yes, lots of wogging and lots of walking in this week. Actually, on Monday, I did go get the bike down and it had 2 flat tires, so I walked it allllll the way (1/2 mile) up to the convience mart by my house to use the air hose, only to discover that the air hose was "out of order" :angry: and I had to walk it all the way back..:laugh: Oh well, at least I got some more walking in..:laugh: :laugh: Adopt4 brought me over her tire pump yesterday when she came to visit and I got them both pumped up. Not sure if they held air or not, but will definitely find out tomorrow. If they are still full of air, Im gonna take it for a spin and aim for about 6 miles or more. If not, I'll go get my wog in and then hit the store for new tubes so I can fix it. :happy:

    Swignal- I hate weeds!!! They are the :devil: spawn and must DIE!! :laugh: :laugh: Chop them to little tiny bits!!!

    Adopt4- the tummy is flatter, but not FLAT but thanks for acknowledging the shrinkage!!

    Indiana- This wogging really works your abs......if you do it on a track... run the straights, walk the rounds... thats all I gotta say. Your abs will feel it for sure!! :) Of course, I must be getting more muscle there cuz even the walk today at the park made my abs hurt on the way home and we werent even going fast!! It may have been pushing that 70lb stroller up the hill at the end that made them hurt tho.. :laugh: :laugh: I know my thighs felt it!! Adopt4's little guy was even give me a little resistence by trying to pull the stroller backwards (so he wouldnt fall down) while I was pushing forwards.. :laugh:

    Lulu- B-DAYDOGGIE.jpg
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LULU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! :bigsmile: I LOVE the new photo and can see the difference between now and the other ones you posted before!! Keep it up!! ps... cool pics of yer son, will check out his music tomorrow when I have more time. :wink:

    Pawprint- Congrats on finding a job!! The job hunting thing stinks right now! My hubby has been out for a year, went back to school and has been hitting the job market hard looking for a solid 7 months. Its not easy to find a good paying, steady job these days but he has a 2nd interview tomorrow so I am crossing fingers and toes bigtime here! Congrats on making it almost 6 days!! You can do it!! If I can do it, You can too!! :glasses: Get some regular gum or something to chomp on while hes home if you arent using any aids. That might help if you start craving it while hes there, or you could just learn from my experience and know that it "tastes disgusting" now. I know, easier said than done..:laugh:

    Dwray- :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: Get well soon!! Your poor knee must be tired of being poked and prodded. Are you getting around ok now or still having trouble?

    Whew!! I think I got everyone!! If not, Im sorry but my hubby is starving and wants to get dinner before we go see The Transformers 2 movie tonight.
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    DWray, sheesh, girl! Need to put you in a bubble! Hope you heal fast!

    To the new people, I'm too tired to go back and look at your screen names, so I'll just say - WELCOME!

    Like losingit said, we went to the park. Oh my gosh. She says it was only like 1.5 miles but I swear it was more. Of course I had to carry a kid almost all the way back, too. I was beat when I got home. Fortunately, so were the kids. :bigsmile: Got my back cracked again and now I'm REALLY sore, too sore to sleep even though I am so very tired. You know how your muscles just get sore in spots after an adjustment, well, that's all it is, but enough to keep me flipping and flopping in bed trying to stay off the sore spots. And I'm feeling guilty because I drank pop today instead of water. Bad Kelli.

    Tomorrow, back with the trainer, hope my hips and spine are in the right alignment so I can get back to doing that and then the next day my step class which I haven't done in a week - I want to do it! I can't believe how cranky I am on non-workout days, it's like you missed your morning coffee or something. Quite the interesting phenomenon for me. It just puts me in a better mood to go to the gym, which is one of the weirdest things I've ever said!:laugh:

    Since my "nearly too tight" capris were loose today, tomorrow morning I'm going to try on the "really too tight" capris and see if I can get them to close and still be able to breathe....
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    oops double post....
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    I used the international delight carmel cream. But I like my coffee sweeeeet so I use about 5 tablespoons to a 10oz coffee cup. That is 200 calories. I will have to look for the sugar free/fat free stuff cause I'll tell you I MISSED MY COFFEE today!

    I have another question about logging food. Today I used up all my protien points but I still had 600 calories. What happens if I eat a little more food and I go over on protein but not calories? I didn't know so I stopped eating. so I had about 850 to 900 cals today. I was still kinda hungry but didn't really have anything here at home that wouldn't put me over in protein.

    I can't keep up with the names and the posts to answer like everyone else does, but I am enjoing reading about all of you and I hope to one day be able to keep up totally and encourage you all. Thanks so much for your help and for acknowledging me in your posts. I really like ths group of women!!
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    I used the international delight carmel cream. But I like my coffee sweeeeet so I use about 5 tablespoons to a 10oz coffee cup. That is 200 calories. I will have to look for the sugar free/fat free stuff cause I'll tell you I MISSED MY COFFEE today!

