What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • aokoye
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    I am veering off the actual topic a little but wondered did you all do a lot of exercise (running, weight lifting, etc) before you got on your weight loss/gain journey?

    Yes, but as an adult it was broken up by numerous knee surgeries and limited by the state of my maltracking patellas before my two most recent surgeries. Rowing is new for me as of this past summer, but cycling is what clued me in, years ago, that maybe I should see an orthopedic surgeon because my knees should not be hurting when I'm riding my bike.
  • aokoye
    aokoye Posts: 3,495 Member
    Rowed on the water for about an hour and a half, this time with an advanced boat. Eventually we got hemmed in by the fog and had to go back to the dock but I made a lot of progress technique wise.
  • Anna022119
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    Did Strong Curves program, day A. 😊
  • RealWorldStrengthLLC
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    edited November 2018
    Back Lifts:
    4 sets of 10 lat pull at 185
    4ish sets deadlift - 5 at 315/2 at 405/0 at 475 fail-had it last week/1 at 455
    4 sets of 8 DB row at 110
    3 sets straight arm pull at 95

    Strength conditioning (what I call cardio):
    Superset: 4 rounds
    30 meters farmers walk at 315
    30 meters sled row at +135 (not sure what the sled weighs)
  • hellonew2015
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    Weights -Dumbells full body Routine
    35 minutes Jogging at 165 bmp
  • AnnPT77
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    I am veering off the actual topic a little but wondered did you all do a lot of exercise (running, weight lifting, etc) before you got on your weight loss/gain journey?

    Yes, I did about the same amount of exercise I do now. I started being active in my mid-40s, after cancer treatment. I increased activity level gradually. I lost 50-some pounds at age 59-60, after being obese for decades (and staying obese while regularly and vigorously active most days of the week). I'm 63 now, maintaining weight, and about the same exercise schedule I've had for a dozen or so years.

    On threads like this one, people who feel most enthusiastic, confident or proud of their workouts are more likely to post, I believe; and people who are new to exercise, feeling tentative about what they're doing, or are maybe not having fun yet, are less likely to post. This isn't absolute, of course. But I think it's important to realize that a thread like this probably isn't representative of the average of everyone here, let alone the average of the general public; it's the average of those on MFP forums who are willing to type a blurb about their workout.

  • 796fra
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    Saturday was rest day so I hiked our old pup 2.5 miles at a sniff every tree pace. It was great to be out in the snow letting him explore.
  • firef1y72
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    11.5 mile run.
    Took 5min off my 10mile pr and am on course to finally break the 2:30 half next week
  • Lolinloggen
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    Ran 13km pretty close to my 10K PR time as well.
  • CentaurusSoter
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    60:02 on the bike, 18.7 miles, did most between 11-14, with the last 20 minutes between 13-25 (max for my bike).
  • Adam__20000
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    I walked 12 miles without stopping on an empty stomach. Treating myself to a mcdonalds now!7uhj8zh1i2uf.png
  • Safari_Gal
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    🧘‍♂️ yoga and weights! Strange combo lol
  • JessAndreia
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    Deadlift 4 sets 5 reps
    Incline dumbbell press 4 sets 10 reps
    Dumbbell upright row 4 sets 10 reps
    Pulldown 4 sets 10 reps
    Leg press 4 sets 10 reps
  • CowboySar
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    Lying leg curls 4 sets of 10, on last set do an additional 5 bottom end partials
    Squats 8 sets of 3 heavy
    Leg press 3 sets of 10 after I have found weight I struggle to get 10
    Lunges single leg 4 sets of 10
    Stiff legged Deadlifts 3 sets of 10 heavy
  • kenyonhaff
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    45 of Zumba using my Wii program!
  • HermanLily
    HermanLily Posts: 217 Member
    Full body workout, extra Ab training