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    Michele, no worries, I am a patient sort, and I so appreciate you!
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    Review ... (Distances include cycling + walking + a bit of rowing)
    Mar-15 … 489.8 km (304.3 miles) = 38 hours 4 min
    Apr-15 … 491.94 km (305.6 miles) = 43 hours 6 min
    May-15 … 361.81 km (224.8 miles) = 35 hours 50 min
    Jun-15 … 569.53 km (353.9 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    Jul-15 … 230.7 km (143.35 miles) = 32 hours 45 min
    Aug-15 … 211.3 km (131.3 miles) = 28 hours 8 min
    Sep-15 … 306.7 km (190.6 miles) = 35 hour 2 min
    Oct-15 … 441.82 km (274.5 miles) = 47 hours 43 min
    Nov-15 … 660.21 km (410.23 miles) = 60 hours 41 min
    Dec-15 … 499.91 km (282.8 miles) = 54 hours 56 min
    Jan-16 … 864.79 km (537.35 miles) = 65 hours 36 min
    Feb-16 … 470.53 km (292.4 miles) = 40 hours 39 min
    Mar-16 … 917.73 km (570.2 miles) = 66 hours 13 min
    Apr-16 … 417.83 km (259.6 miles) = 40 hours 23 min
    May-16 … 267.09 km (165.9 miles) = 36 hours 10 min
    Jun-16 … 552.1 km (343 miles) = 54 hours 48 min
    Jul-16 … 709 km (440.5 miles) = 60 hours 41 minutes
    Aug-16 … 775.9 km (482.1 miles) = 54 hours 52 minutes
    Sep-16 … 371.3 km (230.7 miles) = 32 hours 20 min
    Oct-16 … 649 km (403.3 miles) = 49 hours 46 min
    Nov-16 … 403 km (250.4 miles) = 52 hours 16 min
    Dec-16 … 511.05 km (317.55 miles) = 52 hours 2 min
    Jan-17 … 741.9 km (461.0 miles) = 70 hours 3 min
    Feb-17 … 600.5 km (373.1 miles) = 57 hours 30 min
    Mar-17 … 1113.2 km (691.7 miles) = 78 hours 25 min
    Apr-17 … 1181.9 km (734.4 miles) = 76 hours 45 min
    May-17 … 426.6 km (265.1 miles) = 39 hours 21 min
    Jun-17 … 575.7 km (357.7 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    Jul-17 … 714 km (443.7 miles) = 52 hours 23 min
    Aug-17 … 475.8 km (295.6 miles) = 38 hours 41 min
    Sep-17 … 455.5 km (283 miles) = 41 hours 25 min
    Oct-17 … 647.1 km (402.1 miles) = 57 hours 19 min
    Nov-17 … 427.0 km (265.3 miles) = 50 hours 4 min
    Dec-17 … 553.5 km (343.9 miles) = 52 hours 12 min
    Jan-18 … 590.2 km (366.7 miles) = 57 hours 49 min
    Feb-18 … 826.9 km (513.8 miles) = 57 hours 35 min
    Mar-18 … 582.01 km (361.6 miles) = 50 hours 11 min
    Apr-18 … 176.23 km (109.5 miles) = 29 hours 47 min
    May -18 … 167.6 km (104.1 miles) = 29 hours 08 min
    June-18 … 349.9 km (217.4 miles) = 36 hours 58 minutes
    July-18 ... 324.2 km (201.5 miles) = 24 hours 26 minutes
    Aug-18 ... 210.1 km (130.6 miles) = 25 hours 59 minutes
    Sep-18 ... 261.7 km (162.6 miles) = 25 hours 11 minutes
    Oct-18 ... 230.8 km (143.4 miles) = 30 hours 15 minutes
    Nov-18 ... 216.8 km (134.7 miles) = 30 hours 3 minutes
    Dec-18 ... 285.2 km (177.2 miles) = 37 hours 49 minutes
    Jan-19 ... 241.6 km (150.1 miles) = 27 hours 2 minutes
    Feb-19 ... 175.5 km (109 miles) = 19 hours 8 minutes
    Mar-19 ... 170.3 km (105.8 miles) = 28 hours 21 minutes
    Apr-19 ... 160.3 km (99.6 miles) = 25 hours 4 minutes
    May-19 ... 164.0 km (101.9 miles) = 29 hours 10 minutes
    Jun-19 ... 246.2 km (153 miles) = 25 hours 40 minutes
    Jul-19 ... 217.3 km (135.0 miles) = 33 hours 45 minutes
    Aug-19 ... 162.5 km (100.9 miles) = 28 hours 4 minutes
    Sep-19 ... 136.0 km (84.5 miles) = 23 hours 10 minutes
    Oct-19 ... 196.5 km (122.1 miles) = 31 hours 27 minutes
    Nov-19 ... 155.5 km (96.6 miles) = 25 hours 01 minutes
    Dec-19 ... 203.7 km (126.6 miles) = 26 hours 54 minutes
    Jan-20 ... 304.4 km (189.2 miles) = 32 hours 49 minutes
    Feb-20 ... 248.6 km (154.5 miles) = 34 hours 50 minutes
    Mar-20 ... 148.3 km (92.2 miles) = 30 hours 12 minutes
    Apr-20 ... 171.9 km (106.8 miles) = 19 hours 28 minutes
    May-20 ... 183.7 km (114.1 miles) = 20 hours 49 minutes
    Jun-20 ... 130.9 km (81.3 miles) = 18 hours 50 minutes
    Jul-20 ... 41.8 km (26 miles) = 9 hours 8 minutes
    Aug-20 ...148.9 km (92.5 miles) = 21 hours 43 minutes
    Sep-20 ... 119.8 km (74.4 miles) = 23 hours 17 minutes
    Oct-20 ... 191.7 km (119.1 miles) = 23 hours 40 minutes
    Nov-20 ... 273.0 km (169.6 miles) = 29 hours 16 minutes
    Dec-20 ... 216.8 km (134.7 miles) = 21 hours 59 minutes
    Jan-21 ... 208.2 km (129.4 miles) = 24 hours 39 minutes
    Feb-21 ... 229.6 km (142.7 miles) = 29 hours 01 minutes
    Mar-21 ... 259.8 km (161.4 miles) = 30 hours 48 minutes
    Apr-21 ... 282.1 km (175.3 miles = 28 hours 42 minutes

