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    Older fat pic

    You You so beautiful fat or slim, but slim will win the race in the long run! I want to grow old with you!!!
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    Ok the thread looks different for some reason...
    Confused in Whidbey Island
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    Congratulations to all the “losers”! Well done girls!

    Pip, you haven’t changed and are still beautiful with that killer smile!

    Didn’t do a darn think today except take a shower. Guess I’ll try to do more tomorrow.

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    Hi Gals,

    Machka – the bike idea is great, but messy the way they did it, use sticky Velcro on the back of the picture, so you put one side of the velco on the back of the pic, locate it on the wheel where you want and then put the other piece of velco over the spokes and on to the picture, which will make the picture look like its “hanging” without the clip… you could use kids bike wheels for smaller ones…

    Allie (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))

    Beautiful art work!

    Pip – you look great thin, but were beautiful heavy also

    Newbies – welcome, we are a chatty bunch

    Kelly – love that you are making your time on the weekend with day care fun for you as well as for him… would he like to cook with you? Sometimes just one is more flexible than a group. As I recall you do some/most of your cook prep on the weekend.


    Kim from N. California
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    Lanette sounds like we are on similar diets. I agree I feel satisfied after I eat. I often have the same breakfast either no sugar peanut butter, a banana , Kombucha, coffee no sugar, and water or for instead of the peanut butter I make myself a pancake out of oatmeal, yogurt, baking powder (no aluminum) egg, salt, lemon with rind from a zeste. I top with butter and blueberries and banana no syrup. YUM. Love your applesauce with walnuts and yogurt idea. Yum! Lunch does vary for me, but does includes lots of veggies and a fruit. I too go for the 90% chocolate.

    Your applesauce with cinnamon added too idea sounds like it would be good on my pancake. I make one big pancake.
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    Pip, just lovely!

    Trying to be more mindful of things each day... what I eat and how I feel and how they relate.... Dinner out tonight, the DH's day off.... But I did cook healthy meals for us the last 3 nights in a row so I will count this day four of a really good streak as long as I behave tonight! I feel determined....

    Frankiesgirl- still raining in Pa... who cuts grass 2x a week in August????

    I have been trying to look at a menu ahead of time. It really helps me find a choice that works for me. When we went to a Kurdish restaurant last Friday. The others at my table thought mine looked like one of the better choices overall. It was an entree loaded with cooked veggies, chicken, and spices. Delicious. I did skip eating the rice. We ended up at out friends for desert and rather then have the peach pie with ice cream I enjoyed a fresh peach and sparkling water. Wonderful.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Pip & Kirby: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Tracy in Edmonton: Congrats on the official 20lb loss!!! :bigsmile:

    Barbie: The smoke and haze hasn't been bad enough to keep me from walking or horseback riding in the past day or two, but today DH can't handle it. He's having an afternoon snooze just now. It is a good choice. I am also choosing to be less active than yesterday because of smoke in the air, but I just came in from picking blueberries. They are washed and in the freezer. :star:

    Becca: I eat the same breakfast nearly every day. It is 1/2 cup of 2% cottage cheese topped with about a tablespoon of blueberries. :star:

    Carol: I think you look wonderful with this hairstyle and color. I hope you enjoy it. :smiley:

    NYKaren: Your trip sounds great so far. I hope you'll post the things you see and do while you're there. :star:

    Lanette: We're planning on doing different outings day by day. DDIL has some classes that she's taking while they're here, so we'll probably hang out near home until she's finished with them. We plan to see the Columbia River Gorge if possible, and also the coast. The coast is more likely to be pleasant if weather continues to be so smoky. :heart:

    Barbara the Southern Oregon coastie: We have not used any masks with the air situation so far. When things are too out of whack, we hunker down in our air-conditioned house. DH has a worse time of it than I do because of his health challenges. :ohwell:

    Wendy: Thanks for the information on laminitis. I am learning so much, and this is helpful. Most of my horsey friends have been owners for years and are quite savvy. I'm not an owner at all, but want to educate myself. DH has offered to buy a horse many times, but I keep saying no. His situation is not quite stable, and I have to make him the top priority. I don't think I'm in a good position to manage the care of a horse at a level that is good enough for the health and welfare of the animal. I'm delighted to help my friend with Arrow. Between us, we seem to be doing a good job keeping him healthy (100% her work) and happy (partly my work). :bigsmile:

    We did several errands today and are now in a resting mode at home. It looks foggy outside, but the fog actually is smoke from the BC fires. :cry:

    Katla in Beautiful but smokey NW Oregon
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    I like the color, Carol... :) You can always go back to blond if you hate it. I'm going to whiter and whiter blonde... figure I'll meet the gray hair somewhere in the middle and finally get to stop dying it! :dizzy:
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    Wendy, I keep meaning to mention how impressed I am with the changes you are making to the picture... the snowy path and the fireworks ones are my favorites - so far....

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    Carol happy birthday friend!!💗
    Here's to many many more years of celebrating! Love your hair color!!
    Love Rebecca
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    Happy Birthday Carol!

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    Rebecca - I eat the same breakfast every day and the same lunch every weekday. I haven’t gotten tired of it yet and it’s been over a year. I don’t know if I mentioned my hub has gotten into his weight loss groove so dinner every night has been the same too. He eats out at lunch so we have a big salad for dinner. Of course, that means I’m eating salad twice a day, but I also have popcorn with butter as an evening snack :smile: I’m trying to increase my fats. I’ve been extremely low fat for a long time since that’s how we were eating for the hubs gallbladder issues.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country