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  • Vickil57Vickil57 Member Posts: 1,159 Member Member Posts: 1,159 Member
    Lisa--Thank God you were not hurt, that is a big branch. I know when I roof leaked I had DH call the insurance company and they ended up paying for a new roof on the house and garage and all new siding.

    Allie--Great news for your DD

    Heather--Good news about the printer getting hooked up.

    Training of new person going well.

    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND NE <3
  • WhidislanderWhidislander Member Posts: 991 Member Member Posts: 991 Member
    Rough night! Took a small dose before bed. I had gone during the day. Yay my plumbing has started! Just felt pressure last night. To the point where my back was really hurting. Got no sleep, took a hot shower at 4:30am and that helped tremendously. Slept from then until 8 am when husband was getting me up for gym. I mumbled something and went back to sleep. Just sipping coffee now, wondering how to get myself back to normal.
  • dlfk202000dlfk202000 Member Posts: 755 Member Member Posts: 755 Member
    Afternoon ladies
    Well all your good thoughts and prayers have worked DD is pregnant... she wont tell people for another few weeks but soooo excited for her and Kyle and Tal

    amazing news- praying that all goes well for them.
  • LagopusLagopus Member Posts: 971 Member Member Posts: 971 Member
    Katla49 wrote: »
    Heather: We lived in a neighborhood during my grade school years that had many homes with a similar vintage as yours. I don’t recall seeing such beautiful stained glass as your house has. Lovely! :star:
    The house I grew up in was built in 1888 and had stained glass windows in the master bedroom and the front sitting room.


    Here's the window in the master bedroom again, this time with its surroundings.


    /Penny, feeling nostalgic at the
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,226 Member Member Posts: 12,226 Member
  • LisaInArkansasLisaInArkansas Member Posts: 205 Member Member Posts: 205 Member
    Allie - so many good hopes going out to your daughter!
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,711 Member Member Posts: 6,711 Member
    Thanks for all the love for my DD.. ill pray she has a safe and healthy pregnancy..
  • exermomexermom Member Posts: 5,156 Member Member Posts: 5,156 Member
    Did a body pump DVD then walked around the block. I forgot to charge the battery of my DVD player so it ran low. I have it on to charge now. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Biggest Loser Calorie Knockout DVD

    After exercise went to the soup kitchen to drop off a donation then to WalMart for a few things. We’ll be leaving soon to go to Vince’s allergy shot. I told him (much to his dismay) that we’ll stop at this one gal’s house to drop off some empty litter containers, then go to the Salvation Army, then if we go home a certain way we can stop at Hobby Lobby and I can get my buttons. He was NOT happy, not sure why. He’s the one who told me that I need to consolidate my trips, so that’s what I’m doing

    Moffee – welcome and congrats on all you’ve done.

    Lisa – so glad you are safe. Do you know that since we moved to NC (13 years ago) we have never had to use the generator. We thought for sure we would. I’m so sorry about your roof. You certainly have an interesting definition of a branch

    Heather – congratulations on all fronts

    Ordered one pair of pants from Amazon but I think I really need the size 8, I got the size 6. Well, I just ordered the 8 and when it comes if it fits better, I’ll return the 6

    Anne DE – that’s awesome that you rode your bike. Pretty soon you’ll be using it all the time

    May the 4th be with you all. Today is PJ’s birthday

    Carol GA – I’m sorry you’re dreading your doctor visit. Have you tried hypnosis? Like Barbara, I don’t think I could ever eliminate sugar completely. Maybe make a substitution like dried fruit

    Allie – how wonderful for your daughter!!!! I know the excitement she’s feeling right now.

    I just saw that my latest jigsaw puzzle was delivered March 20 and I finished it yesterday. It’s 1,000 pieces

    Rebecca – I probably won’t get to the post office until Friday when I’m at the soup kitchen

    The stained glass windows are breathtaking

    qclady – welcome. Keep us updated as to how it’s going by you

    Michele NC


  • Peach1948Peach1948 Member Posts: 2,148 Member Member Posts: 2,148 Member
    Michele ~ The puzzle is so cute. I recently bought a puzzle for my grands hoping that the whole family would get involved and get them off their tablets and phones, but, son said that they lost interest quickly. It was a really cute puzzle with a groups of pups and the center one looked like their huge hound dog.

    Carol in GA
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Member Posts: 14,733 Member Member Posts: 14,733 Member
    :)Allie congrats and good thoughts to your daughter

    :)Lisa glad you are safe

    :)Carol is the wine impacting your health or just your ability to lose weight?