    Saturday, 1 May 2021 … 1.0 km running + 24.0 km cycling + 1.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Sunday, 2 May 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 13.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Monday, 3 May 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 21 flights of stairs
    Tuesday, 4 May 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 21 flights of stairs
    Wednesday, 5 May 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 21 flights of stairs ** First vaccine today**

    2021 Monthly May
    Walking Distance (km): 6.4
    Walking Time (min): 76.5
    Cycling Distance (km): 37.0
    Cycling Time (min): 137.3
    Flights Stairs Climbed Number: 63.0
    Flights Stairs Climbed Time (min): 45.4
    Rowing Distance (km): 1.0
    Rowing Time (min): 6.0
    Other Distance: 0.0
    Other Time: 0.0

    Total Distance (km): 44.4
    Total Distance (miles): 27.6
    Total Time (min): 265.2
    Total Time (hr): 4:25:12
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    Morning ladies
    Waiting to have my cup.of tea and will get out and feed the birds..
    I got a nice reimbursement check from the hospital that i will go cash and put most into savings in cash i have a stash enough that either of my kids.could pay bills or pay for my cremation should something happen.. if nothing I try and be prepared.
    Rainy and yucky this morning will go pick up.Homer later and then bring Dan to work later and drop Homer off.
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    The wind had dropped and the sun was shining in a cloudless blue sky this morning. Decided to go for my run. Beautiful. Glad I did, as it's clouded over now.
    I stopped at the deli on the way home and picked up a few bits. Haven't decided what to have for tomorrow's dinner yet. It's our 18th meeting anniversary, so we could get takeaway, or I could cook something easy, to go with champagne. We've got lovely nibbles for lunch. I'm not keen in sitting outside in the cold and rain is forecast. Can't go indoors to eat until 17th May.
    Finished my calories off with a 25 minute row.

    Giving Max his present on Saturday morning. I've sent his card in the post for tomorrow. 10 years old! :o

    Going to download an app so I can print from my phone and tablet. Wish me luck!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: BP, Shadow to powerline
    Bonus: another cartload of sticks to brush pile, dug row/planted potatoes, 95 mins line dancing,
    Get to do: take BP, Tumble to vet, dogs to powerline, USE those torture bands/do that BB&B video, budget meeting notes, board meeting minutes, call D re: sticky keyboard, Norton and windows updates, watch for refund from Interpath for Joe’s labs paid on Feb statement call S, fire district: ongoing: input 2019 call sheets into NFIRS, work with chief on equipment letter, substance abuse policy, NFIRS mutual aid and other missing details, call Credit union re: credit card, ask for boots donator contact info, appreciation letter or certificate to boots donator, index mutual aid files; watch STAS Day 20, declutter sideboard, practice new dances (Do Your Thing, Pure Movies to Wine, Beer, Whiskey, I ain’t never gonna love nobody but Cornell Crawford (Alley cat), A Little Less Broken, One Margarita, I’m so used to being broke, All Night, Nothing but You, Blame it on my beating heart, Homesick); finish mulching flowerbed, invest another 10 minutes in prepping living trust, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine, find and configure a screen time popup, figure out where to plant the last of the naked lady bulbs, and soon as it warms up above 50 and dries out below 60% humidity I’ll tape and spray paint those rusted areas of Aunt Elsie’s stove. Reconcile Joe’s EOB’s Thrivent shows only 2263.48 so far, next BGBS ask Terry about GB’s FD firetruck tax levy – contacts, media, advocate???, Reward: inventory seeds, plan this spring’s garden, wishlist replenishments (Milena F1 orange peppers).
    Meaningful May:
    4: Take a step towards an important goal, however small:
    5: Send your friend a photo from a time you enjoyed together:

