What was the last meal you cooked?



  • aokoye
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    Meal prep weekend: Hard boiled eggs, Corn chowder, Quinoa turkey chili, Ground beef with broccoli slaw and rice!

    I think corn chowder is in the plans for next week. I have a bunch of corn kernels (and the cobs they came from) in the freezer waiting.
  • sammidelvecchio
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    Grilled ribeye, red peppers, and pineapple along with oven-roasted broccoli for my dad's birthday dinner yesterday. For dessert we made brownie sundaes yum!!
  • NoHookUpZone
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    Jimmy Dean delight sausage/egg biscuit + bacon. I put it in the microwave, that counts.
  • acpgee
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    Sweet and sour chicken and charred leeks with rice.
  • hmhill17
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    Pork loin with apples and cranberries in the slow cooker. Serving with green beans and a roasted root vegetable mash.
  • neugebauer52
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    Durban chicken curry with lots of mixed vegetables. Needed some yoghurt to cool down...
  • LyndaBSS
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    Swordfish with rice pilaf and sugar snap peas.
  • geraldaltman
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    BBQ Sauerkraut Casserole

    (Please note, I pared these amounts down to make fewer servings as I am cooking for one. My other changes are [bracketed].)

    1 1/2 lbs ground beef
    [93% Lean]
    1 27 oz can sauerkraut drained
    1 small onion chopped
    2 cups tomato juice
    [V8 Low Sodium Vegetable Juice]
    1 cup brown sugar
    [Sukrin Gold, a substitute I found on Amazon]
    [Fordhook Lima Beans, I wanted another vegetable]
    Salt, pepper to taste
    [Other seasonings could work but I didn't try any]

    In large skillet in oil of your choice, brown beef and onion. My beans were frozen so I put them in also. Drain, if needed.
    Spread that mixture on bottom of large baking dish. Lay the sauerkraut over the beef, enough to cover then pour juice over that. Finish by sprinkling sugar substitute over juice and sauerkraut. Bake in 350° oven for 60 minutes
  • acpgee
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    Vietnamese lamb chops on rice vermicelli with asian cucumber and tomato salad. Some dipping sauces and pickles on the side.
  • memurph88
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    Last nights dinner:
    Baked pork tenderloin, boiled beets, sauteed lemon brussels sprouts w/ homemade sugar free apple sauce.
  • Pannduh
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    Instant pot chili

  • lyttlefish
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    Great Blackbean burger purchased at Costco..amazing. 22 carbs but 10 fiber..then a mixed green salad with feta and blueberries..amazing beautiful meal
  • acpgee
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    Chinese. Rice, chicken and snow pea stir fry with soy and oyster sauce and a side of sweet and sour potato, carrot and celery stir fry.
  • acpgee
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    I cooked at a girlfriend's who has a new baby. My easy three course Italian inspired dinner is about 35 minutes cooking time in total.

    Starter of cheat's soupe au pistou. A bag of frozen veg, a few chopped fresh tomatoes, water, a couple of stock cubes. Stir in a big dollop of commercial pesto into each bowl of soup to flavour the broth. About 10 minutes work.

    Main of spaghetti carbonara where the sauce is made in the 10 minutes it takes to boil the pasta.

    Carbonara generates leftover egg whites so I make dutch bitterkoekjes (=almond macaroons) to dip into amaretto for dessert. In the food processor blitz 2 egg whites with 150 g of almonds, and 150 g of sugar and 2 teaspoons of bitter almond exract in the food processor. Spoon onto silicon paper lined baking sheets and bake 10 minutes at 190C.
  • aokoye
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    Not a meal, but I made pita using the recipe from Peter Reinhart's book Crust and Crumb. They turned out really well, 7 out of 8 poofedand they taste good.

  • widgit808
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    just_Tomek wrote: »
    Vegan beef less beef tripe soup.

    @just_Tomek How did you make this? I would think tripes texture and flavor would be hard to replicate