Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 111



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    Looking forward:
    I'm just too danged cussed to let this thing knock me back, and ruin all the effort I have put in to get here. I am stepping up my routine, and taking control. Sheltering in place means I can fully concentrate on getting in my exercise, and preparing healthy food.
    • April: focus on maintaining and increasing my progress
    • 2020: Goal is to stabilise weight around 145
    • Strengthen strategies to reframe the tendency to use unhealthy snack food as a reward/treat.
    • Make sure I have prepared healthy snacks available
    • Cut down on eating between meals

    Never give up! Never give in!
    Back Story:
    2018 goal: get back down to 160 ✅
    2019 goal: proceed down to 150 ✅ with 2 months to spare
    2020 goal: maintain below 150 dropping slowly down to 145 ✅ So far, so good.
    That's a WIN in my book!
    Focus: maintenance! I might even manage to lose a bit more ever so slowly.
    JGM10D ~|~ Round 110
    Posting weight and comments each evening.
    Age: 73; Height 5’2”; Female 🔹SW: 227lbs (Mar 2014)🔹LW: 147.2 (Mar 2020)
    Aim for 2020: stay under 150
    Aim for this round ~ Weigh less at the end than I did at the beginning
    UGW: 140s

    I am MINDFUL of making heathy choices to MAXIMISE the achievement of my goals!
    Giving up is NOT an option! I KNOW I am doing this!
    Round 110 EW: 148.2

    17/04: 148.2: Goals 🌟
    18/04: 148.5: Goals: 🌟
    19/04: 148.2: Goals 🌟
    20/04: 148.2: Goals 🍫 🎂 🍷 So ever so slightly over calories
    🍾🥂 74 th Birthday 🥂🍾
    21/04: 149.4: Goals 🌟 This morning’s Birthday bounce up!!!
    22/04: 148.8: Goals 🌟
    23/04: 148.4: Goals 🌟
    24/04: 249.2: Goals 🌟Normal fluctuation
    25/04: xxx: Goals
    26/04: xxx: Goals

    Last 7 Rounds
    Round 110 SW 147.2: EW 148.2 🥴 + 1
    Round 109 SW 148.3: EW 147.2 🌻 - 1.1
    Round 108 SW 148.2: EW: 148.3 🌻+ 0.1
    Round 107 SW 148.2: EW 148.2🌻- 1.5
    Round 106 SW 148.6: EW 148.2😾- 0.4
    Round 105 SW 150.1: EW 148.6🌻- 1.5
    Round 104 SW 149.2: EW 150.1😾- 0.2
    Round 103 SW 149.6. EW 149.2🌻 - 0.4

    June 2017: Round 8 SW 162; EW 169.9 This was my first round!!! I faffed about for 2 1/2 years before I got back on track!!!
    Daily Goals
    🔹log All food and drink; stay under goal; balance macros/micros; Hydrate adequately; NLNS!!!
    🔹7,500+ Steps daily
    🔹30 + minutes intentional exercise
    🔹Daily Mindfulness Practice/Meditation
    🔹Practice Self-care
    🔹Positively reframe thoughts
    🔹Learn something new
    🔹15 mins Daily Declutter session

    Purple: #ff4968.
    THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES OR SHORTCUTS to achieving permanent change.
    REMINDERS One or two thoughts which might give heart to some of you.
    • Daily weight fluctuations are normal, and can be as much as 2 lbs a day for no apparent reason.
    • A general downward trend is what we are looking for.
    • Eating out can cause apparent weight gain because of high sodium levels, but usually goes quickly. Drinking extra water helps with this.
    • The human body does not react instantly to what we do to it. Sometimes it can take several days to see results.
    • Plateaus are a normal part of the process. The body is consolidating and adapting to your new way of eating/exercising.
    • The closer you get to your goal weight, the more difficult it becomes to lose weight, as your body becomes more efficient at using what you feed it.
    • When you exercise you build muscle, which takes up less space than fat, so use measurements as well as weight to assess your progress.
    • Getting/Staying fit and healthy requires a lifestyle change for most people.
    Stick with the process. It DOES work! But it does take time, effort, and most of all, patience!
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    You have NOT gained 100 pounds! Check your recorded weight, my dear :smile:
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    You have NOT gained 100 pounds! Check your recorded weight, my dear :smile:

    Many thanks.