    Tumble didn’t want to go down to the powerline this morning so it was just Shadow and I. While I was filling the cart with sticks, she’d disappear. Soon as I called, she’d come galloping down the drive for a treat. She’s such a good girl. Sure seems like I spent more than an hour digging and planting the potato row but that’s all the iphone step counted :astonished: Thanks to line dancing finally met step goal, first time in three days.

    Allie con VERY gratulations to your DD. Prayers continue.
    Heather you are the soul of restraint :naughty:
    Welcome @qclady2! Would you let us know what you’d like to be called and your general locale? Nothing exciting nor exotic here, just retired city gal and her country boy enjoying life in the woods above the sea.
    Michele had to laugh at Vince not happy to be along for the consolidated trips ride :laugh: :joy::laugh:
    Rebecca glad you got relief. A good idea to rest up for a couple of days after such procedures, takes time for all systems to be restored to “go!” So sorry for the loss of your friend. Such a shock.
    Lisa “Kaizen” was the byword at the Japanese shipping and logistics company where I worked for 30+ years. Doable, incremental improvements accumulate. Would you share the title/author? Fingers X’d the power has come back on.
    Kylia well done for giving your friend the gift of listening.

    Just learned my college roommate passed away, no other info. We’d lost touch after she married. Doesn’t seem fair, she was the first to quit smoking, the first to start working out, always ate her veggies. I think of her every time I peel broccoli for Joe. Tried to reach out to her over the years but never connected. Feeling teary, guilty, sad.

    Lighter, lovelies!

    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    May: leaner/stronger/kinder than April.
    daily: sit with Joe:4 , weigh/wii: 4/1/14; steps>6362=6871 vits=4, log=4, CI<CO=4, CI<250<CO=3, Tumble=2, Shadow=3, mfp=3, outside=3, up hill=3, clean 10=3.5
    wkly: BB&B,T’ai Chi or SWSY x3= rX x4=1 dance=1, packwalk x2=1,
    wt=1/31:141.3 2/28:142.4 3/31:145.3 4/30: 141.5 5/2:, 5/9:, 5/16:, 5/23:, 5/30:.
    mnthly: board mtg=, grant=, 21 plan=, waist=42.5
    bonus: AF=3 play=1 sew=
    2021: choose to be leaner/stronger/kinder NOW
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    Allie= Quiet congratulations to you and your DD and her family! This is Talia's mama, right? Is Talia excited?
    Rebecca- Sorry to hear of your friend's passing! Sending hugs!
    BArbara-Sorry to hear of your college roommate! ((( <3 ))) I have a question: You peel broccoli? Please explain. How and why? Never heard of this. lol
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    Kelly- yes this is Taliahs mom,only ones that know are her husband Kyle and I she is keeping it on the QT until.she is a bit further along,and no she hasnt told Taliah yet,going to wait awhile,a hormonal 13 yr old and she will be close to 14 when baby is born.. so all is quiet right now..
    Tracy and I going for pedicures tomorrow she is taking me for Mothers day...thinking of something to do for Tracy for mothers day..
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    Rebecca - I'm sorry about your friend. Athena's band-aid makes her look quite rakish.

    Penny - I literally LOL'd at the "trees."

    Welcome to those who are new, we're glad you're here!

    OK, kind over the whole "pioneer woman" thing. It's 38 degrees out there this morning and less than 60 degrees in the house. We still don't have electricity, and the only word from the electric company is "please be patient." The chimney cap was knocked off onto the roof, and I don't want to use the fireplace until we're sure nothing was damaged up there, so no heat sources except body warmth and the stove, which I don't want to use a lot, it throws a lot of carbon monoxide out, so we keep it minimal.

    The Weather Service did confirm Monday night's storm was an EF1 tornado, with 80-90 miles per hour winds, and the damage covered more than 25 miles. We only caught the edges of it, in all honesty. However, there are still thousands of us out of power and snapped power lines everywhere make it obvious why.

