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Peloton ad



  • raven56706raven56706 Posts: 907Member, Premium Member Posts: 907Member, Premium Member
    I saw the eyes rolled so hard I hurt myself.

    I didn't think it was sexist or elitist...just that the woman portrayed was extremely self-absorbed and slightly obsessive/psychopathic. Listen, chicky...NO ONE cares about your Peloton "journey", not even your husband. I yelled this at the TV screen, admonishing the fake commercial character.

    But, this time of year, I also throw something at the TV every time one of those stupid Lexus Christmas commercials airs. If you want to talk elitist...

    you mean those delightful December to Remember event!!!!

    Peloton would be loving this if their stock price would have gone up. It went down at one point 10%
  • PennyP312PennyP312 Posts: 154Member Member Posts: 154Member Member
    I don’t think it’s sexist but it just makes me cringe! It’s so annoying.
    The woman’s expressions, the music, the whole vibe is ridiculous.
    And I love spinning and know a few friends who have Pelotons so I’m not anti-spinning or anything.
    Just a bad commercial.
    I did have a good laugh at all the funny tweets about it. Some people are hilarious 🤣
  • BoxerBrawlerBoxerBrawler Posts: 2,035Member Member Posts: 2,035Member Member
    steveko89 wrote: »
    The only problem I have with the ad is how the woman claims that she's scared before her first ride. What the hell is there to be scared of? in the comfort of your own home, all alone?

    I didn't see any problem with this, she's nervous about the unknown:
    How hard is this really going be?
    Can I even complete the easiest workout?
    Will I meet the expectations I have for myself?
    Will I even like this new machine?
    Do I have the seat set correctly?
    Could I hurt myself?
    I'm not a cyclist, is this a complete waste of time and money?

    To be honest I relate to that as someone who deals with impostor syndrome and had similar feelings of nervousness when I first bought a barbell and weight plates to train in the privacy of my own basement. There were certainly times early on when I'd fail a lift and there'd be toxic thoughts of "Who are you kidding with all this stuff? This isn't meant for you." I actually had to stop listening to music when I lift because I don't trust my own thoughts not to wander too negatively. Instead I listen to podcasts, mostly sports talk or fantasy football and that allows me to just check out and focus on the lift. Fortunately, I have those feelings of doubt less and less, not only about lifting but in other areas of life too. To be honest, I think that's what this ad is getting; the prospect of exercise being more than about burning calories and/or losing weight, about pushing boundaries and discovering new capabilities, building healthy habits you want to pursue. Unfortunately, it flies in the face of what we're so accustomed to seeing from the fitness industry and that's why it's being misinterpreted.

    Great explanation and I didn't stop to think about all of that :smile: I've never been the type of person to be nervous about anything really so I don't think in those terms. But I can certainly see where all of the stuff you mentioned would run through some ones head. Thanks!
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