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    Lanette the other reason mouth breathing helps is you get more nitrous oxide in your system (think laughing gas) in addition to filtering out more germs and other unwanted things in the air.

    First day of new Vitamins. The daily and Vitamin C are on the large side. I just remember the trick of keeping your chin tuck down towards your chest to help you swallow.

    I watched a video on how to use breathing aids. They do suggest to start out slow and build to a max of 12 hours a day. Once I get to 8-10 I will use at night. I have more problems breathing through my nose at night. Turns out my dentist has a similar product and does have mouth tape to help you breathe through your nose at night. It is much better for your teeth to if you can master it.

    Today I am going to make a list of my self care needs and make sure I do them daily. Some seem like no- brainers. I get so busy with all the other things that are on my plate it is easy for me to skip things without a check list... examples will include drinking at least 3 16 oz of lemon water a day. Brush teeth in the morning. Check blood pressure daily. Sit quietly 5 min, stretch legs out morning, afternoon, night, and if on feet or sitting for longer than 30 min.

    Making better choice in eating is getting easier...Agree with Dr. Matt on how to shop the grocery store. It makes it so much easier to eat better if you have better food in your home.

    I had better success with my almond flour pancakes today!

    Off to make my list...
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    Simone I taught Kindergarten years ago. Yes they can be a peppy bunch. When you first start student teaching clear your schedule of anything that is non-essential. This is also true when you start teaching at the beginning of a school year.

    This is how I am treating this period of my life right now. This is why I am also prioritizing self care.

    Hope student teaching goes well for you!
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    On nose vs mouth breathing ... for most of my life I could breathe through my nose as long as I was inactive (sitting doing school work or whatever) but as soon as I became active (running around the school yard at recess, etc.) I breathed through my mouth.

    As I got older and got into cycling, people kept telling me to breathe through my nose while cycling and being active. But I couldn't ... and I couldn't figure out what they were talking about because it was impossible to breathe through my nose while being active and I assumed it was impossible for everyone.

    Then in 2020, I had my badly deviated septum corrected and discovered that I could breathe through my nose at last!!

    Oddly, MRIs of my head and X-rays of my sinuses and all sorts over the years found nothing. It wasn't until I saw an ENT specialist that the deviated septum I likely had since birth or early childhood was discovered.

    So if you are having difficulty breathing through your nose it can be worth getting it checked by a specialist.

    It's also made a world of difference during this time of having COVID. Before the surgery I would have been near drowning like I was during every single cold I have had since I can remember. Now, whilst my sinuses are pumping out record quantities of mucus, I am able to get rid of it and not have it block me up and nearly drown me.

    M in Oz
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    Morning ladies,was awake and out the door and to Walmart by 7:15 and out of there by 9.
    But didn't sleep well..so im beat now..
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    Today is a good day to play trivia games. Walmart, Sam’s, Vet, PetCo, and Doc today. Gonna be busy!


    RVRita in NM
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    really180 wrote: »
    Dropping in to read a little before my next meeting - Thank you for the welcome! What is everyone working on for goals this year?

    2024 Goals
    Words of the year: simplify, empowered, and authentic.

    SIMPLIFY—make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand.
    EMPOWERED—give (someone) the authority or power to do something.
    of undisputed origin; genuine.

    I will be authentic and empowered while working to simplify my life.

    1. Do 12 different crafts this year: color, draw, sew, crochet, knit, bead jewelry, candles, make cards, origami, scrapbook, macrame, loop looms 2/12
    2. Walk 7250 steps daily. 2/31
    3. 30 minutes activity 2/7 days a week
    4. Journal 2/5 days a week
    5. Meditate 2/7 days a week
    6. Family phone calls 12/12 monthly.
    7. Save $1000 for emergencies by depositing $50 a month into savings and not touching it. 0/1000
    8. Research and apply for senior independent living in Roswell, one a month. 0/12
    9. Drink 8 days a month or less. 0/8
    10. Read 2/24 books this year.

    “I’m learning to treat myself as if I am valuable. I find that when I practice long enough, I begin to believe it.” In All Our Affairs

    “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.” —-Romans, The Bible.

    Keep it Simple
    But for the Grace of God
    Easy Does It
    First Things First
    Just for Today
    Let it Begin with Me
    How Important is it?
    One Day at a Time
    Keep an Open Mind
    Live and Let Live
    Let Go and Let God

    say the Serenity prayer.
    “Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can, and
    The wisdom to know the difference.”

    I also say a step 7 prayer which is very simple and it goes like this: 'God, please help me deal with my character defects.’

    The results of your personality test are in. Here they are:
    Personality type: Logistician (ISTJ-T)
Traits: Introverted – 69%, Observant – 58%, Thinking – 75%, Judging – 56%, Turbulent – 54%
Role: Sentinel
Strategy: Constant Improvement

    Joined MFP 5/26/2010






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    Lanette B)
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    sh0tzz99 wrote: »

    Debbie-I am not giving up. I also think it's more in my back (alignment). On my checklist is to find a new chiropractor. The only time I felt better was after a chiro visit. My other one retired and it's been a struggle finding a new one.

    Also on my checklist is to find a new yoga studio. Also a struggle because they are expensive here and taking classes like that are out of my comfort zone. So, there are two barriers for me. But I think yoga will help physically and mentally.

    Congrats Vicki and Rita for 17 years and 5 months respectively!

    Finally weighed myself yesterday. *sigh* I have some work to do.

    Tina in CA

    Going to Zumba class was TOTALLY out of my comfort zone when I started. I had never done anything like it but my friend asked me to go with her. I am still going and enjoying it so much. Friend quit a few years ago, trying other groups/activities but doing nothing now. I have been doing this for 4-5 yrs now.
    I miss it if we don't have class or I have to miss one. It is just an hour, two nights a week. Gets me out of the house, have met some great friends there and gets me moving. Gives me 6000-8000 steps in that one hour

    I wish dh would join me in in part of getting a bit healthier. He could use it even more than me. He is diabetic, has high BP, stressed all the time and prefers take out to healthier home cooking. Snacks all the time and doesn't exercise at all. He has walked with me at the wetlands once and he barely made it(he told me after we were done, and I took him on the shorter path that I do easily all the time) I know it would be good for him physically and mentally