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    Good morning All~~

    I woke up at 5 and couldn't get back to sleep. Now it's 9 and I'm dragging. Eating a good breakfast actually slows me down..... Dang!

    But....time to run some easy errands.


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    Lana, isn't that strange how waking up early has the seemingly opposite outcome of making you late and behind? I hate that. I hope you get this sorted out soon!

    So, I meant to ask, I use MFP's webversion. I'm not using it right now to track meals and exercise (although I have in the past) because I'm using both Omada and WW right now. But, once I'm done with Omada in another two months, I was thinking I might switch back to MFP. I've never use the MFP app for tracking or for the community. Do any of you use the MFP app? Interested in hearing your thoughts.
  • Lana, isn't that strange how waking up early has the seemingly opposite outcome of making you late and behind? I hate that. I hope you get this sorted out soon!

    So, I meant to ask, I use MFP's webversion. I'm not using it right now to track meals and exercise (although I have in the past) because I'm using both Omada and WW right now. But, once I'm done with Omada in another two months, I was thinking I might switch back to MFP. I've never use the MFP app for tracking or for the community. Do any of you use the MFP app? Interested in hearing your thoughts.

    Hey Skinny, I use the app for almost everything I do on MFP except for writing my blog, which you can't get to on the app. Seems to work better on my android phone than it does on my ipad but both do what they're supposed to do. I also have the fitbit app as back up and they all link in just fine.
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    Thanks for the endorsement for the app Nik!

    I am back from the playdate. Got tons of move in in the pool. Hit 8000 steps. Did 42 minutes on the eliiptical. Having wild-rice stuffed portbellas for dinner. Good day!
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    I have not spoken to most of my family, since last Christmas. I am perfectly fine with this. My choice. My Cousin has been trying to contact me and I honestly have no desire to speak with her. Her mom, my moms sister, is the one that blamed my mom for my Gpa's passing. I am not upset with my cousin. But, if I speak to her, I'm going to want to tell her how horrible her mother is. Not just about Gpa. So many other terrible things she has done. I'm sorry to say, but I am completely ok with not having that part of my family in my life. I really feel like a weight has been lifted from me.
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    Good morning,

    Dawn you can pick your friends but you cant pick your family. Pick your friends well, for they usually make up for your family......hold your ground. Give time a chance to create distance. She may get the hint and/or you may see the value of contacting her back.

    Dog up at 130 am for a pitstop - getting back to sleep was another matter. Hoping for a nap today.

    Forgot chicken on shopping trip yesterday, remembered in check out. Can buy today, but note to self stick to routine in store. I was looking at new things/trying to get more steps. Oh well no great harm done.

    Dog to Vet for a check up. After groomers yesterday she will be "done" with me. I have a to do list while she is gone and luckily that is also not too tough.

    Crockpot for chicken to make a Korean bbq or chicken teriyaki. We shall see.

    Tracey (thank you for the spelling), smart to get meds for tooth while you wait. Glad you have job to get benefits, right? You are caring enough to log in your food - which I stopped doing about a year ago and need to reconsider......and thinking of finding ways to stay in shape and remain flexible. Give yourself credit and get rest when you can.

    okay oatmeal is almost done, wave to all who follow.
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    Sara- my family is toxic. Everyone hates each other and tries to find ways to hurt each other. Including my Aunt, trying to cause her own daughter's to lose their children. I want to get it all off my chest. But, how do I tell a loved one, the things that her mother has done? She will just take her mom's side and be mad at me.

    Hope Miss T isn't too upset with you and you get your chicken. I'm easily distracted in stores, myself.
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    Chicken is in trash - trying to wash them before putting into crock pot first one slipped into garbage disposal and I could not guarantee if my fingers were washed handling the 2nd so they both went. Rolling my eyes. Some days I wish I drank again.

    Expensive little dog I have - liver # is up and she may have an infected toe. Add heartworm shot, allergy meds and phenobarb - I shudder to think what the whole price tag is, I know what my part is.

