Older folks?



  • Mamasota
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    Lots of boomers on this site - I'm on the fun side of 60.
  • afwg1979
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    I'll be 58 in mid-September.

    I joined MFP on July 22, 2011. It's been slow going, but I'm getting there! I want to be slim, fit and super healthy when I begin Plan B (aka FREEDOM) come January 2017 -- spreading my wings!

    I'm thankful to be blessed with good health despite the weight.

    Sending out some positive energy,

    -Magda :flowerforyou:
    Idaho Falls, Idaho

    PS: Profile picture taken 26 days ago.
  • RaysfanATL
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    :drinker: :flowerforyou: Almost 50 and have yet to act my age!!!..lol...You're only young once, well, in my case, I like to think I'm getting better, not older!>>

    I agree 100 percent!!
  • otrlynn
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    I'll be turning 60 next month. I've been losing and gaining the same 15 pounds most of my adult life. I do find that it is harder to lose it, and easier to gain it the older I get. One of my problems is that I really hate to exercise. I like to walk and to garden, but it has been so hot here that its been challenging to do those things. I'd love to find some supportive friends here.
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  • don666car
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    54 by the numbers ask my back and knees they say 101 ask my soul its 18 and my sprit is all averged out add me if you dare lol
  • roi58
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    Hitting 54 next month. This site is awesome. Tried Weight Watchers but so expensive and points just didn't give me enough information. Found out I'm pre-diabetic and am determined not to have to take meds. Love seeing what my carb and sugar intake is. My problem is I can only stick with something for two weeks and then I give up. Not going to this time and need friends to make me accountable. Been spending lots of time at the pool. Great exercise!!
  • talrcat
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    Funny, as WE age, OLDER becomes, well, OLDER!

    As for me, I turned 53 in April, but feel better and younger than I have in decades.

    Always up for more friends here on MFP, and looking for local friends to walk/hike/?? together!
  • RenaHewitt
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    I'll be 45 this year, so I consider myself closer to 'old' :) Although, I have a saying: "The soul never ages, it's just this outer shell". !! I am only on day 3 as far as MFP goes, I'm ready for an exciting journey.
  • marpeters
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    Hi, I'm 57 and still going strong. Anyone who wants to add me... Please do so. I'm at the end of my weight loss journey and have had lots of experience at loosing at this stage in our lives. Blessings to all.
  • grammacarol1943
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    Guess I am the oldest one in here. I am 68. Sounds old, but don't really feel that old. Hoping I do as well as my mother. She is 95 and still healthy and active
  • alanbab
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    Hi! I'm 60 and looking to loose 50 lbs. I need accountability and a place to brag as I think I can do this :)
  • I turned 65 this year. Love meeting new friends.
  • UH HUH....66 here!
  • :happy: Hi, I am 53. Just joined and need to lose 60-70 lbs. I just started keeping up with food and have missed my 1200 both days. I will do better tomorrow. Please add me as a friend, would love to be supportive as well as receive support.
  • I am almost 66
  • yup,51 in october. Please feel free to add me:)
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    Yes, me. I turn 60 in October.
  • Yes, I'm 51 in October,please feel free to add me :)
  • I'm 54 . Welcome . Add me as a friend if you'd like.