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What did you have for breakfast this morning? 🍳🍊🍽



  • COGypsyCOGypsy Posts: 555Member Member Posts: 555Member Member
    Steak with peppercorn sauce, mashed potatoes and green beans with carrots. And a couple of Monster Ultras.
  • Capyboppy2017Capyboppy2017 Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    Homemade peanut dip with an apple. Face 0% fat plain Greek style yogurt. With vanilla peanut butter powder (80% defatted), with about a teaspoon of the lovely caramel tasting Billington's Barista style sugar. Delicious and nutritious.
  • AngryViking1970AngryViking1970 Posts: 2,782Member Member Posts: 2,782Member Member
    Toast with Wowbutter and some Frank's.
  • madwells1madwells1 Posts: 514Member, Premium Member Posts: 514Member, Premium Member
    Spinach, sweet pepper & ham 2 egg omelette with a side of cantaloupe. Coffee.
  • TeamNemesisSteveTeamNemesisSteve Posts: 134Member Member Posts: 134Member Member
    Monday through Friday I will eat fruit to help get me going. Strawberries, apples and also some almonds.
  • TonyB0588TonyB0588 Posts: 8,331Member Member Posts: 8,331Member Member
    Raisin Bran cereal with Milk and Yogurt, a slice of toast with jam, and a cup of tea.
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  • Lillymoo01Lillymoo01 Posts: 2,624Member Member Posts: 2,624Member Member
    What I have many mornings
  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 8,067Member Member Posts: 8,067Member Member
    Two slices of bread, quark, smoked chicken breast, tomato, cucumber, radish and arugula.
  • CipherZeroCipherZero Posts: 1,373Member Member Posts: 1,373Member Member
    Two piece of bread, toasted. In between them go 1.25 oz sliced ham, a sliced hard boiled egg, and 1.25 ounces of American cheese. Cuppa coffee with half-and-half and sugar

    Microwave for 45 seconds.

    The sandwich itself is 453 calories, 20g fat, 26g protein, and 57g of carbs.

    total is 518 Calories, 22g fat, 27g protein, 58g Carbs, 2g fiber, and full easily until lunch.

    If I double the eggs (adding 78 Calories, 5g fat, 5g protein, 6g Carbs) I'm full until mid-afternoon.

    [edit - nutrition wrong, corrected]
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  • J72FITJ72FIT Posts: 5,402Member Member Posts: 5,402Member Member
    4 soft boiled eggs, 1 cinnamon raisin bagel and 4 clementines...
  • WholeFoods4LyfeWholeFoods4Lyfe Posts: 1,480Member Member Posts: 1,480Member Member
    Coffee with cream.
    2 egg omelet with feta, spinach, onion, mushroom, broccoli, tomato, and topped with sriracha.
    Turkey sausage patty.
  • MidModJennMidModJenn Posts: 216Member, Premium Member Posts: 216Member, Premium Member
    Breakfast smoothie: unsweetened almond milk, crunchy almond butter, flax meal, cinnamon, a dab of honey and unflavored collagen protein.
  • RachellaJRachellaJ Posts: 58Member Member Posts: 58Member Member
    Veggie scramble with whole milk mozzarella, salsa, mushrooms, onion, zucchini, bell peppers, tomato and spinach. I sautéed the veg in kerrygold butter and the tomato, zucchini and pepper were from my garden, which made it extra delicious.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 4,503Member Member Posts: 4,503Member Member
    Leftover salad.
  • changeconsumemechangeconsumeme Posts: 228Member Member Posts: 228Member Member
    Dunkin’ power breakfast sandwich, 2 shots of espresso+Premier Protein Shake.
  • miriamkotkumiriamkotku Posts: 194Member Member Posts: 194Member Member
    Deli style turkey bacon and egg white omelette on croissant, large iced la colombe cold brew
  • parveensamplayparveensamplay Posts: 12Member Member Posts: 12Member Member
    Bagel thin with cream cheese (chive) topped with salmon slices and orange juice. Yum. Going to have tommorrow too.
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 1,674Member Member Posts: 1,674Member Member
    Pretty light today
  • slimgirljo15slimgirljo15 Posts: 230,855Member Member Posts: 230,855Member Member
    Pretty light today

    I looove those harvest snaps peas 🤤
  • AthijadeAthijade Posts: 1,949Member Member Posts: 1,949Member Member
    Once I get the energy (been meal prepping this morning) I will be making mexican eggs. Which for me is some refried black beans, 2 eggs, shredded cheese, hot sauce, and guacamole.
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