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    I looked up TENS unit. They are used as an alternative to treating pain using electric stimulation. It is not to be used on a spot where there is cancer. If you have a pace maker I also would avoid using it. Epilepsy and heart conditions also should steer clear. I am prone to basal cell spots on my face so as tempting as it sounds to smooth out the wrinkles it is probably not the treatment for me. For certain pain conditions it sounds like a wonderful alternative to drugs. It makes sense because your nervous system is what registers pain and your nervous system is an electrical system. I do remind myself that pain alerts your body to a problem and treating the underlying cause is my goal. Sometimes symptoms do need to be treated while figuring this out because pain can affect your ability to move and/or get the rest you need. I will definitely keep this treatment in mind for future reference.
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    CarolSo sorry to hear about your sister. With having a husband on chemo I understand your sister reluctance to go through that treatment again.
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    1948CWB wrote: »

    If you are a praying person, please say a prayer for my sister who is 9 years younger than me. She had to have exploratory surgery this week on her lung and had to have the top lobe removed because of cancer. At the moment, she is having a difficult time breathing. She did not want chemo/radiation because she had that in her 30's after breast cancer.

    Carol in Ga

    Carol - sending hugs and prayers for your sister and family and you! <3 I know several folks much older than her who decided to "let nature take its course" and not go through radiation and chemo. For some, it worked out fine. Crossing fingers!

    Does she have a husband/kids? And do you have other siblings?

    Lanette B)
    Foggy/misty SW WA State
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    DH is still at the care facility. We have had information that he will be coming home in the near future. I don’t know exactly when. The sooner, the better, in my opinion.
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    Slept off and on last night. Had taken a h
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    Oct pg 4 bottom

    Arrgh. THIS is why I hate decluttering. Joe announced he wanted to move the bookshelf containing all my dvds and cds out from the corner so he could put totes of firewood there handy to the woodstove. OK good plan, winter is coming, Bi~Mart has raised the prices of PrestoLogs so Joe’s decided to cut up some of the 15 acres of dead fall we have to use for kindling instead (can you tell my tongue is bleeding?). The trouble is where to put it? In the bedroom? Where the small dresser is that hosts plants, etc. Move rolling plant stand into the bedroom shift plants onto it. Joe points out that makes the path to my side of the bed treacherously narrow. Stash coffee table under card table so can put rolling plant stand there in front of the living room window. Move plants and sun lamp. Empty out the small dresser, travel paper into recycling, guest towels into closet, games into bookshelf except for Trivial Pursuit. Add that to the donation pile as I realized I liked that game to show off how smart I am. Not something I need to do any more. Joe dragged bookshelf into bedroom except for what was on top because it was dusty (surprise!). He set that stuff on my chair in the living room which I discovered when I went there to start doing my morning PT. Shifted that stuff to the rolling table for now. Enough whining! After 1.75 hours things are finally arranged to both our satisfactions. NSV is that despite really really REALLY not wanting to, I did my 2 sets PT anyway. Time now to get ready for line dance class and DDS. Will catch up later.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    2022: Be still and listen.
    October: Move more (make that 7400 step goal), fuel better (more protein + veggies, less sugar), live NOW (continue mindful time with Joe, pay more attention to Shadow and Tumble).

    Wow you tired me out just reading all the moving and rearranging😁👍🏻! I bet they burned a bunch of calories though huh? Good on ya guy!
    (Sipping on my protein shake)
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    Expecting my son and his wife this week end so I am doing some dusting and washing sheets. Also organizing the office which is near the guest bedroom. I plan to make Baked chicken with mushroom soup and rice for dinner on Saturday. My birthday is on Sunday and they said they would cook on Sunday. Very nice of them! My goal is to do weight exercises today. I haven't done that in a long time!

    Rosemarie from Georgia

    Enjoy your time with son and wife this week! The baked chicken sounds devine.💖👍🏻 I miss my son and daughter inlaw, and of course Athena since we visited them in late September. Hopefully we see them during the holidays though. They have never visited here!
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    Afternoon ladies
    Geesh between Lisa and Barbara Oregon Coastie ya'll have me exhausted.
    But literally I am.i think its the catch up from the vaccine.. and running around after a 9 month old..
    Before I had my surgeries i was able to keep my place pretty well picked up. Now Ii have the energy to get the dishes and laundry done and feed the dog. And grocery shop. I hardly cook anymore
    And my place is a mess.. I have to get someone in to help me throw out,and organize the stuff I have ,so I dont leave a mess for my kids.
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    Carol, So sorry your sister is ailing. (((Hugs)))
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    I am awake at 2:53 am. This is not my usual behavior. Sleep is a better idea. :star:

    hope you were able to go back to sleep and get some good sleep.
    I was up until about that time too. Dozed off a few times between 10:30 and then. Alarm was set for 8 for my doctors appointment but cats woke me at 7.
    Got into the doctor right on time, then went down to dermascan to check a spot on my nose that she had removed four years ago but came back- she didn't have the stuff to just remove it in her office.
    Then went down for lab work- knew they would need it so fasted(even though she never mentioned lab work in the reminder)
    all done in just under an hour(7min. shy)
    got prescriptions for two meds that will hopefully help with the pain in my chest when I eat/drink anything cold. She doesn't know if it is related to my asthma or the Reynaulds' syndrome but should help what ever the cause. Will be so nice to eat yogurt or ice cream or drink iced tea with out having to drink hot tea to get rid of the extreme pain.
    This is a daily med. First med for me to take daily-not on anything else
    The doctor was very happy with my exercise- my weight, fully dressed this morning there was the same as it was at home Sunday(not fully dressed). She gave me the number of the person to talk to to address weight loss beings I asked about it.
    BP is great- was high last time, almost to needing meds.

    Heading out to grocery shop with dh- that is all we do on my day off.
    Hope to walk with a friend tonight.

    Napa Valley,CA
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    Rebecca - did your doctor suggest eating yogurt or some type of probiotics? I had a bout with diverticulosis a few years ago and would still get twinges.

    I think I've mentioned here before that I am now making whole milk Kefir. I drink about a cup of that per day, tastes kind of like yogurt.

    It really keeps things "tuned up" and moving along and I haven't gotten any twinges in a long time.

    Lanette B)