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What did you have for breakfast this morning? 🍳🍊🍽

coffeexxeyescoffeexxeyes Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
I had a whole wheat blueberry English muffin with a bit of almond butter, 2 eggs, some blueberries, and coffee with coconut milk. 😍

What did you have for breakfast?
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  • lx1xlx1x Member Posts: 35,066 Member Member Posts: 35,066 Member
    Oj and cinammon roll..
  • LKArghLKArgh Member Posts: 5,171 Member Member Posts: 5,171 Member
    Plain coffee. No time for anything else :(
  • cbstewart88cbstewart88 Member Posts: 453 Member Member Posts: 453 Member
    Lots of black coffee and a: blueberry, spinach, kefir, water, flax seed, steel cut oats, protein powder smoothie. Yum. But not as yum as some of the posts I've seen on here, I'm sure of that!!! :)
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