    I have another question about logging food. Today I used up all my protien points but I still had 600 calories. What happens if I eat a little more food and I go over on protein but not calories? I didn't know so I stopped eating. so I had about 850 to 900 cals today. I was still kinda hungry but didn't really have anything here at home that wouldn't put me over in protein.

    I can't keep up with the names and the posts to answer like everyone else does, but I am enjoing reading about all of you and I hope to one day be able to keep up totally and encourage you all. Thanks so much for your help and for acknowledging me in your posts. I really like ths group of women!!

    Bee, I like my coffee sweet too. Very sweet. LOL Usually for breakfast I have plain cherrios and milk and my sweet coffee made with the ff cream. The international delight and coffee mate have some really good ones. You can also find the sugar free flavored syrup in your favorite flavor and use a splash of that and some regular milk if you cant find the other stuff in the dairy section. I love the sugar free caramel syrup.. it is soooooooo yummy and doesnt taste sugar free.

    Dont worry about the protien. Its ok for you to be over on that. You can go to tools and then the food diary settings and choose things that you want to track in your food diary. I track carbs, protein, fat, and salt and try to keep my salt under 2400mg a day. At first, that was REALLY hard for me to do, but once I got it down I found that my weight didnt fluctuate from water so much. In the beginning I was about 1000-1200mg per day over on the sodium... ouch!

    I knew you'd love this group and Im sooooo happy you came to join us!!
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    OK, so Ive seen pics of Zach at your house, but that one you put on your profile...
    HE'S SO TEENSY TINY!!!!! Good thing he has such a good momma!! :wink:
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    I have another question about logging food. Today I used up all my protien points but I still had 600 calories. What happens if I eat a little more food and I go over on protein but not calories? I didn't know so I stopped eating. so I had about 850 to 900 cals today. I was still kinda hungry but didn't really have anything here at home that wouldn't put me over in protein.

    Most people do not have an issue if they eat more protein. That helps you feel full as well as take longer to process the food keeping you full longer. MFP default standards are what hospitals recommend. But certainly most people can go somewhat higher without repercussions. However, I should note that last year I followed a sports nutritionist advice and ate 110g of protein a day. It was hard work as I am not huge on protein. I didn't know I had developed a kidney disease and I caused me to lose a great deal of kidney function. Now I am on a low protein diet due to that extreme. My life lessons have taught me its about balance (now I don't have a choice but I should have used balance then). Hope that helps.

    L4G- OH MY GOODNESS. we are in the same time zone. when i seen your last post i almost fainted. of course you may faint if you got up at 3:45:yawn: I was just gazing at your pictures and your face change is just incredible.

    A4-hope your feeling better and up to the gym today.

    yesterday I got in 26 bike, a run, and upper body.

    I must run and do legs before work. Have a blessed day ladies.
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    Make room for me in that bubble, dWray...
    I was just thinking that a bubble may soon be my new home.
    Sun allergy! When I went to the beach on Sunday, I used sunblock everywhere except for my ankles. Who knew?
    So now my poor ankles are driving me up the wall. Hives!
    And isn't that a lovely state to be in, in capris weather?
    In the winter, it's the opposite. Anywhere my skin is exposed to extreme cold...hives.
    See what I mean?
    I need to move into a bubble...

    I'm going shopping with my parents today, so I'm going to hunt for some of that fat-free coffee cream.

    Yesterday, I washed a 105 year old quilt in the bathtub. Left it to drain, since it's impossible to wring water out of a quilt. This morning, I awoke to a navy blue bathtub. I guess fabric wasn't color-fast back then...
    I hope the dye settles down before I have to mend it. It needs quite a bit of patching, although it seems to have held up pretty good, considering it's age...made in 1904.

    I'm not going to say much about food and exercise. I'm struggling to lose a pound...or maintain. Anytime I hit a plateau, I have a great fear of seeing the needle on the scales go UP instead of DOWN, when I finally do break the plateau...
    I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
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    I've been busy all week with my company. She is leaving tomarrow moring so things will settle down after that. It has been a lot of fun haing her hear though. Been exercising every morning so thatis good. Did a little too much with food yesterday but over all doing well, even eating out most days for lunch. Looking forward to a quiet house though and my three kitties back inside. I have one who disappears when strange people come around, so I haven't seen Mr .P very much this wek. At least he's out side and not under the bed.

    My honey and I are taking a week vatcation end of July to Corpus Christi in the gulf coast of TX. I think it will be fun. I have been working on a bit of a base tan so I don't get too toasted.