    A lot of people had their homes damaged far more than ours was, and I'm grateful ours was so minimal. A bruised roof is much better than some of the devastation I've seen on television from the local area. Thankfully, no one died, and there were actually no injuries reported, either.

    It's too cold and dark now, but once it warms up this afternoon, I might string the power line from the generator to the washer, and then hang everything out on the line once they're washed. We've got a couple of dry, warm days ahead of us, but the mornings will continue cold. Sleeping is a whole lot more comfortable when it's chilly, I'll say that!

    Time to get moving, go get a few things Corey asked me to pick up, and let the generator cool off for an hour or so before I start it back up again. My gratitude list continues to grow, and that's a good thing. Doesn't mean I'm not ready to get back to my usual life...

    Later, y'all,
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    Barbara AHMOD - If you have Kindle Unlimited, it's listed there...

  • barbiecatbarbiecat Member Posts: 14,733 Member Member Posts: 14,733 Member
    :) Adversity is where some of life's best lessons are learned. I learned a lot about love and family and intentional living and gratitude during the pandemic. My few times without electricity have taught me new ways of coping and a lot about gratitude. My back surgery and back injury taught me a lot about letting other people help me and making fewer demands. I never wish for adversity, but when it comes, I see it as an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth.

    :) One of my podcast heros uses the term "daily-ish" to describe good habits. Right now, that's how I practice meditation, dancing, and gardening. It is very freeing to not kick myself for missing a day. Routines are great, but not if they result in unnecessary self punishment.

    :)Lisa, That book looks great. My library has it.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA

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    Managed to print my End of life or Incapacity document from my tablet. I'll try a second copy from my phone to check that works.
    DH really doesn't want to talk about it. I'm putting it in with the wills and making sure my son knows where it is.

    Anyway, glad I can print from my gadgets!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Allie: Enjoy your tea. :flowerforyou:

    Heather: Happy 18th meeting anniversary! :heart:

    Barbara: Sorry for the loss of your college roommate. :cry:

    Rebecca: Sorry about the loss of your Hammond neighbor. :heart: :broken_heart: Love the photo of your granddaughter. She is a cutie! :bigsmile:

    Lisa: It is good to hear that you’re okay after the EF 1 tornado. 80 to 90 mph winds undoubtedly created a lot of damage. I’m glad you didn’t get as much damage as those in the tornado’s direct path. :star:

    edited May 5
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    Thanks ladies!🌄💖
  • exermomexermom Member Posts: 5,156 Member Member Posts: 5,156 Member

    Did the Biggest Loser Calorie Knockout DVD then walked around the block. Work tomorrow so no formal exercise

    Put pork ribs in the crockpot. Does anyone know an easy way to get the membrane off the bone?

    Then made chocolate bran muffins. One of them stuck to the pan so I’ll probably eat that one today

    Kylia – I’d say that just by listening to your friend, you accomplished a lot

    After exercise, went for a walk around the neighborhood. Then put the ribs in the crockpot, made chocolate bran muffins, went to the post office with Vince, now I have an angel food/pineapple cake in the oven for Vince

    M – glad you got the vaccination. That’s definitely more important than going for a run. You didn’t know that you were going to get it?

    Rebecca – mailed the envelope today since we needed to get our tax forms in so we went to the post office. I’m so very sorry about your friend. Not something you expected, huh? LOVE Athena’s band-aid

    Called Denise for PJ's birthday yesterday, hoping to talk to him. Asked her to call us back. Never got a call. No surprise, really

    Barbara – so sad about your roommate. Since I’m the one who eats healthy and exercises, Vince always says about how mad I’ll be if I die before he does

    KJ – I’ve heard of peeling broccoli – the stems. I never did it, but it makes sense that you’d peel the tough outer skin of the stem and then you’d have that part of the broccoli to eat. Actually, I guess that’s what they do when they freeze broccoli.

    Allie – that’s probably smart of your dd not to tell Talia. Kids have a way of blurting things out

    Lately I’ve gotten to where I don’t want to be on the computer unless I have to (and being here is a “have to”) I unsubscribed from a few of the emails that I got just so that I’d have less to have to go thru

    Looks like a nice day. As soon as the cake comes out of the oven, I think I’ll go string more popcorn. After it comes out of the oven, it needs to cool in the pan for 1-1/2 hr so I’ll probably take a timer outside with me, too

    Did I tell you that about 2 weeks ago Denise had a birthday party for PJ. We weren't invited. We may have gone up if (like she's doing in June) PJ stays home from daycare and we can spend the day with him on Monday. But oh well....

    Michele NC
    edited May 5
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