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:) Welcome to the most supportive community of women that it has ever been my privilege to know. Losing weight, getting fit, and staying healthy can be done best with the support of others.

:) The name of the thread is "Women Ages 50 +" but all women are welcome. Just join the conversation and you'll soon feel like you've known us forever.

:) How did you do with your goals or resolutions for March?

:) What goals or resolutions do you have for April?

:) We talk about weight loss and fitness and the ups and downs in our lives that affect this journey. We try to stay away from topics that might be controversial or might offend others in any way. Kindness is important.

:) Be sure to bookmark the thread so you can find it again.

March Resolutions (with end of the month comments)
*sort, organize, and discard line dance step sheets (discarded a lot and may do this again)
*weight training three days a week (six times total for the month)
*average 15,000 steps a day (averaged over 18,000)
*be a good caregiver for my husband following his surgery ( he said I've done a good job)

April Resolutions
*daily-ish work on photo scanning project
*weight training twice a week
*average 15,000 steps a day
*work in the yard two or more days a week

<3 Barbie from beautiful NW Washington

My word for 2018 is "tenacity".


  • janetr7476janetr7476 Posts: 3,587Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,587Member, Premium Member
    Barbie - Thank you for "tending" our group all this time. We truly thrive under your leadership <3

    I LOVE your word "daily-ish" :)

    Janetr OKC
  • kymaraikymarai Posts: 1,811Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,811Member, Premium Member
    Lisa- congratulations! That is a hard earned loss!
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 8,425Member Member Posts: 8,425Member Member
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