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It’s a new year and MyFitnessPal has another fun challenge for you!

In 2022, we helped more than 250K members reach their goals with the Simple Start Challenge. Now, we’re empowering you to Jumpstart Your Health by committing to 14 days of healthier ways!

This year’s free, in-app challenge features tips from experts, like cookbook author and TV host Ayesha Curry, plus useful advice from our most successful MyFitnessPal members. Topics include logging tips, nutrition, cooking, motivation, and exercise. Each day is designed to help you build healthy habits that last all year long—and beyond.

A sneak peek at some of the daily to-do’s:
Read all your labels today. Spot any surprise sugar?
Batch-prep this week’s veggies and proteins to save time.
Start tracking how much sleep you get each night.

Join the Jumpstart Your Health challenge in the “Plans” section of the app. You can also find more info on our blog and follow myfitnesspal on social for tips and motivation. As always, we want to hear how it’s going, so chime in with your new year thoughts!

What is your ultimate health and fitness goal for 2023?
What healthy habits do you want to build to help achieve your goal?
What’s the best nutrition or exercise advice you’ve learned (and still use today)?

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  • congelfer
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    Where is plans?
  • Betty
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    congelfer wrote: »
    Where is plans?

    Hi @congelfer ! Plans are available on our iPhone and Android apps for those with their device language set to English. Please see our FAQ on Plans for more info.
  • Jefner0528
    Jefner0528 Posts: 1 Member
    Excited about the changes I'll be making to my health in 2023!
  • sahollis2023
    sahollis2023 Posts: 1 Member
    edited January 2
    Had some stomach problems last year - GURD. Managing, but I want to focus on my goal of losing weight. Looking forward to a new start in 2023.
  • bobswife99
    bobswife99 Posts: 1 Member
    I want to join the Jumpstart Your Health Challenge. I'm hoping this is the place to be

  • jenjenn109
    jenjenn109 Posts: 1 Member
    I’m in too, this will be a great year!
  • Betty
    Betty Posts: 8,621 MFP Staff
    bobswife99 wrote: »
    I want to join the Jumpstart Your Health Challenge. I'm hoping this is the place to be

    Hi! You can Join the Jumpstart Your Health challenge by going to the “Plans” section of the iPhone and Android apps.