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    Barbara Happy Anniversary!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Barbara - Happy Anniversary!

    Katla - hope you and DH get to be together soon.

    Pip - loving all your projects.

    Loved the music with the Chapman sticks, very beautiful.

    I am so ready for some rain to wash the smoke out of the air here. It was bad yesterday but is much worse this morning. I was going to do some work outside today but don't think I can tolerate doing much more than feeding and watering critters.

    We had mice earlier this year but called our pest control company and they came and sealed the places under the sinks and bathtub where they were coming in and also set traps under the house. We have not seen any since. We asked if it would hurt the woodland jumping mice but they said no since they don't normally come into habitations.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/yogi- 1hr 33min 22sec, 36elev, 3.85ap, 109ahr, 142mhr, 6mi= 587c
    Strava app = 735c
    Zwift home bike trainer- strava stats- 14.45min, 184elev, 160aw, 20.7amph, 41gear, 124ahr, 150mhr, 5.09mi= 139c
    Strava app = 134c
    14.46min, 187elrv, 159aw, 54arpm, 20.76amph, 5.11mi= 135c

    Total cal 726
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    Debbie: I didn't realize Napa Valley had wet lands until you mentioned them. I have been to a couple of wineries there but really wasn't aware of wet lands.

    I had good day. I walked this morning and then spent the entire afternoon on the deck reading. The weather was somewhat overcast and perfect for sitting out there! I have spent such little time outside that I treasured every moment!

    I never knew the wetlands were there until just months ago(and I have lived here 30 yrs)- I saw the trail a year ago but never took the time to walk down it until my friend had me meet her there and walk. Now I walk almost every day and some days twice.

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    Barbie it has turned my skin from leather to silk! My acordian lines on legs and arms are almost gone. Wrinkles on my face that I had for over 30 years have disappeared! I think 🦇 wings will fly away 😜

    💞 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota

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    Katla, I'm so glad you are well, your husband is stable, and your daughter is helping you! All blessings!

    Karen in Virginia
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    Lisa: Awww… 🥰 photos

    🥳🎉 Cheers to all those celebrating.

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    Page 5

    ☘️ Terri

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    Debbie, I have a high school friend that lives in Benicia, CA. I will have to ask her about these wetlands and see if she has ever been to the park or trail there. Maybe at some point, I can fly out and she and I can walk them. I haven't been to California in over 30 years.

    Mary, I must have missed something in this blog. What in the world are you talking about? Is this some type of miraculous cream?
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    I hope our daughter will take me to see DH again today, I hope he will come home with me soon. <3
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    Happy Anniversary Barbara!

    Shows how wonderful long relationships are Betsy. How precious that you have those letters to read back. He treasured your life as much as you did.

    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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