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  • kimny72kimny72 Posts: 10,120Member Member Posts: 10,120Member Member
    FireOpalCO wrote: »
    I just had a conversation with a coworker that went something like this:

    Me: I am going to order from the Sandwich Shack. Are you interested?
    Her: No, I am doing my weekly toxin cleanse today.
    Me: Your what?
    Her: Toxin cleanse - to flush out all of the toxins attached to my organs. It's the only thing that helps me lose weight.
    Me: You know that your liver and kidneys flush out toxins and if they don't you have serious medical issues, right?
    Her: I'm talking about the toxins that are attached to the organs, not the ones in my organs.
    Me: Ooookaaaay. Well, good luck with that.

    By the way, my shredded chicken, bacon and avocado salad from the Sandwich Shack was delish.

    Wait, if these are toxins attached to the organs and not in the organs, how does the cleanse drink get to them? Unless she is drinking nanobots armed with tiny knives to cut their way out and brushes to scrub away the toxins...

  • concordanciaconcordancia Posts: 4,893Member Member Posts: 4,893Member Member
    I signed up for the core life eatery 21 day challenge because I love the food there and you get a $250 credit to eat there for $100. However, I received the official challenge “guidelines” in my email and there is so much woo I can’t handle it! I posted a picture for your amusement. I will enjoy my credit for food and just ignore the rest thank you very much!7flr8jdt83cc.png
    ETA: I do realize there is some good advice in here but the woo really made me chuckle

    Three 36 hour fasts in a few days is pretty hardcore!
  • debrakgooginsdebrakgoogins Posts: 1,304Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,304Member, Premium Member
    A friend recently said, "I guarantee you you will lose weight if you drink a glass of whole milk every morning."

    I can't even begin to imagine how or why this would work. In my case, they are not wrong because I hate milk. I would gag, throw up by breakfast, and then voila, calorie defecit.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 909Member Member Posts: 909Member Member
    A friend recently said, "I guarantee you you will lose weight if you drink a glass of whole milk every morning."

    I assume she got that off the internet? I will see her tonight, but I am willing to bet I have lost more than she has since she told me that!

    That was a thing when I lost weight in 2003. It didn't always have to be whole milk, sometimes it was just milk, but whole milk was said to be more filling. There was some study that milk was good for weight loss. I actually did it, after not having consumed milk since I was a teen (I was 33 at the time). What I discovered for a while was that I really liked having milk in the morning and it was kind of filling (I'd have it with a banana or some other fruit, sometimes oatmeal, after not having had breakfast for ages, or having a tendency to grab a muffin at someplace in my office building if I happened to be hungry).

    I used skim milk, though, since I found whole milk tasted too thick for me.

    Anyway, I stopped after a while and never drink milk now (I do often have cottage cheese or greek yogurt in the morning). But it always amuses me since at the time I was convinced it worked and was part of the reason I was never hungry when I was losing.

    Now I keep seeing how dairy is supposed to be terrible for weight loss. Pretty sure it's neutral, all else equal.
  • Aaron_K123Aaron_K123 Posts: 7,042Member Member Posts: 7,042Member Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Speaking as a cancer survivor, my handy rule of thumb is this: Nothing cures cancer, at least not most types of it.

    I have had . . . hmmm . . . 5 or 6 oncologists by now, and heard numerous others speak at events. "Cure" is not a word oncologists generally use (maybe in contexts like "hope one day we may have a cure").

    "Remission" "removed tumors" "no evidence of disease (NED)" "risk returned to general population level" . . . sure. "Cure"? Not so much.

    So, anyone says something "cures" cancer, I figure they're not an oncologist, and ignore 'em.

    I don't really think of them as medical, but the stupidest thing I've ever heard a pseudo-medical person (chiropractor) say was something along the lines that we'd all be better off if we gave up all dairy, sugar, and gluten . . . and artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar because they trick our body (into releasing insulin or something, I forget); but honey is OK, because it's a superfood; and agave isn't a superfood, but it's OK because it at least is a whole food. There was more, equally dumb.

    And you know who he told this bull-whatsis to? A breast cancer support group. SMH.

    That is a good point about cancer hadn't thought of it like that. When the general public thinks disease they think of oil infectious disease, something with a specific cause...a moment of infection and the potential for treatment and cure or prevention through vaccination. There are many other forms of disease though where those dont apply....genetic diseases for example l oui le cystic fibrosis or cancer. Personally I dknt really think there will ever be a cure for cancer, just better treatments and better management.
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