February 2018 Running Challenge



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    February Goal....get up. get out.

    2/1 Just got back from a week on the mainland
    2/2 and then had to start cleaning and cooking
    2/3 and digging the underground oven to cook kalua pig and turkey for 55 people
    2/4 who came to our annual SuperBowl Luau!
    2/5 and then was too exhausted to move
    2/6 4.10
    2/7 5.20
    2/8 last minute dinner with friends
    2/9 fluish. Tamiflu to rescue
    2/10 4.40

    Total 13.70 (not doing very well at achieving my goal this month.....)

    congrats @RunsOnEspresso
    @7lenny7 great owl shot!

    Ticker is my goal for 2018 and progress to date:


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    Welcome @theshaleco ! You aren't alone thinking in km...
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    theshaleco wrote: »
    This is a really cool idea, I’m really new to running and trying to get more into it so I’m just going to set me goal for the rest of the month at 20 kilometres (sorry I can’t think in miles)

    We have a pretty good mix of F/C and KM/Miles on this thread, so no worries there! Welcome aboard!
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    -8C yesterday -27C this morning. Didn't make it out yesterday due to heavy eye's in the am and Family commitments in the pm. So today promises's to be a little chilly - probably a 5km shorty.
    Welcome to the group @avocardiothyme and @theshaleco. Km, Miles, Week 1 of X, Minutes or what ever you use as a measure of your progress and achievements is up to you. The ultimate goal is to get out and move.

    Awards for Recent Profile Pictures to @Joyous2018 for her Go Team Canada Go and @abutcher2122 for that gem.
    The way the one runner is in shorts while the other is in full on cold weather gear is a very honest depiction of differant runners out at the same time, plus the " There's no place like home " I know some people who are exactly like that.
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    I’m so behind on the thread I figured I’ll never catch up so I’m starting from when I posted. Ha Ha Skip got an email that she finished 130 out of 159 runners yesterday, but she didn’t run at all. I said great job. It was funny, but actually 159 signed up 129 ran so everyone who didn’t finished 130.

    @PastorVincent I like the Brooks what kind are they? I brought a new pair of Brooks Ghost 10 on Friday night. I usually wear Brooks Launch 4 but they didn’t have any so the owner of Fleet Feet recommended the Ghost 10. They changed from the 9 to 10 and I hate the 9 but the 10 felt a lot like the Launch 4. I’ll run in them today, it was pouring yesterday so I wore something else.

    @Sarathes hope your feel better soon, back and hip pain is no fun

    @RunsOnEspresso great job on the age group

    @simcon1 great PR distance

    @Bride001 I hope your son recovery quickly. Why don’t they have races like the Fat Boy 5K by me LOL

    @Joyour2018 great job on week one

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    Well, I've taken 3 weeks off in hopes of healing up whatever is going on with my foot. Anyone have experience with stress fracture on outside of foot? Pains gone after just a day or so but comes back after a run. Length of healing time? Shoe changes, etc...?