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    When I next get a free lunch hour (which I think might happen on Tuesday 21st, if all goes well) ... I'll take a look around for various options.

    I am hampered by the fact that I can't put holes in my walls (or at least not many ... I might be able to get away with 1 or 2) ... and by the fact that the whole project needs to take less than half an hour because that's about all the time I've got in the evenings. It's got to be quick.

    I am eyeing this and wondering if I could attach legs to it so I can lean it up against the wall, rather than putting holes in the wall.


    Machka in Oz

    I wonder if Gorilla hooks would work. They make a tiny hole and hold a lot of weight, up to 50lbs I think. The wall needs to be hollow like drywall or paneling. They are ingenious.

    Edited to add: I see others suggesting 3M Command Strips which might be even better - no holes. I have never used them.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Good morning all! Happy Monday! Expect lots of typos in my post this morning. Trentin (my seven year old charge) was with me until 9pm last night! Good thing he is a pretty easy kid. Needless to say, I am TIRED!

    Shopping-Clothes shopping is not my thing. Never has been. Even when I was young and thin. I LOVE to grocery shop and to shop at craft stores and home improvement stores, though! As far as clothes go, I could probably fit my entire wardrobe into a carry-on bag. I tend to wear athletic wear during day care hours. It is just easier to maintain, move around in, etc. I have a couple of skirts/dresses for occasions. lol I remember when I was a teen, going clothes shopping with my older sister. She was taking me to see Prince, in concert, for my 16th birthday and she was buying me an outfit to wear. I found a bolero hat and a lace scarf right away. Then lost interest. She is a shopper and she was getting so frustrated with me; so I pointed to a mannequin wearing a little black and white houndstooth mini skirt and jacket and said, "I'll take those!" I wish I had a photo of me in it. I loved that outfit. I will have to check with my sis and her bff that went with us. Maybe they took pictures...

    Machka- Look for 3M command hooks to hang your photo display! I am POSITIVE you have those or the equivalent. They stick onto your walls and can hold a LOT of weight (it varies depending on the size hook you get) AND they come off the walls without removing paint! They are ingenious little inventions!

    Love all the pics and pups. I have to go weigh myself. Almost forgot! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)

    I do not find that true about those hooks being easy to remove and not taking paint with them. I have seen a better idea you take an old frame, string yarn or twine and then use decorative clothes pins. You can hang it. Only one nail or prop it on a desk. A decorative bulletin board where you use the pins to anchor pictures also could work.
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    Allie - Thoughts are with you today

    Shoppping - I used to love shopping when I was younger but after I had my first child I got out of the habit. Initially it was financial responsibility and then it turned into not feeling happy with how things looked on me. I did realize this morning when it was only 6 degrees Celsius that I really need some warm clothes for Fall. Guess I'll have to break down and get a couple of things at least.

    Command Hooks - I have used the Command Hooks for Christmas decorations and have found them very difficult to remove. Margaret's suggestion about propping on a desk would be nice, you could also use an easel if you have floor space.

    I know there is a lot more that I wanted to comment on from the weekend, but I don't have time this morning to go back through and find it. I must get better at making notes.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Well this experiment has been interesting. Averaging a lb loss each day, calories about 1000 to 1200. Thinking I can do this forever! Nights are tough, but we're in bed by 9pm so the grumblings aren't too bad. Eating well, not many processed foods except my yogurt, and my orange juice with mango. It isn't easy, and tonight will be another test of my willpower. I had a lot of bacon drippings from when I made fried rice on the 10th, so husband has asked for homemade biscuits and sausage gravy. Its a fun meal to make but when I get done I want to take a warm biscuit and dunk it in da gravy!!! My plan of attack is to make my meal at 4:30 then I am not hungry when I'm fixing his. I will have my coffee when he's eating, and later get to nibble on some walnuts, and eat some pickled cucumbers.

    All last night I pondered this journey. Counted down from 240 to 190 lbs in my brain, feeling what I would feel as I counted down. What clothes in my closet would feel like, and how this winter I might actually feel comfortable instead of feeling like a wrapped up sausage! I have gotten down to 189 and I never appreciated it, never took the time to feel that weight in my brain! Not this time!

    Allie, our thoughts are with you today!!!

    Weighing in on clothes I just buy at resale stores. I wear tee shirts, and cotton pants, and do have some yoga pants I wear to the gym. I have some jeans but they are a bit long in the torso, so I'm always pulling! I have a pouch that is bothersome, so my rule is my shirts need to be long enough to cover it!

    I have been told that if I wore makeup I'd look really nice, but I have neither the wish, not the want to even partake. To me its a game that I suck at playing. That's just me.

    Well I see my son has attacked his pan of cheesecake last night. I'm going to tell him to have more tonight, but the rest will be going into the freezer tomorrow.

