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  • PastorVincentPastorVincent Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member
    Race report: Sole Mates 10K

    Initial weather temps had called for close to 50 at race time, but as the week went by that changed and we were looking at 40 at race time with wind chills. So what I had decided to wear had to go and tights and long sleeves were in, with touque and gloves added in.
    Grateful again that race time was at 11, so had plenty of time to eat, dress, and get going. It’s nice not being stressed about that part.
    Got there and got my timing chip and then the waiting started. It was cool, so did a few drills to warm up. Stood in line for bathroom, more drills.
    Finally time to start. Again everyone in one corral at start, both the 5K and 10K (actually 6.5 miles).
    I started at the front because I never got to lol!
    Off we went , started downhill for about .25 miles then a little flat and then the hills started. 1 mile hill and then a bit downhill and flat, and then another longish hill. This we had to do 3 times, with an almost half mile hill to the finish.
    I started out fast because of the downhill and was going to do the same strategy as the last race (fast as I could on the downhills and flats and slower on the hills) which was working but then some of the course had eroded from the heavy rains and there was debris everywhere so navigating was tough. And there were some steep inclines. I ended up walking for about 30 sec at some of the hills. I didn’t want to, but if I felt if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to finish strong. Also I was trying to get at about hour time and I knew the walking was not going to help, but it wasn’t meant to be this time.
    I finished 6.5 miles in 1:4:09 so 9.52 min/mile pace. I finished 3rd in age group but there were only 4 of us lol.
    The winner of the age group places first every time. Except for a 10k last year where I did, but I don’t think she ran that one.
    It’s like I’m chasing her each time. I’m 8th overall in the series for the year so far.

    Anyway it was a fun race, had baked potatoes and brownies after, and I was relatively happy with my performance given the conditions of the course.

    Next up is my HM end of March. Unless I accidentally sign up for another in between.

    8k, 10k done. HM, 5K, and 15K/10miler yet to do.

    Well done!
  • polskagirl01polskagirl01 Member Posts: 1,515 Member Member Posts: 1,515 Member
    @hamsterwheel6 and @T1DCarnivoreRunner Congratulations!!!!! Great running!
  • bearly63bearly63 Member, Premium Posts: 734 Member Member, Premium Posts: 734 Member
    I agree. I just saw doc 3 weeks ago and he checked them out. I don't put in that many miles so I think they are good for a while longer. But it will be in the back of my mind along with shoes as I try to work through this issue.
  • LoveyCharLoveyChar Member Posts: 3,655 Member Member Posts: 3,655 Member
    8.5 miles in the light rain, enjoyed the run! Trying to find the motivation and energy now to clean my house...😟
  • PastorVincentPastorVincent Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member
  • PastorVincentPastorVincent Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member
  • PastorVincentPastorVincent Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member
    I am so jealous @katharmonic ! It has been over 2 decades since I have been skiing!
  • PastorVincentPastorVincent Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member
    Avidkeo wrote: »
    I went out for 8k this morning, and when I finished my run, I noticed my HR was mostly in the green. So I had to have a proper look. OMG my HR has really dramatically improved over the last month or so. My VO2max has gone up to 50! (yes I know, garmin so not accurate but still woah).

    This running regularly has really made some dramatic changes to my metrics!

    W00T! There it is! :)
  • Camaramandy648Camaramandy648 Member Posts: 709 Member Member Posts: 709 Member
    No run today - stayed home and nursed my hip and ankle. Ice, heat, ice heat. I also read everything i could find on iliopsoas bursitis and that seems like a good fit along with a mild sprain but who knows. The therapies are the same thing I would do if I DID know for sure what is wrong and if i DID NOT know for sure. Ice, rest, heat.

    I did manage to catch up on laundry and meal prep and clean so that’s something!

    Also did some ankle-less strength training and read a few inspirational marathon stories about people who had sprained ankles but still managed to heal enough to run.

    In any event, mine is probably very mild. Not a lot of swelling and on an itsy bitsy bit of red. Not too bad, right?

    I’ve managed to get myself anxious about the shoe swap i made yesterday. What if the ankle thing WAS NOT the shoes? What if I exchanged the Mizunos for ASICS and then I hate them?!!!

    Definitely first world problems and absolutely a result of staying in and resting most of the day.... also worst case scenario is that i exchange shoes again. Worse things have happened.

    @Avidkeo that’s awesome about your HR!

    And the rest of you running and prepping and training and meeting goals / YOU ARE AMAZING!
  • Camaramandy648Camaramandy648 Member Posts: 709 Member Member Posts: 709 Member
    SUNDAY UPDATE - Pastor Vincent vs Boston!

    For those new/or with short memories I recently hired a coach to help me run faster - with the goal of a BQ in 2021. It is probably an unrealistic goal, but I am not getting any younger, so going for it. Several people asked to be updated on what the coach has in for me so I post each week what the coach's plan was, and what I actually did.

    DAY :::: PLAN :::: ACUTAL
    Monday :::: 10 miles :::: 10 miles
    Tuesday :::: Rest Day ::::: Rest Day
    Wednesday :::: 10 miles :::: 10 miles
    Thursday :::: 8 miles+ Strides :::: 5 Miles on dreadmil
    Friday :::: Rest Day :::: Rest Day
    Saturday ::::: 8 miles easy, 8 at MGP ::::: 8 miles easy, 9 near MGP
    Sunday ::::: 5 miles ::::: 5 Miles on dreadmil

    Total Miles: Plan 49, Actual 47

    I missed the run on Thursday due to scheduling, but I got close to plan this week at least. :)

    @PastorVincent you’re killing it!

    What does it mean for Thursday “strides?”

    Do you find it difficult to stick to the plan?

    HOW do you fit it all in?

    I am trying to think how I will fit everything in this week, considering I work + evening stuff with the kids:

    Monday: therapy, home around 7
    Tuesday: friends over for dinner
    Wednesday: madison’s haircut (she designed it herself) + tutoring + dinner out (yay no cooking)
    Thursday: therapy
    Friday: take kids to their dad, home around 8:30ish?

    Then, add in: the kids need lunches packed, baths, to lay out their clothes, etc. oh yeah and making dinner.

    On paper it’s simple -

    Monday I could tentatively run after therapy
    Thursday I could tentatively run after therapy
    Friday - i *could* but what usually happens is that i am completely drained from the week of running around and working so i get home, watch a show, go to bed.

    This is all of course .... if my ankle is better 🙄
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