    Have a great morning, see you at check in tomarrow.
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    OK, I think it is time to give up artificial sweetner for good. Research is showing that the articifial sweetners disrup the hormone lepin which gives the signal that your no longer hungry. Guess what? I am always hungry. Seriously. I am always hungry. Am I not eating enough or have I confused the hormones? Well, bottom line is I try to eat pretty wholesome stuff anyway: whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies (organic when affordable), lean meats and sometimes free range. I've pretty much cut out processed foods due to my dietary restrictions on sodium. I guess its time to drop the artificial sweetner again. Can't hurt. I will really miss my diet squirt and diet dr pepper. I may need a support group for this=)
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    Good morning everyone :flowerforyou:

    I'm like some others on this team and have a hard time keeping up with all the posts ... so I'm making that one of my goals :laugh: to try and keep up... probably will take me a while ... first thing I need to do is find more time to come and read them :laugh:

    Cyndee - that is soo cool about the quilt ... I wish I had something that old and man can you imagine the stories that quilt could tell if it could talk :laugh:

    I've also switched from cream and sugar to the International Creams... now I can have two cups of coffee and still use the same amount of calories as one... Cutting back on my coffee intake was one of the hardest things I've done ... I use to drink Tim Horton's Double/Double (270 cals) at least a few times a day plus the other coffee I would drink at home and at work ... then I switched to one & ones and slowly cut that back to just one Tim Horton's and one coffee at home ... now I don't have any Tim Hortons :smile:

    Crazybee - I find the best way to cut back on the cream is to do it slowly ... every few days or so just cut back a little bit at a time ... you'll be amazed that eventually you won't need much at all :smile:

    Yesterday I had a really bad day ... I've was in training on Tues and yesterday... well there was so much sitting and the facilitator didn't even want to take any breaks and the chairs were terrible ... my knee was sooo sore by the end of the day on Tuesday I could barely move it. So of course I didn't get any sleep that night because of the pain... I ended up still going back to the training yesterday and just suffered all morning ... so I told my boss that I couldn't do it and I came home at lunch time. I ate lunch and went to bed .. I slept all afternoon ... even with the pain, I guess I was just toooo tired to even notice the pain. The weird think about my knee is that I can walk on it as long as I keep walking, but as soon as I stop the pain comes... now if I could find a way to sleep and walk at the same time I'll be fine :laugh:

    And to top that off I was really cranky yesterday and I ended up eating over my calories for the day ... I even ate all my exercise calories ... first time I've done that since I've started :frown: But today's a new day and I do feel better today, the knee still hurts but at least I'm not as cranky as I was yesterday and I'm also taking the day off work ... I refuse to go sit in that training today so I just called my boss and told her ... she was ok with it, there are a lot of my co-workers taking it so they can show me what I've missed.

    OK I think I've whined enough for one day :laugh: Since I'm home today I'm going to go and catch up on all the reading on here :laugh: you all have a great day!!
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    Oh I forgot to mention this cool site I found on Facebook ... has anyone heard of Virtual Weight Loss on facebook? On this you can upload a picture of yourself and they will edit it to show what you would look like if you lost 50lbs ... it is so coool ... and what an inspiration to see what I might look like after I lost 50lbs ... I know it's not really accurate but it's still neat to see.
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    I tried really hard yesterday not to eat junk. I caved just slightly at supper time by eating some corn bread and lite syrup, as well as 2 hershey kisses. It just was a hot and stressful day yesterday (found ants in my kitchen! and we are going out of town for the weekend.)

    Anyway, unlike yesterday when I didn't feel like exercising, I got it all in this morning. Core work as well as Kick boxing. I had my Protien shake for breakfast.

    I'm not going to be able to keep up with the posts, but I did enjoy reading about the Coffee fixation we have! I have a morning coffee and use FF French Vanilla creamer (1 tsp) and to sweeten it, I use 6 packets of equal.

    Prayerfulmom, I will support you all the way on nixing Artificial sweetners....I should join you in that but, I am really addicted to my diet Mt. dew and diet coke...etc. And putting it in my coffee, drinking my lemonaide. I guess, besides my liquids I don't consume hardly any (maybe a packet or 2 on my oatmeal but, I could nix that). I would like to cut out/reduce my Diet pop intake. Its probably not going to happen today (its Penny per ounce Thursday and I have 32oz ready to go!). Yesterday I only had 48 oz. The day before I only had 12oz.

    Cyndeebee, I hope the quilt survives.

    Tracking My Goals:
    Days of clean eating: starting over today....Days=0
    Diet Pop: 48oz yesterday - Probably more than that for today
    No snacks after 7:30pm - Days 0 (I had 2 hershey you suppose that doesn't count?)
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    Good Morning Team,

    Well everything seems to be going okay although it is hot hot hot up here!! yesterday they had a heat advisory out it was 95 our but with the heat index it seemed like 100... thank god for my pool and lots of sunscrean!!!! or i would be a fryed lobster!!! well I have another Dr. appt today I went to see the nero Dr. and he want me to have a MRI of the brain because of the blacking out and falling although he says it might not show anything he still wants to make sure.. then he wants me to have an EEG.. I so cant wait for these dr's visists to slow down!!! My computer is still far far away!!! hope to hear something soon!!! I cant post nor log my food as much as i want but i am still measuring and keeping track on my paper...

