Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 111



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    Round 111
    Female, 5' 2"
    Age 53
    SW Montana

    Round 105: 152.0 (-2.0 lb)
    Round 106: 149.6 (-2.4 lb)
    Round 107: 148.6 (-1.0 lb)
    Round 108: 146.8 (-1.8 lb)
    Round 109: 147.4 (+0.6 lb)
    Round 110: 145.8 (-1.6 lb)

    Starting Weight: 145.8
    Round Goal Weight: 144.0

    04/17 - 145.0
    04/18 - 145.4
    04/19 - 145.4
    04/20 - 145.2
    04/21 - 145.2
    04/22 - 145.4
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    28, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 138 (adjusted, may further adjust depending on when I move from fat loss to muscle gain)
    Libra App Expected: Feb 10, 2053 :D

    Previous Rounds:
    R69 EW: 158.1
    R70 EW: 156.5
    R71 EW: 156.3
    R72 EW: 156.3
    R73 EW: 155.2
    R74 EW: 155.4
    R75 EW: 156.1
    R76 EW: 155.6
    R77 EW: DNW
    R78 EW: DNW
    R79 EW: DNW
    R80 EW: 153.2
    R81 EW: 154.3
    R82 EW: 154.1
    R83 EW: DNW
    R84 EW: 156.5
    R85 EW: Did Not Participate (DNP)
    R86 EW: DNP
    R87 EW: DNP
    R88 EW: DNP
    R89 EW: 156.7
    R90 EW: DNW
    R91 EW: 160.1
    R92 EW: Sick - DNW
    R93 EW: 159.3
    R94 EW: 156.1
    R95 EW: DNW
    R96 EW: DNW
    R97 EW: DNW, vacation
    R98 EW: 154.5
    R99 EW: 155.9
    <3 R100 <3 EW: 152.8
    R101 EW: 149.7 (1/15)
    R102 EW: 149.0
    R103 EW: 149.0
    R104 EW: 146.2
    R105 EW: 146.6
    R106 EW: 144.6
    R107 EW: 146.8 (spring break, only 2 days weight)
    R108 EW: 147.7 (Moving out of state, starting new job)
    R109 EW: 148.1
    R110 EW: 150.1

    Last weight
    04/16 - 150.1

    Round GW: 148.x

    Day, Weight, Comment
    04/17 - 152.6
    04/18 - DNW
    04/19 - 150.1
    04/20 - 151.2
    04/21 - 152.1
    04/22 - 151.4 - Well I'll take a small drop. Tried to be a bit better yesterday. Need more water in my life for sure. Today is a new day and I am determined to improve upon yesterday. About to make coffee now that I've had my first glass of water. Will likely finish a second glass before it finishes brewing. Trying to reduce gluten and dairy as best I can -- if I can cut it out, I feel as though I will drop a pound or two pretty quickly. Just need to stay focused (so hard to do!)

    Previous Day's Comments
    04/20 - Been absent awhile, though tried to weigh in. Saturday was a freak accident, my neighbors sewage backed up and so he came running over with his family to use our bathroom. 3 adults and 2 kids on top of BF and I trying to use it. The 2 adults, BF, and I were all trying to get ready to meet a guy to pick up a jeep part we ordered in a town about 45 minutes away and so we got rushed further by having to share 1 bathroom hahaha Went to the lake yesterday and tried out our new jetskis. Mine needs some work (a new ware ring) but it shouldn't be much. Otherwise, they run great!
    Woke up thirsty as all get out twice during the night so I think I'm up simply because I chugged water in bed at about 3am and weighed in at 6 and I'm holding on to some of it. I tried to drink water at the lake but it was nice and warm (90 degrees) and can only carry so much liquid with you on jetskis. Today should be a calm day -- out of coffee so once BF wakes up and stores open, I'll run and get some and then tend to the garden. Probably have some tea instead of coffee so I don't have to deal with a headache from drinking it so late. So hungry this morning so hopefully BF remembers leftover quesadillas from last night to make up breakfast with. Have a giant salad for lunch and boy do I need it. I need to get away from gluten and cheese! The bloat is real as TOM is coming late this week and my food choices determine if the bloat is tolerable (hormone) or intolerable (hormone plus food sensitivities).

    04/21 - Travel to drop of skis to get warranty work done. Missed dinner so had to get it on the road. Then late night glass of wine while finishing the Hunter (so good!). No plans today, yet, so going to figure it out as I go, I suppose. Phone didn't charge and super thankful I had 1% left for my alarm. It died as soon as I turned my alarm off for work. The outlets in this house are awful! Sometimes they work, most of the time they don't and its a gamble. Usually my phone is at 50% or less when I go to bed and when it doesn't charge its about 30-40%. Last night it was at 67% when I plugged it in for the night. I know my phone battery doesn't drain like that so I'm wondering if the outlet PULLED power from my phone. And I had no notifications and Do Not Disturb was enabled (as usual) so nothing was in the background of my phone nor did I get a bunch of texts to drain it. Need to figure something out because today scared me that missing my alarm for work may be a common thing.


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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!l6j62drixl37.png
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    Round 111
    ROUND 69 FOR ME.

    “Welcome to the rest of your life. Make it a good one!” – From TerriRichardson112 and being used with her permission and blessing!



    Highest weight ever (2014/2015): 253
    Original starting weight for this current journey : (1-11-2018) 235.0
    R110 EW= 202.4
    R111 EW= TBD

    Current New Goals:

    Short Term Goal: To weigh less at the end of this round than I did at the end of the last round.
    Final goal: 145-155. We’ll see how I look & feel when I get there.
    Exercise: Walk 3 or more miles per day a minimum of 4 x per week. Do aerobic dancing at home a minimum of 3 x per week.