    :)Michele you go to more places in one day than I go in a week

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
  • LisaInArkansasLisaInArkansas Member Posts: 205 Member Member Posts: 205 Member
    Ah, here we are, back in the 21st century, with the generator on again - the refrigerator/freezer's power cord was moved to power the dishwasher on this run, thank goodness. I wasn't looking forward to taking every one of those dishes out of there and handwashing them. Way too spoiled!


    As you may have surmised from that, we still do not have electricity. At least the night is cooler. Last night was hot, humid and miserable, one more part of why I slept so little. I don't like to sweat when I sleep!

    Y'all are so funny. Glad y'all like my definition of a "branch." Somehow, "half a tree" didn't seem quite right. Plus, you know, raised in Texas, where that actually would be a branch.


    More (smaller) branches down around the yard, only as big around as my arm. One landed on the four-strand clothesline and didn't even break it! I'll have to get out there tomorrow with the alligator loppers and cut them off the lines. Speaking of which, we've got about two more days of clothes and then I'll have to go find a laundromat - something I haven't had to do in a long time. Hopefully, the electricity will be on tonight or tomorrow!

    Back to the book I'm reading on Kaizen. Small, achievable changes toward goals... Add one minute of exercise this week, one minute next so you're doing two minutes. Or use five-minute increments. Small changes.

    It's when we say "I'm going to exercise five days a week for an hour every day!" that we get ourselves in trouble... because we see four days as a failure. Nobody fails at one minute of exercise...

    Just a thought. I'm horribly guilty of the four-day failure syndrome, and trying to find my way to small, incremental change, where the only failure is not trying.

    Corey's cooking dinner on the grill, and I'm shutting my computer down for the night. I hope to sleep very, very well indeed tonight, but without white noise, I'm not sure I will.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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  • Anniesquats100Anniesquats100 Member Posts: 588 Member Member Posts: 588 Member
    Two days under calories! And I'm doing small changes with my biking. Just a short ride around the block to start.

    Annie in Delaware
  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 8,219 Member Member Posts: 8,219 Member
    Allie: Good thoughts for your daughter. I hope her pregnancy is free form worrisome problems and that the birth is easy. :heart:

    Lisa: Have you considered renting or buying a gas-powered generator for times like this? It might pay for itself and also give you the confidence of being safer at home in dicy weather. :flowerforyou:

    I bought a lovely fuchsia today and it is hanging from our upper deck. We have another spot for a fuchsia and I havne’t found one that I want so far. Another shopper suggested a good place to go. Tomorrow may be just the day. :bigsmile:

    May the 4th be with us all! :wink:

    Katla in sunny NW Oregon

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  • skuehn48skuehn48 Member Posts: 1,507 Member Member Posts: 1,507 Member
    Allie - Hope everything continues to go well for your DD.

    Lisa - Glad you and yours are safe. Hope electricity is back soon.

    Rebecca - Hope you are feeling more normal soon.

    Went to the YM and had a great workout in the pool. I finished planting my geraniums and got some trimming done outside along the porch and sidewalk and I am tired. Horses are happy to be out in the pasture.

    Karen - May have to try that idea. Thanks.

    Everyone take care Sue in WA
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,226 Member Member Posts: 12,226 Member
  • exermomexermom Member Posts: 5,156 Member Member Posts: 5,156 Member
    Barbie – you know me (re: going places). I NEED to be with people. That’s why I got the part time job. This lockdown was, literally, driving me crazy.

    Anne DE – you’re on the go now!!! Keep it up!

    Michele NC
  • kymaraikymarai Member, Premium Posts: 2,492 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,492 Member
    So what did I accomplish tonight that made a difference??? Not work, though really needed to. Not finished laundry(there is always more). Didn't even get dinner tonight.
    Tonight I sat and listened to a friend. No advice. No suggestions. No disagreements. Just listened. She has COPD, a bad back, and now lung cancer. Her 30+ son still lives with her and her second husband. At least he finally got a job after 3 years jobless. She is trying to get her affairs in order and at least get a down payment on a home for her son. IMHO he will end up losing it, but I didn't tell her that. She needs to "nest". I get that, but my opinion is she needs to do things for her that bring her pleasure. She is an enabler with her son and several friends. I hate that she gives so much with no thanks, just more taking. She really has no one but me to talk with. I can only listen. The rest of the stuff will wait.

    Lisa wow! Hopefully you will get power back soon. It sucks when it goes out. I am glad you have a generator to save the food and help with other things.

    Allie- prayers for your DD and her growing baby.

    Kylia sleepy in Ohio
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 18,848 Member Member Posts: 18,848 Member
    I was going to go for a run at lunch today. Instead I got my first Pfizer vaccination.

    That was an unexpected surprise!

    M in Oz
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