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What did you have for breakfast this morning? 🍳🍊🍽



  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Posts: 2,285Member Member Posts: 2,285Member Member
    Reds Canadian bacon burrito, cottage cheese, pear and blueberries
  • knownasjimknownasjim Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    I have the same breakfast almost every day: I bowl of oatmeal with two eggs poached into it as it cooks. I season it with a blend of Chupacabra and Goya Sazonador Total con Pimiento.
  • smdpdxsmdpdx Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    1 cup coffe, 1c cottage cheese w grapefruit, dried cranberries, flax oil, ground flax seed, almonds
  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Posts: 4,479Member Member Posts: 4,479Member Member
    Iced coffee with 2%, 1/3 banana with cashew and pb.
  • Katmary71Katmary71 Posts: 1,359Member Member Posts: 1,359Member Member
    I only had cold brew coffee with a little cream, I wasn't hungry.
  • MelanieCN77MelanieCN77 Posts: 3,706Member Member Posts: 3,706Member Member
    Thawed some frozen peach and pineapple, plain yoghurt, cup and a half of plain cereal and a tablespoon of flax meal. And coffee.
  • slimgirljo15slimgirljo15 Posts: 222,361Member, Premium Member Posts: 222,361Member, Premium Member
    Same as everyday Uncle Tobys big bowl sachet of porridge made on skim milk and sprinkled with 30gms of barleymax protein oat clusters.. and 2 big mugs of coffee with lite milk and stevia
  • acpgeeacpgee Posts: 4,018Member Member Posts: 4,018Member Member
    Non typical breakfast because we are going on vacation Tuesday and out of thriftiness trying to clear out the refrigerator of perishables. Breakfast was two slices of homemade brown bread (51g), some leftover pesto (21g) and Dutch aged goat cheese (30g).
  • MalimalaiMalimalai Posts: 185Member Member Posts: 185Member Member
    2 shots of espresso coffee,1 cup almond milk , 2 tsp cream and stevia. I'll have bacon, 2 eggs and tomato too if I go out that morning. ☕🥓🍳🍅
  • snuff15eesnuff15ee Posts: 71Member, Premium Member Posts: 71Member, Premium Member
    Unsweetened cold brew coffee
    106g Kodiak Cakes protein pancakes
    1xBanana (103g)
    1 cup of Almond Milk
    32g RX Vanilla Almond Butter
    1/4 cup sugar free syrup
    1/2 cup egg whites
    2 eggs
  • Emmapatterson1729Emmapatterson1729 Posts: 1,261Member Member Posts: 1,261Member Member
    Blonde roasted coffee, half and half, cocoa powder, sweetener (Stevia).

    And cold rotisserie chicken. (Not my usual breakfast, I don't cook on Saturdays).

    Usually: 1 egg, cheese, veggies, and meat in omelet or scramble.
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  • zylkm4zylkm4 Posts: 18Member Member Posts: 18Member Member
    smoothie: one cup kale, 3/4 cup frozen mango, 1 frozen banana, scoop plant protein powder, cashew milk
    coffee lol
  • OldHoboOldHobo Posts: 598Member Member Posts: 598Member Member
    Steel-cut oats and buckwheat porridge with a banana.
  • ThatJuJitsuWomanThatJuJitsuWoman Posts: 111Member Member Posts: 111Member Member
    Porridge with a spoon each of cocoa and instant coffee stirred in before it's cooked, cocoa nibs and a chopped nectarine on top.

    Never thought of making mocha porridge, that sounds good!

  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 9,701Member Member Posts: 9,701Member Member
    Off the Grid vanilla buttermilk waffle with sugar-free syrup and a fried egg w/ salsa, black coffee.
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