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    total steps 5306

    air quality is very unhealthy and so dont be surprised if tomorrows steps is even fewer,

    almost time for lights out with Miss T

    Wishing all a good night.
  • Tilliesmommy1
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    Good morning,

    Air quality is bad, will take short dog walks Miss T will not understand..... I have medical masks and will go shopping and then inside for rest of day. Will use humidifier to see if that will help.

    Store I shop at will deliver food, never used it but it is tempting.

    Wave to all who follow. BBL
  • Tilliesmommy1
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    5458 total steps

    Bad air today hoping for better tomorrow.

    Poured tea on part of my computer, clean and dried off and turned computer off for most of day. Read good book an stayed inside except for dog walks.

    Wishing all a good night.
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    Hey All

    Just dashing through.
    Will be back tomorrow.

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    Sara - I don't really have an anniversary...I think, it's just a lot of little things on my mind... getting myself into things, that I'm not sure I should of. But, thought it was a good idea at the time. I'm trying to enjoy the newly married thing. Things have been really nice with us. Better than in a long time. Missing Gpa, holidays, getting myself into extra stresses and, always job frustrations. Still down a girl. So, I go 2 weeks at a time without a day off. Just exhausted. Maybe, I'm fooling myself into thinking I need food to get me moving... more than I actually do. I know, if I would get up and make a decent breakfast, I would be better. Just not a morning person. And, being exhausted doesn't help.

    Hope air quality improves so you can get your steps in.
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    I've been marathoning sewing projects so I'm just passing through. Something is working because I'm down a few pounds. I did like 13,000 steps today running around Disney which is a delightful way to make a few lackluster days step count wise.

    Current: 193
    Goal: 165
  • Tilliesmommy1
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    Good morning,

    My "pee like a horse" on the weekend is helping I lost 1.8 pounds. I drink too much coffee on weekends and wonder why my # is up on Monday.

    Dawn - can you make yourself breakfast and have as a snack at work? Coworker I know packs her lunch and breakfast and eats them as she goes.

    Marsellilove- what are you sewing on? I used to make presents and had to start in Aug/Sept. Found my presents not well received so stopped making them. Knitting hats/scarves for chemotherapy/NICU babies - oh and a blanket for me. It got cold here fast.

    Lana - thank you for stopping by....... does Leonardo do housework? keep him busy.

    Air quality is better, I saw stars this morning I havent seen in a couple of days. This fire wont be put out until after Thanksgiving, so smoke it is.

    Big new at work on the 15th - they will probably take away having 4/10 hour days because too many people arent working - chatting with coworkers on phone etc. Hmmmmm. I dont use 4/10 I am brain dead after 7 ...

    Wave to all who follow. Lurking
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    brennerjlb wrote: »
    men - can't live with them....well I am not so sure about the can't live without them part :wink: Good luck!

    I've been doing pretty well with the "living without them" part ;) It's not for everyone, but it's certainly for me!

    Had a super busy weekend: climbing, a friend's birthday, then hiking and exploring a historic town about an hour away. I definitely got some good workouts in and I am t-i-r-e-d! Not to mention hungry! So hungry. I tried to pack a lot of healthy food today. High protein. Did you know vegan jerky exists?? I was pumped to find it at Wegmans on Saturday to bring with me on my hike! Maple bacon flavored mmmmmm (I'm not sure if I mentioned I'm a vegetarian, but now you know!)

    This morning I went on a slightly longer walk with my dog before work. With any luck I'll be able to go on a walk around lunch time :)

    About the friend requests: I'm open to any and all! I like having friends so we can encourage each other through updates. I also sometimes post blogs, but you can only see them from a computer, not the app.

    Happy Monday all, and start the week strong!
  • brennerjlb
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    Good Monday Morning.
    I am so tired today. Too much weekend. Should've stayed in bed :wink:
    Sara - i do hope your air quality gets better. Those fires. So devastating, so sad.
    Dawn - I am sorry to hear about your struggles. If you are having a tough time - don't forget to be kind to yourself. Your mind/body is going through a lot of stress.
    Lana, Eryn, Meg, Marsel and all others that pass through - hello. Lurking form work in between naps
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    Hi all! Just waving 👋 quickly! Lurking as I am still pretty down - which means calories have been pretty up 😩 A cold 🥶 front has come through this week. But it is still warmer than hometown - so still flip flops, shorts, and t-shirts with a light sweater. People think I am crazy until I tell them where I am from!

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    Runamarti - I've been seeing that Diamond Painting thing EVERYWHERE! I do NOT, repeat, do NOT need another craft option, but I'm so tempted!

