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    Have a friend who will fight with me that alcohol has zero calories ...
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    jmf286 wrote: »
    This woman is disgusting, worse than the fact that she took heaps of money from people is that people believed her BS and stopped medically prescribed treatment and started eating her recommended diet.

    I read the article. What I find most disturbing is that the fines she had to pay were because of how she handled the money she received, not because she was lying *kitten*.

    I would be interested in seeing how she worded her claims. Legally, "misleading" is a minor offense as opposed to dispensing medical advice without a license, and the article doesn't go into the wording of her claims. If she told people outright that following her advice would cure their cancer, that would be dispensing medical advice, however if she documented her own "cure", posted her diet and supplements and sold her book as a documentary of her own journey, that would fall under "misleading" and might be harder to prosecute as criminal. My opinion anyway.
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