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    I am nostalgic when I see a fav bar where I used to sit and have a few drinks after work. I miss that routine and unwinding time. But it would always make me want to get a bottle on the way home and drink some more.

    I miss the good times I had with drinking like dancing with friends, watching playoff games, playing euchre with friends, sitting around a campfire with a drink. But I have to keep on reminding myself all of those good times were fleeting; and many ended up with me on the bathroom floor or with a hangover.

    I think that quote means what you want it to mean to you. I actually didn't mind the drinking Julie in the early days. But as I became a drunk, I was a crying, emotional mess. Ohhh those are bad memories.

    I am starting to get into a groove with working out after work. I think I can form some positive habits little by little; I have to just give myself some time and be patient.

  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 3,156 Member Member Posts: 3,156 Member
    @no44s4me I love when you say "it's just me".

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    donimfp wrote: »
    @RubyRed427, that is so true. One of the insights I got from a person who has several years under her belt was that she stopped going to AA after a while because she felt the mindset (in her particular group, at least) of struggling to make it just one more day implied that alcohol was something desirable that she was giving up. Instead, she found it more helpful to think of it as something she was so glad to be free from and didn't even want to think about. I personally found that helpful. Again, the analogy to a bad boyfriend seems apt. After a while, why would we need to grit our teeth to get through each day without the jerk when we could move on to something better?

    Yes I can see that about AA. My sister doesn't use AA or any program and has been sober for 222+ days. I have been attending AA and for now it is working for me. I am reward driven. And I love the ideas on here about rewarding ourselves with a piece of jewelry or perhaps a service (like mani, pedi, massage). I am also eagerly looking forward to my two month coin.

    I just googled sober things to do in my city, and found the usual things like museums, zoo, etc. I think probably I am overthinking this; I can do anything I always enjoyed, just do it sober. (except for going to bars- too tempting)
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