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What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



  • Venus_88Venus_88 Posts: 112Member Member Posts: 112Member Member
  • CourierSixxCourierSixx Posts: 49Member, Premium Member Posts: 49Member, Premium Member
    I don't really have a petty reason anymore. Not in it for looks or revenge, just health.
  • Laviegurl25Laviegurl25 Posts: 113Member Member Posts: 113Member Member
    My number one is health. I know I feel better when I eat better.
    I never wanted to impress anyone but me. But I’m tired of my mom bod. My knees hurt, my back hurts, my guts suck, I still have ache for Pete sakes.
  • BrianMenkeBrianMenke Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I do a fair amount of traveling for work. I want to be more comfortable in an airplane seat.
  • tk2222tk2222 Posts: 196Member Member Posts: 196Member Member
    I only have a small amount of wardrobe space so I need smaller clothes

    This is so real - I travel an increasing amount for work and I hate having to lug about a suitcase, and I hated that I was stuffing things in and having to drag around an extra tote bag when I was back last week. Like, smaller clothes are tiny. I want to be able to do even my two-week field trips with, like, a duffel bag or a medium backpack that's not bursting at the seams.
  • Venus_88Venus_88 Posts: 112Member Member Posts: 112Member Member
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