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    I am spending the afternoon with DH. I think he will move into my/our apartment in a few days. I look forward to it.
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    Rosemarie if you have any type of chronic pain you might want to see if you can get a prescription for it. I will help you with how to use it like I do. It's very effective!

    💞 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota
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    Mary--The TENS unit I have, has the pads. I wonder if it would work on my bat wings. I will have eto give it a try. Can't hurt.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3

    I would get the wand. You can probably get one for your TENS unit. I cover every square inch of my face. I don't think that the pads would work the same.

    💞 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota
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    Facebook Messenger question: I'm curious. How many of you use Facebook Messenger as a primary way of communicating with people? I like that I can open it on my tablet and not have to also open FB and be bombarded with their ads. Seems like 99% of my friends prefer Messenger over texting and email.

    I use FB Messenger daily. I have a group message with my girls, a couple my eldest daughter added me to with her friends and one my youngest started named Fam Jam.

    2 of us use iPhones and 2 androids it is our way of having group messages.
    My cousin and I communicate almost entirely through messenger. So does my Brother and I.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Having done a quick research on Google I see they are not exactly the same. Most people in the UK use WhatsApp. Easy to video conference as well, voice message etc, though I mostly use it for chat and sending photos and videos.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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