February 2018 Running Challenge



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    @PastorVincent I like the Brooks what kind are they? I brought a new pair of Brooks Ghost 10 on Friday night. I usually wear Brooks Launch 4 but they didn’t have any so the owner of Fleet Feet recommended the Ghost 10. They changed from the 9 to 10 and I hate the 9 but the 10 felt a lot like the Launch 4. I’ll run in them today, it was pouring yesterday so I wore something else.

    Ghost 10 just like...

    Skip and I ran together today, it was about 62F/16C but drizzly, rainy/drizzle most of the run, but it was warm so it didn't matter. Didn't want to wear my new shoes because I didn't want them to get wet ha ha. So pretty my new shoes.


    Hers! :D
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    @hjeppley wow that is a lot of running of all different types.
    @PastorVincent ha ha let me know if she likes them
    @girlinahat let me know if you like the cloud, Skip loved them when she tried them on went for a short run and hated them.

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    I fell behind schedule by 5 miles. Now to figure out how/when to make it up.

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    I love everyone's raspberry colored Brooks! I wish mine were that color - I think they come in that color but the only ones at the store were teal and aqua or gray with salmon pink, and the salmon pink was just too blah.


    I love those! :heart:
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    MobyCarp wrote: »
    Yesterday was this month's 5k race. I had a hard time with it, and was really struck with how completely "different hard" it was from the marathon. You would think that if you can run 27k comfortably at marathon pace, plus another 15k uncomfortably but determined, that you should be able to speed that up and knock out a fast 5k no problem.

    Once you become a distance runner, you need to approach the "shorter" races WAY differently. In all likelihood, you were not even really fully warmed up by the end of the race. To run a 5k, you really should consider a couple miles of warm up before the race starts. It makes a big difference. Some people even say run the entire 5k course as a warm-up. It really does help.

    I'm one of the people who like to run a preview of the 5K course as a warmup. The idea is to run it easy, but on race day I might end up running it almost as fast as marathon pace, just because I'm worked up and it's almost a race environment and sometimes I worry foolishly about getting back to the start line in time.

    Then I typically think of the 5K as an interval workout: 4800m at interval pace, plus 200m at rep pace. I find myself passing some fading runners in mile 3, because I'm trained to go much further than 5K and I only have to hold a fast pace for a little while. And yes, it's hard; but it's not really that much harder than, say, 2 x 2 miles at threshold with 2 minutes recovery. Which is one of the speed workouts I've done in marathon training.

    At least, that's how it went when I was healthy. I hope to get back to that again.

    You know... I wonder how far gone you have to be to do the same kind of warm-up for a Marathon. :lol::lol::lol: