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    First snow of the year as we speak! So not ready for it!

    Not good on food front... not at all....

    Dawn in Mo... where that extra curricular activity was just legalized, medically... B)

    And...HUGE GOT fan!
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    9097 total steps.

    HappyBerry Crochet on youtube- Meghan is where I have been learning more complicated crochet work. You may not like her style, so keep looking on youtube. Doilie is not an accident, that took patience and skill, keep finding small projects to try.

    Dawn! Welcome back from the Honeymoon - we in CA have had that activity legalized for awhile and the predicted end of the world has not happened....... Snow is finding a couple of my online midwest friends. Stay warm and hug the dogs.

    Speaking of dogs miss t wants my attention. Wishing all a good night.
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    Good morning,

    Boy has it gotten cold here fast. Mid 80's last week and now I am using my down comforter. Trying to preset the heater is annoying so I will wait and maybe ask.

    Salad at Cafe or I might get their special - not sure.

    Gracie Lou and Miss Tillie must be communicating. Why do I need an alarm clock?

    Wave to all who follow. TGIF
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    Hello all!
    Had to laugh at the legalization talk. I am from WI. It will be ages until we get progressive (: Michigan on the other hand has come around. LOL.
    Crocheting - jealous of you all. My mom was fabulous, even taught at local tech college. Couldn't teach me though. Although that was when I was young and dumb.
    Welcome Messy Apron - like the name lol.
    Hickchick - it will be worth it in the end!!!! (: good luck on the concrete - hope not too cold of feet!
    Happy Friday!
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    39 weeks until my daughters wedding (:
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    Messyapron - welcome. Pressure?? No no we dont do pressure - fluff/plump yes, pressure- no.

    Lana - I will join you tonight on the sofa at the Lounge - Disco Night at the club with the cabana boys.

    At work. Back to hiding - or sleeping.
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    9120 steps yesterday.

    Not happy about the floor demo. Got home to find DH did NOT put up barrier, so entire house (and EVERYTHING in it) blanketed in nice thick layer of tile/mortar dust. He also broke waterline to dishwasher and when he used water shut-off, it turned off water to sink as well. I have been hacking and coughing like I have pneumonia from all the dust. :s Next step will be him using concrete saw to cut trenches to run conduit and electric over to island. (am going to INSIST he put up barrier for that!) I keep telling myself it will all be worth it once the new floors are in - I just keep saying it over and over and over and over and over and over and over......

    No way to cook or any way to wash anything in order to cook, so I had to do a pizza run last night. That put me waaaaaaaayyyyyy over calorie count (and sodium) yesterday. Today I am all puffy and swollen. :( Hopefully, can try to cobble together something better for dinner tonight.

    I too had to giggle about the "legalization" talk as well. Being in Indiana, its likely to be decades before anything like that even makes it to the state house. Not that it would make any difference to me - that extra-cirricular activity has never done anything for me for some reason which is disappointing.

    Have been doing a "test drive" of hearing aids. I have found there is so much I either have not been hearing or have just tuned out. Some noises now drive me crazy like the clicking of typing on keyboard or the clacking of my high heels on the floor at work. Haven't worn them at home yet though. Its been all hammers, chisels, and tiny jackhammers which require earplugs instead!

    Getting really frustrated with these last 10 pounds. Feels like more work than the rest of all weightloss combined! And with holidays coming up..... am just not looking forward to holidays and hate myself for feeling that way. I have always loved the holidays and family & friends get-togethers. This year, am just not feeling it. :/

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    hickchic67 wrote: »
    So much for getting my walk/run in today. DH says I need to come straight home and help with the floor demo. He got a wild hair and is ripping out the tile in the kitchen now - floor install not until Dec 11. This is gonna be so much fun..... bare concrete for a month.... ugh!

    Mother of Pearl!!!!

    What IS it with the male of the species?
    Sometimes they just completely lose their minds, and they think that they are absolutely correct and normal.
    Wild hair is right!
    Big hugs Kathryn. Make sure that there are no random nails, screws or other things sticking up or out that can cause injury. Enjoy the rustic look for Thanksgiving. :open_mouth:
    - - - - - - - -
    Edit....I missed the 2nd longer post from you Kathryn. Holy cow. So sorry about that water line. Take photos, laugh as much as you can, protect your lungs as much as you can. This too shall pass. Courage!!!

    *alerting Cabana Boys to spend extra time with Kathryn at tonight's happy hour*


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    Lynn - I never learned any of the things my Grandmothers tried to teach me, crochet, knitting, quilting. I can sew a bit, but nothing fancy. I have a cousin she was the youngest of 8, the other 7 were all boys. She could do all the things and my other female cousins and I didn't like her very much because she was always being touted as someone to live up to by our shared Grandmother. When she got pregnant at 17 we all laughed that she had finally fallen off the pedestal she had been put on. It wasn't very nice of us, and she is a nice woman and she still does all the things while being a bank manager. She's also still married to the father of her baby. I tried to crochet last year and I just don't get it.

    Messy Apron - I love this group of ladies :)

    hickchick - Oh I feel for you and the mess that was made. I lived through that the first year we were married. Our landlord did drywalling without giving us an opportunity to pack everything up and cover it. What a mess!

    I did a craft project last night to use for a sample and to take a picture of for the craft night I've been asked to do. I don't think I'll use it though, it's just a bit too messy to do in a boardroom I think. Now I need to come up with something else. The ladies don't want to do a paint night. :( I also have to do a couple paintings today for the paint night for next Friday so I can let her decide what she wants to do.

    It's a long weekend for me and I'm so happy about that! 4 more weeks to my last day!
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    Had to comment while lurking
    Lana - "Mother of Pearl" - crack me up. Love that saying
    Kathryn - ugh. I feel your pain - I am sorry it is such a mess. men - can't live with them....well I am not so sure about the can't live without them part :wink: Good luck!

