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What We're Eating Weekly

avskkavskk Posts: 1,563Member Member Posts: 1,563Member Member
I thought we'd try turning this into an ongoing thread -- a couple of people have asked about carrying on into Thursday, etc. and it seems like it could be fun to post each day. If it sucks, we can always go back to just making it a Wednesday thing! Today I'm having...

Breakfast: a pre-grocery day odd assortment comprising one chicken drumstick, two soft-boiled eggs, a slice of sourdough toast with blackberry jam, and coffee with peppermint mocha cream.

Lunch: will be a cold baked potato, cold steamed broccoli, and more cold chicken (can y'all tell I'm scraping leftovers here?)

Dinner: will be a simple zuppa Toscana, heavy on the kale.

Snacks: I honestly doubt I'll snack today, but if I do it'll be popcorn or an apple.


  • lucys1225lucys1225 Posts: 545Member Member Posts: 545Member Member
    Breakfast - Roasted vegetable casserole topped with shredded chicken, salsa and kimchi.

    Snack - Cauliflower rice with shredded chicken

    Lunch - Chipotle chicken and vegetable soup

    Dinner - Curry chicken over zoodles.

  • fitoverfortymomfitoverfortymom Posts: 2,302Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,302Member, Premium Member
    Breakfast: Protein pancakes, peanut butter (AMEN!), blackberries, cottage cheese.

    Lunch: Quinoa salad, chicken thighs, smoked Gouda red pepper soup

    Snack: Greek yogurt, All Bran buds, apple

    Dinner: Corned beef hash, omelet, mango smoothie
  • laur357laur357 Posts: 803Member Member Posts: 803Member Member
    First Meal: beef vegetable soup, saltines, apple, Syrah-soaked Toscana cheese

    Second Meal: pork chops, roasted cauliflower, mushroom rice pilaf

    Pre-gym: Thomas light English muffin, fried egg, 1/2 slice of American cheese

    (1300 calories)
  • JeromeBarry1JeromeBarry1 Posts: 7,708Member Member Posts: 7,708Member Member
    Breakfast: I finished off the breakfast sausage I'd bought for Christmas 2017 breakfast. I included a slice of my homemade wheat bread and a spoonful of raspberry jam which I'm finishing off from no telling how long it's been hiding in there.

    Lunch: I'll have a bowl of leftover chili which I cooked yesterday along with a slice of cornbread which I cooked yesterday and froze overnight.

    Dinner: I'll have a homemade pizza with meatballs.

    This leaves me with 600+ calories to otherwise use.

    Any exercise I decide to do will add to that.
  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Posts: 13,562Member Member Posts: 13,562Member Member
    Breakfast: big mug of tea
    Lunch: venison and black bean burrito
    Dinner: shrimp stir fry (sugar snaps, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, peanuts) in a kung pao sauce
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 16,626Member Member Posts: 16,626Member Member
    Breakfast: Coffee
    Mid-morning snack: Greek God's Seriously Indulgent marionberry greek yogurt (this stuff is LUSCIOUS!!) and a banana
    Lunch: Venison and a baked potato, with a Laughing Cow wedge
    Mid-afternoon snack: Protein bar, Monster Ultra Zero, and a cutie orange
    Dinner: Chicken tacos
  • toxikontoxikon Posts: 1,919Member Member Posts: 1,919Member Member
    Today I'm having a calorie-light day in preparation for a weekend with lots of social engagements!

    Breakfast: 2 Fiber One bars
    Lunch: French onion soup
    Dinner: Greek salad
    edited January 10
  • rainingribbonsrainingribbons Posts: 120Member Member Posts: 120Member Member
    Breakfast: Cup of coffee with Italian sweet cream creamer
    Morning snack: Blueberry almond oatmeal cup
    Lunch: Vegetable cauliflower fried "rice"
    Dinner: Vegetarian taco bake
    Dessert: Probably a homemade chocolate chip cookie or two
  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Posts: 13,562Member Member Posts: 13,562Member Member
    Breakfast: big mug of tea
    Lunch: huevos rancheros
    Dinner: broccoli chicken casserole
  • victoriatrenchvictoriatrench Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Breakfast: Decaf hot tea and an Aldi turkey sausage breakfast sandwich
    Lunch: Chicken and noodles, yogurt, and celery with balsamic dressing dip
    Afternoon Snack: A banana and sliced strawberries
    Dinner will be: Smoked turkey sausage, baked sweet potatoes with butter, and green beans
    Dessert will be: Blueberry muffin