    Well, onward! Have a good day ladies!
    Whidbey island
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    Becca what wonderful progress and insight into appreciating every step and every lb lost! WTG

    At the airport waiting for an overnight flight—hope to sleep the entire way :|

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    Allie: It looks like you have a little time to get the house sold. If I were you, I'd want it listed and ready to show before school starts. There will be people who want to be settled in at the beginning of the school year and my guess is that the market may be good. If Karen from VA gives you different advice, follow it. She's an expert in real estate. :star:

    Heather: I am so impressed with your preparations for moving. I've moved only 3 times since we bought our first house in 1971. When we moved here, we still had house number 2 and ferried things back and forth until we had what we wanted here. Then we sold the rest, including our other house, at a garage sale. We had a "for sale" sign in the garage and stapled it to the outside of the garage during the sale. Someone bought the place. We were very lucky. :flowerforyou:

    Rori: The tiles look great. :smiley:

    We're making progress getting ready for our DS, DDIL, and grandbaby. They will be here in just over a week.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Afternoon ladies
    Got through this morning,have to have the house sold by Jan 5 th 2019 or they will forclose..so hopefully we can get it all taken care of and sold by then.

    Oh that must be a little bit of a relief for you.
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    Barbara, I LOVE that path! I would want to walk down it every day. I would plant something down by the cistern that would give me an excuse to go and check on it to see if it was budding yet. LOL
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    Barbara ~ Lovely foliage! It looks like a fairy land!
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    HI Sisters,

    Kidd Kirby-that look! HAHA. That's how my cats look when they sit on the edge of the bath and wonder whether I need rescuing or not. She looks like she's enjoying it, but how can she? It's wet, eeeyooouk!

    Allie, we're with you. I hope it all works out well and I also think the stress is not worth it. I have given up money and things just so I am not in a huge fight over it. I don't want stuff like that to steal my joy, energy and health. We got nothing when my hubby's father passed. My conniving SIL got the lot of antiques etc, but I don't care. I have so much more-my horses, for one thing!

    Photos and postcards...I collect postcards of art as I can't afford the real thing but I am a lover of beautiful things, so any museum, art gallery or gift store I'm in, I will bring back a postcard to remember the amazing art...I have so many. But I find that you stop looking at, or noticing something if it hangs in one place for too long. That's why I stick magnetic strip onto the back of my cards and I put three or four on the front of my fridge...and when I stop noticing them, I take them down and put different ones up. ALways changing them around for fresh inspiration and memories. Right now, I have apostcard from the National Museum of Hawaii, as well as some from a cool artist who lives in the South Island of NZ. I'll show you:s51zfjnx8lxg.jpg

    <3 Wendy

    Nice postcards! I too have some post cards I received from my cousin that lives in Montenegro. Her husband works in Moscow, and she's always traveling! When she visited Paris, she sent me postcards, even getting one signed by the great grandson of the Eiffel tower!
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    Poerava14 wrote: »
    Allie: Hope you can get the house listed and sold ASAP!

    Rye: Kidd Kirby has my heart. Have a fun trip.

    Clothes shopping: Used to love it, and upscale resale shops were my favorite places to forage for office apparel.
    I fed off the joy of fitting into a smaller size, especially in suits and trousers. Don't need work clothes anymore, so a ton of business attire has gone to Goodwill, where I hope they will find their way to happy closets. Make up? Pretty much have stopped that, too. I'm actually in need of a mirror and tweezers to tame my bushy, cave lady eyebrows. :#:p;)

    The mantle makeover is progressing. After alot of research and intelligence gathering, I finally selected a television, and wouldn't you know that it was sold out at Best Buy? So, through Costco, it will be delivered tomorrow. Last Friday I spent over an hour at Best Buy being counseled on the peripherals needed to make the most of the television: full motion TV mount, soundbar, second speaker (for my kitchen where I can see the screen, but barely hear), etc, etc. I was truly a fish out of water, and had everyone laughing with my crazy questions, #1 being "what would you recommend for to your Mother?". The Geek Squad will be here on Friday to set everything up. Thankfully, I buy a TV about once every 10 years.

    Then, on Saturday, my handyman will tile the fireplace surround, mantle and wall. I'll post pics when that phase is done. Here's the product DH and I chose https://houzz.com/product/46761296-125x245-muro-ariana-porcelain-wall-tiles-set-of-5-gris-traditional-mosaic-tile

    Stay well friends. We can do this. You are stronger than you think.

    Colorado Foothills

    I went to look at your tile selection, it's gorgeous. Now not 1/2 an hour later and I am being given ads for tiles. I hate how advertising is targeted like that now.

    Tracey in Edmonton