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    Peep! 🐣

    Hey all. Been lurking. Hard week.

    @hickchic67 - I wonder if you could buy a kitchen floor pad to use while prepping/cooking for the next month. I saw them at my local Walmart for about $15 or so. They are larger than a floor mat and provide some give - better than straight concrete.

    I learned how to crochet as a young child, but never took to it. Couldn’t do it without lessons now. Learned how to knit in my early 30s, but forgot how to cast on once and called the person who taught me and asked them to tell me the steps. She said it was impossible without being face-to-face. I told her to just try telling me... I could picture it in my mind if she walked me through. It worked, she was floored and shocked, and I kept interest for another few months and abandoned that, too. In August I bought Diamond Art paintings for shipping only on a deal. I am still working on the first one - or will be if I ever sit back down to do it. Just not a crafty person unless it comes with companionship... by myself, I watch TV, read, or now play games (which can be interactive as I am on a team with members on both “sides” of the globe 🌎 🌏 - so there is usually someone online)... but I have no family or friend obligations so the online games are it for accountability and companionship.

    One day, I may finish this little guy.


    Lana... still hanging in my own frumpy section... but enjoying the chatter of y’all around me! 🏖📚
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    Sara -I wish I had been on honeymoon. Boss made a joke that I came to work for my honeymoon... not so wrong. Married Sat, worked Mon... it's ok, tho. It's hard for both of us to get away with 3 dogs. So, we just hang out together. We did visit with our friends that were at our wedding. We live about 12 minutes apart. And, we actually like both spouses (as opposed to me liking 1 and hubby not liking hubby or vis versa) it is nice to have friends. But, I'm quite content sitting at home.

    Maybe, I should try to learn to crochet, again. I keep thinking I want to. I was pretty young when my mom tried to teach me. Hmmmm....

    Kathryn - Good thoughts coming your way. My Ex did that... our entire living room and hallway were bare for a couple months. He just decided one day, he needed to rip it up. And, it was an earth contact home... talk about chilly! Hope it starts to go smoothly....
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    Kathryn, come sit by us after work on the comfy couch at Lana's Bar - all are welcome, Kathryn you get VIP ticket. Give yourself a break until after the holidays /floor to concentrate on pounds.
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    Fire smoke is getting noticeable, so until this fire is taken care of - rain would be nice - no more walking than needed. Just is. Pop by after work.
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    I missed a bunch of see what happens when you dont pay attention........

    HappyBerry Crochet does beginning knitting and crochet and enjoy the video process of learning.

    Oh Lana - Leandro is on his way - get out the Latin music. What page is Leandro on? Watch out Mario is also out there, but he is a cboy wanna be.

    Ginger scentsy and ginger tea so there. Sup brought brownies to work for her last day. She made them well, the leftovers are in my freezer so I can have one when I want down the road.

    Wishing all a good night

    oops one more thing, if you recently joined our thread and "friended" me I dont pay attention to that as I dont understand it, do not be offended if I dont answer your "friend"request.
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    I know we're all here for our struggles and triumphs along our weight loss journey. So, saying I'm having a real struggle is expected. I honestly can't say, if this is something I go thru, every time it gets cold. Emotionally, I really struggle. This year is horrible having lost Gpa. But, the last couple weeks, I'm really struggling with food and staying was TOM... but, this seemed different... or, maybe, I was just more aware. I eat, until I feel satisfied. Almost as soon as I'm done, I feel like I'm hungry. I don't eat right away. Try to put it off at least an hour. Then, I get to the point, where I feel I'm going to be sick if I don't eat. I never like to eat to the point I feel ill or stomach hurts. I'm just not sure what has changed. No, I don't always make the best food choices. I try to account for that. Maybe, I just need to wait and see what happens in a few days. The number on the scale just keeps climbing... can't seem to get a jump start at all...
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    Sara - glad you are enjoying your yummy scents! :)
  • Tilliesmommy1
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    Good morning,

    Cold enough (set at 65) for heater to run this morning. It was mid 80 2 weeks ago....

    Dawn - Is this a "holiday" struggle? Is there an anniversary/birthday attached to this more than Gpa? I love the holidays but then I also realize how alone I am and that can be fine until I am alone with food. Do me a favor and focus on the fact that you just got married and how happy that makes you. List all that you eat to see if there is a pattern. Can a glass of water with all that food help you eat less? All words from me - no judging just ideas.

    Sometimes I just have to go walk it off. Air quality is in the toilet here so no extra walking this weekend.

    Dog is up and fed, my food to take my meds is waiting. BBL.
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    Good Morning

    Dawn - *Hugs*

    I’ve been going to bed so early this week. Went pretty early last night and got up early this morning because the puppy was whining. Fed the dogs and just wasn’t able to go back to sleep after... I decided to get up and take a walk and let the dogs and husband sleep! Walked for 80 minutes and 4.35 miles - feel pretty good about that! A good way to start the day.

    I go out of town next Friday and will be gone through Thanksgiving, so we are doing our Thanksgiving early this weekend. I’m doing most of the cooking and am pretty excited! They key is to not each TOO much..

    Anyway! Off to get some breakfast and coffee. Hope everyone has a good Saturday!
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    Hi everyone! I am new here *not new to starting any sort of program just new to this thread* 😊

    I saw a number on the scale last week that I have never seen before other than when j was pregnant.... so I'm trying to nip it before the holidays hit me hard.

    I would love some friend adds if anyone is interested! I seem to stay highly motivated when u have others to cheer on and motivate!

    I travel full time now so I'm trying to find my new grove!