What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • Djproulx
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    Today was a run day, so I did a 75 minute aerobic paced run (HR Zone2), then some reps with swim cords. Will have to get out into the open water soon.

    Bike/run brick on tap for tomorrow.
  • drmwc
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    Climbed today. A friend cycled down from North London to have a go on my wall. It was really good fun, and great to see her. It was around 4 hours, at a lot on lower intensity than when I am left to my own devices.

    I went for an evening walk, and I seem to have hit 24,000 steps. I really struggle to get enough calories in on days like these.
  • MikePfirrman
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    Easy hour today -- 40 minutes on the rower and then 20 on the LateralX. Smoke not too bad today from the fire though this weekend was a bit scary. Houses got evacuated only 4 miles from my home. They say they have it under control now (by control, meaning not threatening houses). Bring on the rain!
  • alexmose
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    Well hello! It’s been a minute!
    Last week I did PHUL at work gym. Took the weekend off but did ab 15K steps per day. Hoping to get back on PHUL today. Also looks like I may have a sinus infection 🙄 no worries all, I get these annually and they are not contagious.

    Anyone else realize their strength has dropped a lot since lockdown?? Can’t wait for it to come back quickly as everyone says. I’m thinking maybe 3-4 weeks til I am back at my previous levels.
  • MikePfirrman
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    Did an easy hour today -- 30 on the LateralX and 30 on the AD Pro (Assault Bike) inside w/ with A/C. The wildfire in Tucson doubled in size over the last few days. Though my immediate neighborhood isn't threatened still, the smoke is pretty overwhelming outside with over 12K acres burning.

    It's been kind of fun, though, doing some other X-Training aside from rowing. Enjoy the LateralX. Weird feeling. It's like a cross between an elliptical and speed skating. Calorie counts seem very accurate now so that one time was just a bug, I assume. Held around 180ish on Watts @ 70% Max HR fairly easily on the bike, so that's a sign of improvement as well. The AD Pro is very accurate on watts (a Class "A" rating on Watts, so within +/- 5%).
  • klove808
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    Well been taking care of health business in other ways since our state has opened up most things. And working has been wiping me out pretty good - but feels like my body has caught up to the workload so will start adding in some “workouts” again.

    20 min yoga, 1 hr speedwalk, 15 min upper body dumbbells. (All after doing 3 hours of massage).
  • drmwc
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    Yesterday was a recovery day for me. I did an hour's yoga in the morning, and was sufficiently lazy for the rest of the day that I only just got in over 10,000 steps.
  • MikePfirrman
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    Did a hard, but fun, workout today. Since I don't have significant weights at home (just KBs and dumbbells), I decided to work on some power. You can use the rower to generate power, but it takes being very careful with form and using a high drag factor.

    Did a 2K W/U, then 20 X 20 seconds max effort/1 minute rests. The idea is to generate max Watts and sustain it as long as possible. Was able to sustain pretty consistent until the last two reps around 400 Watt Max and a 350 or so Avg Watt (overall, 1:39.1 avg/38 SPM was the baseline for next time). So it was good I was fairly consistent, but I'm not generating nearly enough power, which I suspected. I used to hit mid 500 Watts on power at peaks and be able to average around 420, so I have some work to do. If my ultimate goal is to get back close to a 7:00 2K (I'm not even close right now), you have to be able to generate 302 Watts for seven minutes solid. Nothing for a world class rower or biker, but for a weekend warrior like me, that's a lot!

    Smoke was also heavy in the air outside. The wildfires are within around 7 miles or so and up to 14000 acres. Got done and felt like I had chain smoked cigarrettes. Like doing cardio next to a bonfire.
  • briscogun
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    5K yesterday. Cut another 30 seconds off my time.

    Today was 30 minutes of yoga. I had a very physical day yesterday and had fallen off the yoga train the last few weeks so got back in the saddle today.
  • alexmose
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    Legs!! First time thrusting since lockdown and oh booty!! Came out hangry!!
  • HilTri
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    40 min hiit elliptical, 45 min lift, 60 min spin. Thank God the gym is open, feels so good to lift again but I am super hungry from my lifts!
  • paulcaesar67
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    12 miles on my road bike...43 minutes

    27 km/hr average. Good speed. Road bike or mountain bike?

    I only use my mountain bike now because it gives me a better workout. For me over 43 minutes best I could average is around 22 km/hr
  • beastier
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    Chest day:

    • TRX suspended legs plyo press up
    • Incline straight arm dumbell pullover
    • Decline hammer press
    • TRX alternating side press (upper/middle/lower)
    • Triset:
    ○ Lying plate squeeze press (alternating upper/middle/lower)
    • Resistance band triset:
    ○ Standing lower chest fly (underhand grip)
    ○ Standing middle chest fly (side grip)
    ○ Standing upper chest fly (overhand grip)


  • MikePfirrman
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    After my power rowing test yesterday, I'm going to start doing something else on my SS (Steady State, moderately easy) rowing days. I upped the DF (drag factor) to around 110 or so this AM and worked on keeping a much more powerful stroke at 18 or 19 SPM, while keeping the HR in check under 140. Was only able to do this for 40 minutes (around 9K meters) until it was creeping above 140. Finished with 20 minutes on the Assault Bike.

    Worked hard on form this morning. Worked on powerful leg drive, sequence and sitting up straight/posture. When done right, rowing really works your hips, abs and legs much more than your upper body (what most new rowers do wrong). Really felt it in my lower abs today. Working on all this. This woman is one of the best Concept2 rowing instructors. She's actually teaching a class to get certified online through Concept2 as a Master Instructor. First time they've offered this training/certification virtually (because of Covid-19). Thought about it in the past but with work it's hard for me to travel to workshops. Thinking about taking it and getting licensed to teach.

    If you've ever done indoor rowing and wondered about your form. Her videos are all spot on.

  • ccrdragon
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    Got the bike ready yesterday and rode for 40 minutes this morning before work (bike trail near the house). Felt good, but I know I will feel it tomorrow. This is the first time I have been out on the bike in 2-3 years.
  • alexmose
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    Upper body hypertrophy. Went real easy today since I had to skip a rest day to get the 4 sessions in this week.
  • clairesbubbe
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    three kettle bell exercises, four different abs, ab wheel, Inner, outer and inner thighs with a band, Bicep curls, obliques with kettle bell, triceps with a band and 11 lb barbell, shoulders with 11 lb. barbell, tricep kickbacks with 11 lb. barbell
  • pfprimo
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    Ran 5.5 miles this afternoon/evening. Took advantage of "lower" humidity (i.e. not above 80% like it usually is here in the Tampa area) to get out for a post-work run. Heat index still above 90 degrees and clear skies so took it at a way-easy pace. My goal was to put some miles in the bank and do it safely, and I did that.
  • drmwc
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    I actually had a full free hour over lunch, so I climbed. The heavens opened, and I needed to give up after half an hour. I climbed again in the evening.

    My new game is seeing how few moves I can get to the top in. (It is around 3 metres vertical, or 5 as the crow flies given the angle.) I can do it it in 3 fairly easily. 2 is my challenge for the next few weeks.