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    Pip - Glad you're home - hope the surgery was successful and healing is swift and painless!

    Barbara AHMOD - Many sympathies for you and for Joe. Anything like that always expands to fill the available time and often leaves things to do at another time that weren't on your to-do list at all. I've explained to my husband more than once that the reason I don't do the surface cleaning much is that once I start, I have a really hard time stopping. So, my entire day has consisted of:
    1. Pull everything that can go in the dishwasher off the gas stove and get it washed (burner tops, all front knobs, grates) as well as the vent hood filters.
    2. Spray stovetop with fume-free oven cleaner, as it's the only thing that will clear his cooking buildup off the surface.
    3. As I'm walking past getting laundry done, I spray any places I missed, plus I spray the vent hood down with the oven cleaner, inside and out.
    4. After laundry is in, I get on the Internet to figure out how to get the oven door off. Corey the cook has a tendency to finish items in the oven, like meat and other things cooking in oil, as well as cook bacon in there, and the inside of the oven is covered with, well everything you can think of. But what bothers me most is the window in the door, which has become nearly opaque with spattered grease.
    5. I get the door off, and then I have to find a different site that tells me how to pull the door apart so I can clean the inside of the double pane glass--about a month after we got it, I had milk boil over on the stove, and it dripped down in between the windows and I've never been able to clean it to my satisfaction. That was four years ago. Today, I got that figured out too.
    6. Take that apart and spray its four-year-old stains with oven cleaner.
    7. Deal with the laundry while that does its magic.
    8. Done with that, wipe the stovetop, which the fume-free oven cleaner has shined right up.
    9. Do the same with oven door and windows.
    10. Figure out how to put the door back together--I have never figured out why, when you take something apart, the nine screws you took out never quite line up with the holes... Murphy's Law, I guess.
    11. Figure out how to get the door back on the oven (Still working on that one. Had to stop to take my afternoon meds). Again, the two hinges came off easily, but don't want to slot back in... and holding an oven door in mid-air while you're trying to slide these hinge mechanisms into holes on the body of the stove reminds me I REALLY need to start lifting weights again.
    12. Once that's on, I can get all the bits and bobs out of the dishwasher and put the overall thing back together so he can cook dinner about an hour from now.
    13. Crap on a cracker, I forgot to wipe down the vent hood - I'll have to throw a towel over the stovetop so I don't get it dirty while I'm wiping that down.

    And THAT is why I do not do much surface cleaning. Please note - if he wasn't coming home to cook, I would leave the door off, because in all that list above, you will not see a number that shows me spraying and cleaning the actual inside of the oven, because I didn't have enough oven cleaner. I'm going to run up to the little grocery near us and see if they have any, but it may be a forlorn hope. Either way, tomorrow, I WILL STILL BE CLEANING MY OVEN. It is possible that I need psychological help. :D Because I just realized I also need to pull the entire stove out and clean under it and behind it before I'm actually done.

    I've never figured out if that inability to stop is a hangover from the perfectionist tendencies of my working life, where I was responsible for thousands and millions of dollars of other people's money, and it had to be right, or if I'm just a goober that can't stop anything until I'm finished. In all honesty, it's annoying the living pooky out of me that I can't get the thing finished today, but I've learned to reassure Perfect Polly that I will get back to it tomorrow.

    OK - my arms have stopped aching (had a hepatitis b shot and a flu shot yesterday, so I'll blame it on that!), time to go try to get that door reinstalled and the vent fan wiped down and then head for the grocery store.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    When I have the energy for those sorts of cleans, I always feel so good at the end of the day!

    With Barbara's rearranging situation, I would be in there with the vacuum and dust cloths and everything!

    M in Oz
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    Having done a quick research on Google I see they are not exactly the same. Most people in the UK use WhatsApp. Easy to video conference as well, voice message etc, though I mostly use it for chat and sending photos and videos.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    The Asian students in my classes at university used WhatsApp so I installed it on my previous phone and used it. But now that I am not in uni, I don't use it anymore.

    Machka in Oz
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    This is me ...


    (Did you all watch Sesame Street back in the day? :smiley: )

    Machka in Oz
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    sh0tzz99 wrote: »
    You all got me thinking (last month, which seems like ages ago) about decluttering. I hate clutter, but the mister seems to thrive on it. It makes me anxious at first, then I get angry. I started decluttering his messes in the common areas. I bought a tea box to put all his computer/technology cables into and they are no longer giving me anxiety every time I look toward the kitchen...which is almost constantly. I also put all the remote controls and various creams he uses while watching TV and that clutter the coffee table into little containers. Hopefully, he will keep them cleaned up.

    Tina in CA

    Good luck with that.

    My husband is the Everything Out™ Organizing Style Personality with a splash of Saver™ Organizing Style Personality and he likes everything out all over the coffee table, kitchen counters, etc.

    I have tried all sorts of organising systems, but eventually the containers I try end up in the office (junk room). Just the other day, I noticed the most recent attempt in there. He puts them there because they get in the way of laying everything out.

