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  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 2,187Member Member Posts: 2,187Member Member
    A friend recently said, "I guarantee you you will lose weight if you drink a glass of whole milk every morning."

    I assume she got that off the internet? I will see her tonight, but I am willing to bet I have lost more than she has since she told me that!

    That was a thing when I lost weight in 2003. It didn't always have to be whole milk, sometimes it was just milk, but whole milk was said to be more filling. There was some study that milk was good for weight loss. I actually did it, after not having consumed milk since I was a teen (I was 33 at the time). What I discovered for a while was that I really liked having milk in the morning and it was kind of filling (I'd have it with a banana or some other fruit, sometimes oatmeal, after not having had breakfast for ages, or having a tendency to grab a muffin at someplace in my office building if I happened to be hungry).

    I used skim milk, though, since I found whole milk tasted too thick for me.

    Anyway, I stopped after a while and never drink milk now (I do often have cottage cheese or greek yogurt in the morning). But it always amuses me since at the time I was convinced it worked and was part of the reason I was never hungry when I was losing.

    Now I keep seeing how dairy is supposed to be terrible for weight loss. Pretty sure it's neutral, all else equal.
  • debrakgooginsdebrakgoogins Posts: 1,649Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,649Member, Premium Member
    I have a new one. One of the women at my gym started C60 this week. I had to look it up. I'll let you do the same and go down the rabbit hole on your own. Hint - within a short time after the study was introduced, there was a flurry in the scientific world pointing out the errors in the research including using the same picture for completely different results.
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