    Cannot pay bills online, their system is done, which is rare. I am hoping for a nap. We shall see.

    Dawn you know your family best - maybe best to be invisible for awhile.
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    Happy Sunday! I’ve been busy cutting down trees and cutting them up for fire wood. Cleaned the chicken coop and took the boy child to urgent care to realize we all have poison ivy on us. It’s going to make for a very itchy week!
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    Dear Tilliesmommy -that made me smile... chicken going everywhere. Just sometimes we have days like that. ❤️❤️ so frustrating but you have to roll with it and not let it get you down. Easier said than done.

    Sorry little doggy is still neeedjng meds’. They are expensive our little furry friends but we love them. ❤️ I wouldn’t be without my pussycat, but the cost of everything adds up!!

    Skinny I use the MFP app and it works well on my iPhone. Sometimes bit slow on food logging page but generally works.

    Snowflake - hope you are ok. Hang in there.

    Nik - what a nuisance with your poor foot. I had that frustration. with my back. Had just got into exercise then had to stop. You must listen to your body though and not overdo it. Thanks for thoughts on ungrateful people at work. It is galling. Nice to know it’s not just me:)

    Arniedog - families are difficult. Sounds like you have got their measure so you do what you feel best. As you say opening door again on that can be a downward spiral of stress you don’t need.

    Had a nice weekend with my other half. Always difficult to leave him - hate Sunday nights as mean I’m on a silly o’clock train Monday am leaving him behind. Just need to win the lottery....

    Waves to all. xx
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    Thank you all. Right now, I'm not reaching out to her. May change at a later time.. maybe, maybe not. Not going to stress over it..

    Sara- do you get Proheart 6 or 12 for Miss T heartworm? Just curious. We recently started using Proheart 12 and people are switching from Heartgard, the beefy chews... depending on size of dog, the shot is cheaper than the chew.. same as Apoquel tabs vs Cytopoint shot for allergies... hope her toe is ok.. is it by nail bed? Sorry, learning things at clinic..

    French- weekends are never long enough.. especially, when you are with your significant other... hugs

    Lana- waves

    Found out about a friend's grandson being in a terrible accident, yesterday. He is 3 or 4. They were at a wedding and, somehow, he was hit in the head with a golf club! He had surgery, today. Fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and concussion. They cleaned up skull fragments and put in a metal plate. He made it thru surgery, well. Dr is happy with results. He's not out of the woods, yet. Hoping for a good recovery.

    Waves to everyone!
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    Dawn I had to check her paperwork- 6 month Proheart. Her toe is one she often licks/chews I have a wipe and a spray. Liver pill Miss T thumbed her nose at, may have to use a syringe and crush the pill.... That is tomorrows adventure. Same with wipe and spray on toe- she gets one day vacation. Keep learning it makes you a better Vet tech.

    I am so rattled by all the "accidents" I had today dog gets a reprieve but tomorrow is another story......

    Groomer is my "emergency contact" for dog, but she cannot keep her and I told her to take her to my Vet, Vet tech confirmed they would find a good home for her - in the event that I can no longer care for her.

    Little boy has been through so much and a long road ahead, but hoping for the best.

    Need to take dog out as it is dark and my brain is flat lining.

    Wishing all a good night.

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    Good morning, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I didn’t get my nice relaxing weekend, but I got a lot of outside house work done. We’re going to be working on the back yard as much as we can before it snows. I’m starting to think my body holds on to weight towards the middle to the end of the month. Hopefully I’ll be seeing a whoosh soon.
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    Good morning,

    Weight up in same pound - 2 LARGE muffins did not help with the scale.

    Dog made it through night, tonight will be to see if she will take pill in cheese..... otherwise we may be back to pill pockets which we stopped a long time ago.

    Had a dream I was working at the wrong desk and then I got lost at work. Too real for me. Thank you.

