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    I am at our daughter’s home. I will be staying in our RV for a few days. DH is still in an assisted living facility. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be with me at home.
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    Wow you tired me out just reading all the moving and rearranging😁👍🏻! I bet they burned a bunch of calories though huh? Good on ya guy!
    (Sipping on my protein shake)

    Be sure to follow the protein shake up with lots of water and maybe something high in fibre like raw fruit or veg.


    Thanks! I am well on my way to feeling better!👍🏻💖
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    Well, last night was rough! My back was hurting so much, I spent from 12 to 3 am in a warm bath. Noticed that it was achy on both sides of my back, so thinking all my water is really making my kidneys work hard. Being that my body is processing whatever food I am giving it, I cut my water down a bit, especially in the afternoon, so I won't go to bed so water packed.
    I was on the couch from 4 am to about 9:45 am. Took my Meta Mucil, then went to bed, cocooned in an afghan, and Lee's side of our mink blanket flipped over me. Like a warm burrito!😜. Slept there until 1:30! Oh man. At about 2:45m I had tuna on my mind. I made a tuna boat on a roasted rustic slice of hearty wheat. Added mayo, a tsp of sweet relish, pepper, and Old Bay seasoning in with the tuna. Then topped it with a slice of cheddar cheese sprinkled with Old Bay and put under the broiler. Man, I about cried after dining on it....💖👍🏻 I then had my first cup of coffee since last week. I was so happy, grateful that it tasted so good, happy to be feeling better. Tonight my goal is to just sleep.💖😴🤗
    Thank to you ladies for keeping me positive.👍🏻💖
    I appreciate you more than you know.
    Tomorrow's plan is to do the same. My cup of broth is a nice intro into eating, because I notice it wakes up my hunger, and gets me motivated to eat something. I am not sure what I will have but its nice to forage for food again. The excitement of prepping.😁🤓
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    Ah, Rebecca, I am so glad your GI system is on the mend. Gut pain is miserable.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Fruit and Veg this past week ...

    Lots of mandarin oranges. I LOVE mandarin oranges!

    These are usually raw, steamed or lightly cooked.
    Lettuce (from our garden)

    I'm trying to remember ... this week, I wasn't feeling very well, so I didn't eat a lot of different things.

    There was chicken and corn soup, pumpkin and sweet potato soup, a tomato-based sauce for the pasta, chickpeas, pasta, TVP (textured vegetable protein), and whole grain bread.


    I also haven't done a lot of exercise this week ... low energy. But I did try to do a bit just about every day. Today, so far, I've spent a couple hours out weeding the garden, and tackled one of the more difficult areas to get into, so that's a lot of standing, bending, crouching, leaning over while hanging onto tree limbs, throwing and walking.

    Machka in Oz
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    Hooray! My task for the day completed! I've retouched my roots, so now I'm trimmed and blonded.

    Next week I will be ordering my repeat prescription online. Taking a linen jacket of DH's to the cleaners. Doing my tax return. :# Covid jab. Maybe French Circle.
    And getting on with my book, of course.

    Went for my run this morning. It went well, no accident, and quite comfortable in my legs, back and hips. :D The only disappointment was that I was too early for the deli's Saturday delivery of focaccia. :s Gorgeous weather.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Karen: Your brother really is talented. I love every picture you show us.

    Lanette and Machka: I use to have my treadmill in my kitchen...and I loved having it there and I used it!
    At the gym I use to use the elliptical. You inspire me. I will have to get back at it! I am less tired now and could be exercising more.

    Heather: Please do take pictures along the cruise! I could use the escape! Where is the cruise going to?
    Will there be different dining rooms or a different food theme each night. I wonder if there will be dancing. Do you and DH dance? I have only been on one cruise ...in the 80s...it was fun but it mostly stopped so we could go to the beach at the smaller Islands such as St. Kitt's and St. Bart's and Antigua.
    I did a little wind surfing in those days.

    Katla: I hope your DH can come home shortly. You must miss him terribly.

    Rebecca: Hope you are feeling better!

    Well I need to exercise that is a must and I must clean the bathrooms because my son and his wife are coming. I am doing all the caretaking today and this usually takes 3 hours initially once he gets up so I really should do those bathrooms before I get him up. So much more pleasant to read what all of you are doing and to post!

    Rosemarie from Georgia
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    Lanette and Machka: I use to have my treadmill in my kitchen...and I loved having it there and I used it!
    At the gym I use to use the elliptical. You inspire me. I will have to get back at it! I am less tired now and could be exercising more.

    Rosemarie from Georgia

    When I became my husband's carer, we gradually set up a home gym, for his physio activities ... and so that I could exercise and keep an eye on him. I am so glad we did that and was even happier we had that all set up when covid shut things down.

    M in Oz

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    I don't ask questions much, but I'm really interested in the answer to this one. For a little bit of background, I'm from the South, and I was raised that you greet folks politely whether you know them or not, especially if they greet you first. One of the things I realized the other day is that I have a (possibly annoying) habit of answering when people ask me how I am or how I'm doing with a joke. For instance, the gal at the drive-thru window asked me how I was on Thursday, and I said, "Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!" She didn't know whether to smile or not, so I followed that with, "But then, most people are..." and she handed me my bag and I motored on.

    I'm honestly aware that when they say "How are you doing?" they think I will say, "Fine, how are you?" as that's the cultural expectation. I like violating cultural expectations (in a kind and/or funny way) and I do it regularly. In places of business where there's more time, I tend to say, "Well, if I was any better, I'd be twins!" and my personal favorite, "If I was any better, I'd have to sit on my hands to keep from waving at people!" Followed of course, by "How about you?"

    So, the question is... How do you respond to people (whether strangers or not) who say, "How are you doing?" Or do people even greet each other that way in your culture/region/area?

    Just curious.

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    Good morning ladies!

    Yesterday I actually went shopping for clothing. I bought a pair of low heel ankle boots in beige to go with my khakis. Then I bought a purse online to go with my outfit. It's the prettiest pale blue and looks to be the same size and shape as the black one I am used to. I got a discount and it was on sale, which almost made up for the shipping cost.

    On the bright side of caregiving, my dad managed his own trip to the doctor, and even got his own blood work done. Yay! And his A1C is five and a half. So that's still good.

    Today I need to buy potatoes for Sunday dinner. Somehow they never made the grocery list this week. And there's another writers' event at the library.

    Karen your brother's artwork is gorgeous! He is lucky to have you as an advocate. Sometimes I think we all need one!

    Machka good luck with your bees! Hope your neighbors will enjoy them.

    Katla I hope you can be with DH soon! I worry about my parents being separated when my mom needs more memory care. My dad seems to think he will go with her, but he doesn't realize the freedom he will give up. Not to mention the expense.

    There is no glass in the oven door in this house. One less thing to worry about!

    It's a beautiful clear sunny fall day here with a proper chill.

    Annie in Delaware