    Dara - I am so sorry to hear you feel, I really hope everything is okay... and I wish you speedy recovery.. an hope your bug goes away...

    April - 18 more days!!! woo hooo!!!! cant wait..

    Adopt4 - who is that little baby in your pitcure I think I missed something??

    Lisa - make sure you drink lots of water if you are working in that heat...

    LuLu - yes we as mothers our are childrens biggest fans!!! How was your birthday?? hope you had a great night...

    well i have to look back at the rest of the posts to finish so I will post again soon!!!

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    Never realized how much I obsessed on coffee LOL. I really only have 2 cups in the morning and an occasional Starbucks, but I do enjoy them. Thanks for the tips. Cyndeebee wanna go shoppng with me for the fat free/sugar free coffee cream ??LOL

    LI4G you posting that picture of your face at Christmas time and seeing how your face looks now is what got me to sign on to this thing. I hope I do as well as you have. You're so beautiful inside and out.

    Loann I did try cutting down the cream today. I used 3 tablespoons instead of 5. Thanks for the suggestion. I just had to have some coffee today. Sorry you are hurting. I hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks prayerful mom about the protein info. I'm sorry to hear about your kidney disease. I'll pray for you.

    I read this verse today and then intrepreted it to fit our group here is the verse, then my intrepretation:

    Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.
    Hebrews 12:1 / KJV

    Seeing that we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witneesses, the witnesses being this group "THE", we are laying aside OUR weight and the sin of glutney which so easily besets us, and running towards being healthy with PATIENCE this race that is set before us. We can do it girls, we have our desire and GOD on our side!!

    Have a wonderful day all. ugs to all

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    Morning, all. SR, if you're hungry at night, leave some cals so you can have a small snack before bed.

    prayerful, I tried to cut out pop and started drinking Crystal Light Lemonade (at the time, I didn't drink water) and I got headaches and yeah, I was always hungry. The "sweet" makes your blood sugar go up even though it's not sugar, the sweetness fools your body - as well as making you want to eat. Those things are good in small moderation but who uses them in small moderation??? At least I know enough now that I don't let my kids have it...

    Going to the gym, going to walk on the treadmill slowly if need be, then meet with the trainer. I'm stiff and sore and I don't know if things are in place or not, but I can bend over and touch the floor, so that problem was resolved at least. I wish I knew how to strengthen those muscles so this doesn't happen to me - I thought I was doing pretty good, but a wrong move and bam- things get all messed up. Man all I can think of if it's this bad at my age, how the heck am I going to get around when I'm 88?

    Speaking of coffee, never drank it. Went to Ethiopia (the birthplace of coffee) and to honor guests they do a coffee ceremony where they roast the coffee beans in a pan (indoors, fire) and then make coffee and serve it HOT and strong. Oh my gosh. But you have to drink it, otherwise it's rude and disrespectful. The one thing their coffee has over the coffee I've tasted here is that there is no bitter aftertaste. So if I"m ever going to drink coffee, it will be Ethiopian coffee! Our neighbors are over there right now, I asked her to bring me back a bag of ground coffee, but forgot to give her $$, so I'm hoping she does it (it's really cheap). They're bringing home an 8 yr old boy who is about the same size as my 6 yr old... they should have fun together!

    Oh and the baby in the pic, that's my first son Zack. He's 6 now and still small but he was less than a 1 pound and a half at birth, a "micro preemie". Born at 24 weeks, if you can imagine. Six years ago they didn't try to save babies that young, but the birthmom was off in her estimation by a month so they thought he was older and that's what saved him. Plus he came out and breathed on his own for an hour (not supposed to be possible at 24 weeks!) before they could get him to a hospital that had a NICU. The EMTs said he was "breathing on his own and mad".... that's my Zack! Fighter all the way!
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    LI4G, adopt4, and Swignal- thanks for your concern! I'm getting around better every day, and can take some steps without my cane, which makes me feel way better! I start getting in a hurry, wanting to walk normal and faster, and that's when I get into trouble. Overall, I'm doing pretty well.

    Now if I could just get rid of this dang bug, or whatever it is...UGH, if it's not one thing it's another. Suddenly the bubble idea doesn't sound so bad, if it's air conditioned! :laugh:
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    Hello Everyone!:smile: My body really hurts from working out yesterday most of the time I dont I wont to workout.......scratch that.....I DONT go back to into working out til like another month. Im really trying to keep going when it hurts :sad:

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