    Its Monday for me that means drink more water and walk breaks.

    Wave to all who follow. Lurking from one last week in absolute heck. Next week is new kid on the block and learning curve heck.
  • Hi All,

    Sorry I went AWOL yesterday, daughter had a riding competition and with the foot being so sore I kinda just collapsed and wasted the rest of the day.

    Went slightly over the calories I choose to allow myself and did way less steps due to the foot but still stayed within MFP limits so hopefully it wont do too much damage.

    Dawn I'm so sorry to hear about the little lads accident. I hope he makes a full recovery.

    Sara I hope you and Miss T are okay, it sounds like a lot going on with you both.

    Laura I too hate the end of the weekend, but mostly because of the abuse I'm currently getting from clients these days. I wouldn't want to leave my hubby either though so completely get it.

    My foot is still not back to normal but I have a kit with supports in which seems to be helping and I am taking it easy so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon. My workout/walking clothes turn up today as well so really want to use them. I had nothing other than jeans before so I've been using my treadmill in my pjs! Not a pretty sight for anyone 😳🙄😂

    Hope everyone has a good Monday.
  • LanaCabana537
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    Good morning all~~

    Hugs all around - I read back on all the posts, and my head is spinning. I hope everyone who is hurting feels better as soon as possible!

    More coffee please Alejandro!


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    Good morning and Hugs to all from me as well!
    I think advice well given above - can't pick your family, so very true.
    Sara - I am so sorry about the Struggles with Miss T. I am not sure on the groomer information....I hope that is not too stressful. She is "done" with Miss T? What does that mean? Stinks when people and pups get old....our bodies do not cooperate. Give her an extra hug and I hope she gets better.
    Dawn- will send some healing thoughts to that boy. Horrifying.
    Lana - hello - Send Alejandro my way with coffee as well please.
    Nikki - I 2nd the comments on foot support for planter faciatis. I have not had it - thank goodness, but people who have seem to have good luck with supports.
    Skinny - hello! Portabello dinner sounds great!
    French - wishing you a good Monday, and good luck on that lottery :wink:
    Tracy- Hello! Glad you popped in!
    Make this Monday the best you can
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    Good Monday morning all!

    Did I not check in yesterday? What a blur! Maybe I should have. Somehow, I didn't have a plan for lunch, and then I ended up bingeing on "leftover" cold cuts at church, and the binge just kept going all the way into the night. I'm up a little, but not as much as I probably should be, perhaps thanks to a ton of exercise on Saturday. Hopefully that's the extent of the damage on the scale and it's not going to catch up to me even more than it already has. Needless to say, I am no longer in my "new" weight decade and will have fight every ounce to get down below this current stubborn decade. Was too tired this morning to workout--I hope and plan to do so tonight. And I misplaced my pedometer yesterday doing laundry (I put it someplace weird, although, of course, I cannot remember where. I do recall thinking, "Oh, that's a really weird place. You will never remember that." And, of course, I cannot. I ordered another one. :(

    Tracey--congrats for hanging in there. Even if you aren't losing, I think tracking keeps the wheels from coming off the bus completely.

    Dawn--fam stuff is so very hard. Good for you for trying to get through it with a minimum of drama. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's little boy. I am glad his surgery was successful and I send prayers for a complete recovery.

    Sara--So sorry about the chicken. I also had a bit of a chicken cooking disaster yesterday, though I was able to salvage it. It's dry as the desert though. Poor Miss T. I hope she takes the pill without a lot of anguish.

    Ama--So sorry about the poison ivy! How terrible!

    Laura--I too dream of winning the lottery. Of course, I should first play if I ever expect to win.

    Nik--I hope your foot feels better soon so you can use your new workout clothes! How fun!

  • Tilliesmommy1
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    Boiled soft enough to cut sweet potatoes has been offered as a pill pocket. Lynn - dog was "done" with me after groomer and vet in one weekend! Sorry I have been not my best at clarity.