    COLOR CODE: Fuchsia is a Happy Weight Loss for me. Blue is a sad weight gain.Black is no change.
    R43 through R53 (06/07/18 thru 09/24/18) = …..19.4 LOST (Ending weight 176.0)
    R53 through R63 (09/24/18 thru 01/02/19) = …..9.5 GAINED (Ending weight 185.5)
    R63 through R73 (01/02/19 thru 04/12/19) = …..6.3 GAINED (Ending weight 191.8)
    R73 through R83 (04/12/19 thru 07/21/19) = …..3.6 GAINED (Ending weight 195.4)
    R83 through R93 (07/21/19 thru 10/29/19) = …..7.4 LOST (Ending weight 188.0)
    R93 through R103 (10/29/19 thru 02/06/20) = …4.1 GAINED(Ending weight 192.1)

    R104 = …..2.9 GAIN (Ending Weight 195.0)
    R105= ……0.5 GAIN (Ending Weight 195.5)
    R106 = ……4.6 GAIN (Ending Weight 200.1)
    R107 = ……0.3 GAIN (Ending Weight 200.4)
    R108 = ……3.4 GAIN (Ending Weight 203.8)
    R109 = ……1.0 LOST (Ending Weight 202.8)
    R110 = ……0.4 LOST (Ending Weight 202.4)
    R111 = …...xxx LOST (Ending Weight xxxxx)

    04/16 …..202.4….. ENDING WEIGHT LAST ROUND
    04/17 …..202.3 ….. Any drop is a good drop. The goal is to type my weight in pink as much as possible. My plan has been to take several small walks per day of 10-20 minutes to avoid the sugar drops. I then add them up at the end of the day to submit to MFP. The calorie burn is not working out to be as much as one long steady walk and stretch of time, but I guess it really shouldn’t. So far, it has been easier to stick to plan without the glucose drops. I am still reserving some carbs (like cottage cheese or an Atkins bar) for late night in case it happens. With less travel, I know I can do better as I try to keep my home a safe zone. There are some temptations because of food my son eats (We all know its harder to follow plan when you must cook for your family). Overall, I just want to be ready for summer if it ever comes (snow again yesterday, today a bit better). Lots of good inspirations kick me into gear but the other day I was trying to get in a walking set while on the phone (not fast walking,) and my cousin on the other end asked me if I was walking or working because I was breathing so hard! That was the last straw! It wasn’t like that last summer/fall so I’ve got some work to do right NOW, not later. I am happy that the last two round showed a loss (no matter how small) and I have began this round with a teensy loss so I am still on the right path. Even if I lose the equivalent of a drop of sweat, I am a happy girl right now to be eating right and moving again! Welcome all newbies and good luck everyone this round!

    04/18 …..202.3 ….. Sometimes I expect the scale to go down EVERY SINGLE DAY but, of course, in reality it does not work that way. I had another great day yesterday with my diet plan and my movement. I walked over 80 minutes of planned walks total in five smaller sets and avoided the glucose drops again. I am really training my body like I had to when I first started my journey. Reading over my journal has really helped remind me of some of the tools I used. I am feeling really great today because I know I am in training for my nice long trail walks and neighborhood walks again! come on nice weather!

    04/19 …..202.5 ….. I had a small set-back last night in a moment of weakness. It was totally uncalled for. Thank Goodness that there was finally a TMI this morning or the scale would have been less forgiving. Back on track today with well-planned meals & snacks. Cabin cleaning day so I hope to get in plenty of movement. Today I will be very strict because tomorrow may be a travel day. I need certain supplies that only the bigger towns can provide right now.

    04/20 …..202.5 ….. Status Quo yesterday. Today we travel to get supplies as we have virtually no stores in the town (county) where I live. Travel is never good to my scale, but I will be back on track tomorrow. It will feel good to get out a bit, but naturally, we will be wearing gloves and masks. I don’t sew very well (by hand). I’m not saying they look very pretty, but they have been serving their purpose, especially when we have to enter the cabins. Have a beautiful day everyone!

    04/21 …..204.7 ….. Traveled for the first time in awhile yesterday which served as a “cheat day” for my son (okay, okay, for me too!) I got all the supplies I needed for myself, my daughter and my brother. Even distilled water! So tonight, we shall have steak. Beef!!!!! I love chicken but this has been ridiculous. Still no flour, yeast, ramen, or tub frosting (no, not for me, for my daughter!). And of course, no TP or paper towels, but otherwise, I got everything else. Next trip will be in a different direction and a different town for kitty litter and cat supplies in a city with a Walmart. A sad day yesterday and today. My son’s very best friend’s mom Laurie has been diagnosed with Covid-19. She has been moved to downstate Michigan in the Detroit area to a large hospital. It does not look good for her. She had just finished treatments for cancer in the lung and throat & contracted pneumonia after falling out of her PT bed and breaking hip and forearm. They don’t think they can save her. A very sad day for our family. Sad for her son (an only child) who lost his father at age 16 and is now only 23. It is cold, snowy and cloudy here too. Overall, I wish I could just fast forward past this day and that everyone, everywhere would be okay.

    04/22 …..204.7 ….. So FRUSTRATING!

    04/23 …..xxxxx …..
    04/24 …..xxxxx …..
    04/25 …..xxxxx …..
    04/26 …..xxxxx …..