    His brain injury doesn't help matters because he forgets where things are, so if he puts things away, he'll forget where they are.

    In the kitchen, he does put away the groceries, but I find little collections of soup or packaged rice or whatever here, there, and everywhere because he's forgotten where the soup goes, so he starts a new place!


    Meanwhile, my ideal style is Nothing Out™ Organizing Style Personality with a splash of Straightener™ Organizing Style Personality.

    There are a number of different websites with organising personality styles. It might help to read about those who like to have everything out and try some of the organising suggestions. I'm working my way through them ... but kinda reaching the end of the options now, I think.

    Machka in Oz

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    I use WhatsApp mainly for group chats. I am in a few WhatsApp groups. We usually try to organise coffee mornings or days out etc.

    I also use Facebook Messenger, but you need to be on the internet to use it. I only have the internet at home, so use that only to reply to messages that I get. The contract I have with BT only gives me a few MB of data and I find I go over my limit if I have the internet on my phone when away from home, so I only put it on if I need to reply to a message, or if I'm waiting for something and want to have a look at Facebook to pass the time. I sometimes forget to turn if off though.

    I mainly use the Messaging App on my phone, messages reach me whether I am at home or not.

    Emails I tend to use for business purposes.

    Viv <3
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    Is Facebook Messenger the same thing as WhatsApp? Just a different name? We do also have Messenger, but i rarely use it. WhatsApp is encrypted.

    My legs are having a flare up the last couple of days. Makes sleep more difficult, and they feel weaker when I'm walking, though they still have the same strength. It is very annoying, but my doctor had no idea. I think it is this autoimmune thing, because it comes and goes.

    Birthday lunch today. We had to wait until today because they only open from Thursday to Sunday. I'm not feeling entirely enthusiastic with my legs hurting, but I'm sure I will enjoy it when I get there. I know DH would like to walk both ways, but I will bus nearly there and hope to walk back. It's around 3 miles. In 'The Lanes', Petit Pois.

    Mouse still absent. :*

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    Compartment Syndrome?

    Shin Splints?

    Peripheral Artery Disease? (You used to smoke, yes?)
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    Morning ladies
    About to leave and go take care of Miles
    We went and I picked up those toys at Target and then we went to Aldi. And came home..
    I picked Carmine up some McDonald's.. wanted to get him something because he had an early day at school.
    I was so tired when I got home I was out like a light by around 5 and slept until 6:10 this morning.. guess I needed it.or it was a late kick from the vaccine lol.
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    Good morning ladies! <3

    Thanks for the interesting Messenger/Text/Email/WhatsApp information. I avoid talking on the phone except for a few people under special circumstances. My next door neighbor emailed me she saw a rat on her deck so I ran to the phone and called her and I offered her one of my live traps and also a huge rat snap-trap. DH had all kinds of goodies stashed away. I think there's even a live trap somewhere big enough for a raccoon.

    Lisa - I had to take a nap after reading about your oven cleaning project. :D

    Barbara - Agree 100% with husbands wanting to do something/move something in the house, not realizing it's going to be a ton of work on our part. Glad it all got worked out. I had to take yet another nap after your report too, lol. :D Love it that your daily list includes spending time with Joe and your pupsters.

    Organizing - I use a lot of little baskets to keep the clutter down.

    I'm planning a walk this morning with my neighbor, she knows it will be a short one due to my hip. Which is responding well to lots of icing and stretches. At my urging, she finally signed up for the gym where she too can get some exercise and cardio out of the cold and rain this fall/winter. The plan is to get her weaned off the daily 2 mile pavement walking with me as her sidekick. If she wants to keep plodding alone or with her husband at her side, that's fine.

    I was looking at hip bursitis exercises and info on the internet yesterday, and ran across some good ones on the Bob & Brad page. The guys also did a review on a small elliptical that can be used sitting or standing.


    I thought about getting one of these last year for DH who was unable to walk very well. He told me don't bother, he'd never use it, so I tabled it. But now, after trying the big elliptical at the gym the other day and really working leg and glute muscles that just walking doesn't impact, I rethought it.

    Amazon has them. I had a lot of rewards points so ordered it this morning. It's heavy, but I think I can manage 24 lbs OK. I see comments about it squeaking, so I might need to pick up a can of silicone spray, but I have some bicycle lube around here that might work.

    Early Christmas present to me from me. :D The price went up $.99 overnight, no surprise. Dirty buggers. I think a few of you have this one or something similar.

    Make it a fabulous day, ladies! <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    Lanette that looks like the mini elliptical I have. I put it next to a table for balance. I haven't used it lately.

    Annie in Delaware
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    :) I communicate via email and text. I have one friend who calls once a week at the same time and I go for a walk while I talk to her. I have another friend who usually meets me for a walk once a week and occasionally will text to see if I am available for a phone call. I meet another friend for a walk nearly every morning. Otherwise, I'm not in touch with anyone.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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