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    Heather: I am not familiar with double fronted shirts. I do love the color of this shirt. This will be great for the cruise and look great on you!
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    Carol- that is amazing news for your sister. Prayers really do work!!

    Heading out to go walk the wetlands for an hour or so before Ezie gets out of school. Will walk again at the park with a friend this evening. Make up for not walking yesterday.
    Will walk the dog tomorrow to get my 5th day of activity for the week.

    Spent an hour or so cleaning some of the pantry shelves in the garage. Trying to get rid of the temptations for the mice/rats. Really need to get them organized so I know what I have so I don't think I am out and buy more. Tossed the expired stuff- Will take a few more days to get this side cleaned out and then really organize it.

    Napa Valley,CA
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    Worked but then since I didn’t need to go to the soup kitchen, I was able to get to the gym...yea! So I did a spinning workout. I’ll go for a walk in a little bit. Just work tomorrow. Hopefully, I can at least get a walk in.

    Communication: I prefer to communicate by email. This way I can address it when it works into my schedule. Sometimes I find a phone call is best, especially if I’m inquiring about the health of someone.

    Barbara – how horrible the bone loss! The good thing is that it was caught early so it can be addressed. If it is alendronate related, fortunately, there are other things you can use other than biphosonates. I take the injection of prolia. That’s probably not a guarantee of bone problems, tho. At least it isn’t a biphosonate, tho

    Cleaning ovens – I’ll wait for a cold day to run the self-clean function. I really want to get my glass clean. But there is a part of me that is hesitant to remove the drawer.

    Carol – what good news about your sister! Have a great visit

    katla – how wonderful!

    Heather – really like the t-shirt. I will wear a t-shirt with a v-neck. I really can’t stand to have something all around my neck. But I need to wear one at BK. Well, they pay me to wear one so I’ll wear it.

    Speaking of BK: a while ago there was water dripping from the ceiling. First on me, then on the food. So one of the employees suggested that I do the prep in the other sink. When I asked the “manager” what we were going to do she just said “I don’t know”. That’s when the other employee suggested the other sink.

    Well, it’s started dripping again. I really think it’s the a/c. That’s what it was the other time. Anyway, the water was dripping on me so I asked if I could do the prep in the other sink. Angel (a manager) told me “OK” so I did. When another manager came in she said that I couldn’t, that if Ren (some sort of inspector for BK) ever saw that he’d be upset. Well, if the department of health ever saw water from an unknown source dripping in the prep area, it really wouldn’t matter what Ren thought. The water is dripping on me right now.

    I think I’m going to text the store manager and ask her what plan “B” will be if the dripping continues. I hate to bother her, but I need to know what I should do.

    Off to check my email then probably a walk.

    Michele NC
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    Has anyone heard from Beth? I miss her! I hope she has been able to get her mom in a better place near where she lives.

    Michele ~ I don't know how the BK can pass an inspection with that leak.

    Carol in GA
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    Karen I love your brothers artwork! He is very talented.
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    Stat for the day-

    Walk/slow jog w/yogi- 1hr 38min 18sec, 3.98ap, 89elev, 111ahr, 148mhr, 6.57mi= 648c
    Strava app = 805c
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    Ah, Karen, how beautiful is that? So glad you're there working to keep him safe.
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    This is me ...


    (Did you all watch Sesame Street back in the day? :smiley: )

    Machka in Oz

    Sesame Street and Mr. Dressup. There is going to be a documentary about him next year.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Regarding oven doors -- I've never cleaned the glass on any oven door I've had. I've generally wiped down the inside and outside, but have never cleaned in between the glass panes. I wouldn't even have an idea how to do that.

    Regarding kitchens - one thing I really miss about Canadian houses is kitchens with upper cupboards. Some of the newer houses here have them, or houses with remodelled kitchens, but a lot of Australian houses don't have upper cupboards. We've built a shelf on one side to hold tea, coffee, and spices. We do have a pantry, but half of it holds dishes and the other half holds food. The lower cupboards hold pots and pans and appliances. It's a tight fit.

    Regarding organising - one of the things that can prevent a person (like me) from organising is having nowhere to put things. That might be because there's no room or it could be because it requires a decision.

    Our place is 1140 sq ft on the main floor and about half that on the lower floor. The lower floor is mostly unfinished, so we use it for storage (stuff in bins), our workout area, and a workshop area. The upper floor has a reasonably large living area and 3 tiny bedrooms. The bedrooms are so small, we sleep in one bedroom and have our dressers, etc. in another ... our sleeping pod and our dressing room. :)

    So when I get organising, I have to make decisions like ... should this go into a bin into storage, should we take this to a charity shop, or can I stuff this into one of the rooms. And often I just don't want to deal with those kind of decisions.

    M in Oz

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    Carol – the leak just happened. It seems to me like there isn’t much communication. Like I told the manager who was on last Sat. that there was leaking. I somehow doubt she told the store manager. I bet nothing would be done if I hadn’t said something. No one seems to really care until it’s too late. They don’t care unless it affects them. But that’s just my take on it. I guess what kind-of annoys me is that I’m expected to do my job with water dripping down on me. I tell you, if I didn’t enjoy this job, I would be out of there

    Karen – beautiful artwork.

    Drkatie – congrats to your daughter. You most certainly got in your strength training!

    Michele NC