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    I had the pleasure of chatting with our son today. I also had a telephone visit with DH. I hope DH will be able to move to our apartment, and I hope he will be here soon.
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    Have I mentioned I hate having appointments? Yeah, I do. Just following pig trails all over the Internet reading for another hour before I leave the house. I don't mind doing the reading, just don't like having to stop, I think!

    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk/slow jog w/yogi- 1hr 21min 22sec, 36elev, 4.31ap, 122ahr, 151mhr, 6.03mi= 659c
    Strava app = 739c
    Zwift home bike trainer- strava stats- 16.33min, 174elev, 130aw, 20.3amph, 116ahr, 147mhr, 5.58mi= 125c
    Strava app = 123c
    Zwift stats- 16.39min, 176elev, 129aw, 45arpm, 20.14amph, 5.59mi= 123c

    Total cal 784
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    Pip— Good luck for your cataract surgery. I hope you will be pleased.

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    I am happy to report that son came and he and his dad took the mattress topper to the UPS store. They only charged $16 to box it to return. Hopefully, it will get back to the manufacturer and I will get a refund.

    Carol in GA

    Glad it was all handled and without a huge $. Hopefully things have quieted down.💖👍🏻🙏
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    Pip I hope your surgery goes smoothly!👍🏻💖
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    Vicki there are 10 areas on your face that you go over 10 to 15 times in the rest mode then 10 to 15 times in the blue stimulus mode. If you already have a TENS unit with a wand I posted the pictures of the areas in the spoiler. I did not take before pictures of myself but I did take before pictures of my husband and I started treating him on Saturday. I will post the results after this next Saturday. I can already see softening of his very deep wrinkles! He is being a very good sport about this!

    💞 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota