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What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    NCK96 wrote: »
    NCK96 wrote: »
    When I lost weight years ago I ended up buying silicone bra inserts to keep from being completely flat chested. They're annoying to wear but helped my clothes fit better.

    I already have to wear one on the left side. Mine are significantly asymmetrical. They are surprisingly easy to wear though.

    Except when it's really hot, which it is half the year here. Then they're wet and sweaty. :D

    And, once when I had a very conservative friend over visiting, our labrador walked in with one of my inserts in her mouth. At first I thought it was a chicken breast and wondered how she'd gotten it. Once I realized what it was I was mortified and tried to pry it out of her teeth without damaging it because they're expensive! My friend looked on in horror while I wrestled a silicone object sporting a nipple away from the dog,and finally asked what on earth it was. I explained it, but I'm convinced she thought it was some kind of perverted sex toy.


    Mine are fabric with a silicone/water/oil insert inside the fabric, it's like 75% fabric and fabric padding, with a weighted liquid feeling bubble. It is a good balance of shape and appropriate weight/texture, way more comfortable than silicone type.

    I have the C/D size, as I'm making up a large difference.
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    The fat seems to re-distribute. At least it did for me. When I lost my 20lbs of weight, my butt was much smaller, stomach still poochy, and boobs totally deflated. Several months later of maintenance, my boobs have filled back in a bit, and my stomach seems less poochy. So there's hope that all the wierd places you're* losing will balance out.

    *You as a general audience. Not any one person in particular.

    Unfortunately, I've had the opposite reaction. I lost the first 35lbs (of 42lbs) rather quickly, over 6 months. I retained my boobs.

    Lost 7lbs over the next 6 months, lost my boobs.

    Of course, I'm also a lot closer to my ultimate goal. I'm down into the "normal" body fat range (by estimates, haven't had dexa or anything). It may just be that my body held on to my boobs as long as it had "extra" fat, but when I got down to less fat they had to go.

    It's kind of funny how fat loss seems to go. My boobs are always the first to go. My stomach being dead last. As a matter of fact, I'm going in for the last 10 (maybe 15) lbs by summer/fall right now. They're deflating again! Gah! But when I maintained my current weight for 6 months, they did seem to fill in a little. So maybe they'll come back again.. I hope.

    Right there with ya! I was so excited to have a little fullness when I was bulking. Now that I'm cutting... :sad:

    I feel your pain. There’s the initial excitement of having boobs stick out farther than your stomach, then the boobs deflate. I’m hoping to keep belly in check enough to keep it even & keep building some chest muscle, since I have more muscle than boob and my stomach would have to be concave at this point to let them have any glory. And then there’s the issue of having too much back/shoulder muscle to let you comfortably fit in the training bra size that actually fits, cup wise 🙄

    You feel me! I buy bras now by trying to get them fit my lats more that my actual breasts! :laugh:

    I have been having a quiet giggle at this conversation as I identified with so much of it.
    Then, all of a sudden a light bulb went off.
    @quiksylver296’s last comment explained why, for the past 3 years I have had a hard time finding bras that fit.

    I thought I was a pretty conventional 32 B, C, depending on make, but the cups are always somewhere under my armpits, and I have no side boobs to tame.
    What I realize now is that my frontage is a 30 B,C, but my back needs a 32.

    Convoluted I know, and won’t help too much with bra buying, but at least now I know the why, and it isn’t getting old.

    Happy that a small bralette is good enough for most days.

    Cheers, h.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd buy bras for the front and wear an extender in the back.

    Also, all boob in the fron (vs the side boob thing) you might want to look into polish bras. But that being said, if bralettes work, just rock those. My boobs are all in the front, but when smooshed into a bra I swear they swim into my armpits. But I'm a 28F (UK) so bralettes won't work. I find Polish bras a good fit.
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    Serious for a second:
    - Realizing that it wasn't my weight that was making me unhappy. There was something broken in my head. Once I fixed that, I was able to start losing the weight. I had to learn to love myself so that I could lose weight, instead of losing weight so that I could love myself.

    This, this, this. I'd also taken the habit of trying to seek 'stress blame' and not just accepting that there were changes that needed to be made inside rather than outside. Still got a long way to go here, but definitely on the way up!
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    8) your sex drive goes through the roof. As does your anxiety level because there is literally NOTHING you can do to calm things down. I have tried everything I can think of and none of it works.... it really is frustrating.

    For both I go up the stairs at work. Good days its 32 flights, bad days as high as 45. And to help sleep I lift for about an hour and a half 3x a week and walk every night. Helps that I get to eat more too.
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