    76 calories under daily goal
  • aeloineaeloine Posts: 1,878Member Member Posts: 1,878Member Member
    Breakfast: frozen waffles with peanut butter and a white chocolate latte
    Lunch: the New York Times Beef Stew with a red wine sauce and broccoli
    Dinner: either lunch left overs or a turkey sandwich with hummus. I have both prepped, just waiting to figure out how hungry I am.
    Snack: string cheese and pretzels.
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 16,626Member Member Posts: 16,626Member Member
    Breakfast: Coffee
    Mid-morning: Plain greek yogurt with banana protein powder and strawberries
    Lunch: Grilled chicken salad
    Mid-afternoon: Protein bar and a Monster Ultra Zero
    Dinner: Spaghetti and garlic bread
    No room for dessert today.
  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEldRuNaRoUnDaFiEld Posts: 5,720Member Member Posts: 5,720Member Member
    Breakfast- Chicken and vegetable egg foo yung
    Lunch- Ramen/noodles followed by fruit
    Dinner Panackelty with peas and garlic bread
    Snacks- Cereal fibre bar. Plums
  • nic_27_grassisgreenernic_27_grassisgreener Posts: 147Member Member Posts: 147Member Member
    Breakfast: Cookies and cream protein powder blended with chocolate milk and coffee. Plus more coffee and a banana

    Lunch/snacks: Lean cuisine mac and cheese, vanilla Greek yogurt, an ounce of roasted peanuts, and a weird peaches with chia fruit cup

    Dinner: I'm thinking pasta with red sauce, green beans, maybe more veggies like cucumber or edamame. Maybe cantaloupe if I feel like cutting it up.
  • lporter229lporter229 Posts: 4,009Member Member Posts: 4,009Member Member
    Breakfast: Steel cut oats and quinoa with raisins, whipped honey and shredded coconut: coffee with half scoop of vanilla whey protein powder

    Lunch: Grilled lamb and beef burger (no bun) with tzatziki dressing, spinach and tomato and a cup of sweet potato and chickpea stew

    Snack: Think Thin Brownie Crunch protein bar; fresh pineapple chunks

    Dinner: Slow cooker beef stew
  • rainingribbonsrainingribbons Posts: 120Member Member Posts: 120Member Member
    Breakfast: 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies
    Lunch: Shrimp flavored ramen with an egg added
    Dinner: Leftover taco skillet
    Dessert: Probably coffee because I didn't have any this morning, blueberry almond oatmeal cups, maybe another cookie if there's any leftover because I still have calories to spend.

    Not the best day for food choosing due to lack of planning, but tomorrow will be better!
    edited January 12
  • sportychic87sportychic87 Posts: 140Member Member Posts: 140Member Member
    Breakfast: Monterey breakfast burrito and usually cup of coffee with cocoa
    Snack: pretzels or veggie tray
    Lunch: Frozen meal of questionable nutritional value
    Dinner: Lean protein, 2-3 cups veggies, 8 kalamata olives
    Snack: 100 calorie popcorn pack or can of soup or cheese, tomato and olive plate

    Water and diet soda unlimited as well as lemon wedges for vitamin c
  • Jfit14Jfit14 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with turkey on toasted sandwich thins spread with ricotta.
    Lunch: Smoked chicken salad with balsamic dressing.
    Dinner: Chicken breast cooked in pasta sauce with potatoes, and steamed veg.
    Snacks: Fruit, popcorn,
    Going to fit some wine in there tonight too :)
  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Posts: 13,562Member Member Posts: 13,562Member Member
    Breakfast: big mug of tea
    Lunch: leftover broccoli chicken casserole
    Dinner: hot dogs and other junk (fundraiser hot dog dinner)
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 16,626Member Member Posts: 16,626Member Member
    Breakfast: Coffee
    Mid-morning: Coconut Almond oatmeal
    Lunch: Chicken breast, an apple and PB
    Mid-afternoon: Protein bar and Monster Ultra Zero
    Dinner: Steak and sweet potato

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