    Snowflake - For some reason I'm really into grandmother skills. I sew, knit, crochet, etc, but I definitely do them in bursts rather than regularly. Also, your cousin who fell off the pedestal - I would have laughed with you I'm afraid :)

    My current obsession with these hand crafts is to get away from playing with my phone so much when I'm sitting in front of the TV. Also, because we're watching The Haunting of Hill House, it gives me a reason to avert my eyes when it gets particularly creepy :)
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    Sara - I have told myself for a long time, that I should make breakfast/ lunch the night before. I just don't have any motivation after work/ dinner.

    Eryn/Lynn - Thanks. It's funny that I am so into the holidays. But, incredibly depressed at the same time.

    Winter is definitely here. Woke up to more snow... still coming down... so cold and windy... soon as you clean off windshield, it's covered again. Driving into work, wasn't bad at all. Heading home, may be another story.
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    arniedog74 wrote: »
    I'm really struggling with food and staying was TOM... but, this seemed different... or, maybe, I was just more aware. I eat, until I feel satisfied. Almost as soon as I'm done, I feel like I'm hungry. I don't eat right away. Try to put it off at least an hour. Then, I get to the point, where I feel I'm going to be sick if I don't eat. I never like to eat to the point I feel ill or stomach hurts. I'm just not sure what has changed.

    Dawn - keep track of when you're feeling like that. it could be just youre being exhausted. when you are tired your body wants more fuel. sometimes it helps me to do something that keeps my attention/keeps me occupied so i dont focus on feeling hungry so much. i also feel similar when i start to get sick, typically a sinus infection. a lot of times i dont even know i am sick but my body keeps wanting more food to try and fight off the bug. and i find it worse when its cold. my body thinks its getting ready to go into hibernation or something! LOL Try to get more rest (easier said than done!) and see if that helps!

    Was barely home all weekend, running errands, looking at stuff for the house, etc. So no planned exercise. Ate out a LOT more than normal. Plus it was Veterans Day weekend and there were a lot of places with free food for veterans which made it even more tempting. I cant cook anything other than in the microwave and still no sink or dishwasher, so eating at home is a huge hassle. It will be awhile before i get kitchen back too. Today DH is cutting a trench in the concrete for conduit to run electric to the island.

    I can tell I have been eating more processed foods because I feel bloated and swollen and all around crappy. I am not liking it. I want my kitchen back!!! Maybe i will feel better after a good long walk on the treadmill today (way too cold out for me for walking!)

    only 6626 steps yesterday

  • Tilliesmommy1
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    steps today 7390

    Still have to go and pick up meds after rush hour. Friends at work surprised me - I got so many things to eat that the chocolate I saved to eat today is just too much. Fruit bouquet - I am hoping to freeze what I can - any hints?? Work was a serious headache so I will call it an early night.

    Missy!! Glad you stopped by.

    Dog out for walk while it is still light.

    Wishing all a good evening.
  • Tilliesmommy1
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    Dawn makes 12 and would set you up for a couple of days (you and dh).
  • arniedog74
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    Dawn makes 12 and would set you up for a couple of days (you and dh).

    Thanks! I will check it out!
  • arniedog74
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    Kathryn - it does seem, the more tired I am, the hungrier I seem. The more I try not to think about it.... yeah, I think about it... I try to keep myself occupied, to not eat all the time. Not so easy at home. And, I'm same, ready to go into hibernation... must eat food! :D
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    Anyone have any tips/tricks/hacks for cleaning concrete & mortar dust off of every surface in the house?? I would appreciate any ideas because this crap is sticking to everything and not moving. Dry rags barely move it and leave a layer behind. Damp rags make it gooey and leaves a film on everything. I am going crazy. I feel gross - dirty and gritty all the time. I am sure it is all through the house & into clothes and everything. Still no hot water at sink so I cant wash dishes, etc. Dishwasher is waiting on a part. Even dishes and everything in cabinets and drawers are dusty. I dont want to eat or drink anything at home. I am starving but grossed out. Not to mention am still hacking coughing and my eyes & throat feel gritty and dry. I cant sleep and I am mad at everyone and everything. I dont even want DH speaking to me. He says my coughing is just dramatics. He isnt phased by any of this. He doesnt care. I'm *kitten* *kittened" off about it all.
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    Whew! I feel like I'll need to log in much more often to keep up with the conversation here, haha!

    I actually got my *kitten* to the gym today! It was my first real weight lifting workout since the 1st of August. I lost so much strength (sigh), but at least I'm putting myself into position where I can gain it back.
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    Kathryn there are masks paper/cloth available to filter out some of the dust. How long is this project from "down under"?

    Messy Apron - good for you! Restarting a habit is big news.

    Flying by once more before zzzz- neighbor is loud on sports night but as SF is leading it is finally quiet.