This lady said that Kim Kardashian is FAT!



  • Stella_Leigh
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    She's not "fat", she's just got wide hips, a big bum, and thick muscular thighs. It's not fat, it's how she's built.

    Very well put!!!!

    Thank you! :smile:
  • Picola1984
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    This is why I would loathe to be a celebrity or someone in the spotlight

    People constantly assessing/discussing and commenting on your appearance

    This mixed with low self esteem would catapult anyone into breakdown

    Obviously most 'celebs' have made themselves famous, but imagine everyday having nasty or hurtful comments wrote and spoken about you every single day. Eurgh
  • BeautifulRedButterfly
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    Nicest butt i ever saw
    My dream butt:


    My dream body, so i can rock something like this: :D

  • DaniellePF
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    I think she looks hot! Just my opinion though. I'd be happy to look somewhat like this when I reach my goal.

  • dmpizza
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    Kim K clearly needs to work out a ton to NOT get fat, but I certainly couldn't criticize her in this pic.
  • sillylily1960
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    I would love to look like this (she's gorgeous). I want her body, I don't care too much for her.
  • Picola1984
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    Nice airbrushing there!
  • jkestens63
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    It must be nice when we are so perfect that we can criticize another person's body. Its rude when someone says negative things about a person's body whether it is to their face or in a supposedly supportive weight managment message board. I don't care how rich and famous she is, you don't think she struggles with being happy with her body just like the rest of us? You don't think it hurts her if she sees headlines calling her fat? Judgemental people are not supportive people. Period.

    As for her making something out of nothing . . . I don't get her or the family's popularity but all I can say is good for them. If I had nothing to offer yet was able to make millions anyway you're damn sure I would. And so would most people. I say congratulations, ride that wave and make as much money as you can, cause in a few years it'll be Kim who? ala Paris who? Nichole who? If she's doing something morally wrong (ex the questionable marriage) - it will either bite her in the end (if you believe in God & His judgement) or she's going to turn into worm food like the Pope or John Wayne Gacy.
  • LorinaLynn
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    I would not be sad if I woke up tomorrow morning with her figure.

    I'd be ecstatic if I woke up tomorrow morning with her bank figures.
  • annejuju
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    I saw this picture on the news stand yesterday and thought how nice it was that they weren't saying she was overweight in the magazine. I thought she looked great. It was refreshing to not see an anorexic on the magazine cover.
  • jadashute08
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    I dont think she is fat all! I would love to have her shape...
  • A_Fit_Mom
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    She has a great body. I wouldn't say it's the most fit body, but a great shape. I would love her shape, looks good in all clothes. :)
  • megsmom2
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    yes, she's pretty....but I'm disgusted I even know who this useless person is.
  • Kristiina67
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    Silicone in right places? Ugh:( OKAY i am not anti surgery, but her "curves" are just un-natural... I would have respect for her if she owned up to her "add ons". BUT she pretends she is all' on...get real!
  • djkshdfd
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    Her hips get me every time...let the babies fly out!
  • Hourglass25
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    She is not fat, she just needs some toning to do thats all.
  • MyaPapaya75
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    lmao dog balls! hahahaha.....but on a more serious note she isnt fat by normal people standards...shes fat by industry standards........she got a great shape I will take it!
  • garyobesedeleted
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    she aint fat in that pic, she has an hour glass figure
  • Wow, I am blown away that anyone thinks this is fat. I guess I'm a freaking elephant then, damn.
  • Thought this thread was missing a picture of her behind...

    your welcome