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    Will be joining next round!

    Totally up to you, but feel free to jump in anytime!
  • AJB1014
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    5'5, female, 37
    SW: 290
    CW: 274.6
    GW: 225
    End R61: 278 (-4.6)
    End R62: 274.6 (-2.6)
    End R63: 272.2 (-2.4)
    Total challenge loss: 9.6

    1/2 SW: 272.2
    1/3: 271.8
    1/4: 270.8
    1/5: 270.8
    1/6: 271.4 - had a crapton of sodium last night so I am OK with this
    1/7: 271.8
    1/8: 270 - I have the stomach flu so I'm not expecting this to last lol

    Hope you feel better! Also, your username truly speaks to me. My DH calls me nugget brain all the time because I ALWAYS want nuggets lol.
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    @shunggie I'm hope you tossed the bread on your sandwich and put the contents in your salad. Hopefully, you'll be surprised by your dining choices this evening. Get creative and ask for substitutions, if necessary. You're doing really well with exercise!
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    puttyputty wrote: »
    01/08 - 137.2 - 1304 - 1811
    Yesterday I recommended (based on reading the intro) the book Food Sanity by Dr. David Friedman. I take it back. While there is some good info, Dr. Friedman's "science" is very shaky (my background is in anthropology, and his chapter on paleo and its basis in our species' history is underwhelming, to say the least) and many of his arguments read like junior high writing. I'm disappointed - I like the premise, but once I read material I know is incorrect I just can't trust the author re. the things I don't know. There's my review for what it's worth (and the book has many good ones online). Back to better sources for me!

    @SheilaBoneham, I love that you read more and thought to come back in and retract your recommendation. It can be hard for me sometimes to say when I got too enthusiastic and jumped the gun. You are awesome. :)

    @puttyputty I'd be more awesome if I'd wait before jumping!