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    Thank you for the welcomes!

    Rosemarie i bet your vehicle smells clean. When Spring finally comes I hope to get mine detailed. Are you looking for a cat? I have an almost 10 year old calico and an almost 6 year old a get and white long haired. They are named Patches and Trixie. I have had both since they were kittens. I also have a 1.5 year old Dalmatian named Belle.

    I was able to go for a 30 minute walk this afternoon. I am so out of shape that I can’t walk with my dog yet. She walks fast and pulls me so hard that my shoulder ends up hurt. She does go for walks.
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    Betsy in NW WA
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    Nighty night ladies
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    exermom - thanks for the sit n fit idea. My husband bought a Cubi last year and I'm trying to use that. I have to strengthen my knee but if I put too much weight on it for any length of time, I find myself doing the karate kid Flamino pose in the middle of the supermarket cuz my knee is hurting so bad. Thank heaven for canes, saves me from falling over.
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    Prebowled. I don't know why I changed my eye MD appt from the 17th to the 22nd, but I did. Then helped Vince bring in some of the Christmas decorations. Almost everything is in

    M – I really don’t like sauces, either. To me, I want to taste the vegetable, not the sauce. I’m not big on BBQ even tho it’s pretty big here in NC. I also don’t care for sugar-free things. Give me a little of the real stuff or give me nothing at all. I don’t want something that I know comes from a lab

    Rori – I love the IP air fryer lid, so much that I bought Jess one for christmas. Makes just enough for one or two people. I originally bought it because it was advertised as a dehydrator and I thought I’d dehydrate fruit. Takes too long to dehydrate and you can’t do a lot at any one time. But for most food – yum

    Annette – your step total is awesome.

    The dermatologist called. They had a cancellation so I go there tomorrow at 1 to get the mole that was bleeding frozen off. I bet he’ll send it in for a biopsy. But this is a new year so I have to meet my medicare deductible

    Rita – every time I put the plastic on my windshield, I think of you. Thanks.

    Speaking of which, I wrote to NHTSB to see what was being done. In essence, they said I could make a formal complaint, which I will do. But first I need to get all the data together. VIN number, etc.. This group has only been in existence 10 years? I thought it was longer.

    Lisa – how awesome that you’ll see your daughter. I can feel the excitement in your post. And your son!

    Rebecca – thought of you instantly when I first learned of the tragedy in Japan. Your sons weren’t affected, were they?

    One good thing about this root canal – I don’t want to eat most foods. Guess you need to look for the silver lining wherever you can find it!

    Sue – I’m glad you found the source of the stoppage of your septic, but what a pain!

    Hey Linda!! Long time no see. Oh, the way I can get by having only one Hershey kiss RIGHT NOW is after this root canal, I really don’t want to eat a lot of foods (anything hard). And a frozen kiss is hard

    Better get to the shower. I was hoping to spend time with Shadow to see if she’s still making that hacking sound, or was it just a hairball?

    Michele NC
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    :)Linda glad to see you back
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    Welcome to all the ladies who are new to this thread.

    There are quite a few of us here, and it is a busy thread ... lots of posts, lots of topics. Please don't feel you have to read everything, just jump in where you like.

    I'm Machka from Tasmania, Australia. I work in health data and I'm a carer to my husband who has a severe brain injury from a workplace accident. I enjoy cycling, walking, hiking, gardening, colouring, photography and reading. (To name a few things).

    Machka in Oz
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    really180 wrote: »
    Dropping in to read a little before my next meeting - Thank you for the welcome! What is everyone working on for goals this year?

    to expand my skillset and to improve our financial situation.
    to keep us as healthy as we can be and to ensure we have information at our fingertips.
    to improve my fitness level.
    to have an organised and decluttered house and computer system.
    to ensure all paperwork is up to date and accessible by both of us.
    to have a pleasant, creative, relaxing and functional area outside for reading, exercise and socialising.
    to learn, relearn, revitalise.
    to work on balance. Doing a variety of things that aren't just work and education.

    Machka9 wrote: »
    2024 Goals

    My 2024 goals are a continuation of my past goals based on my ToDo list and my 50Things list with reference to a Wellness Wheel.

    Upcoming Appointments - these are at the top of my list. The things I need to deal with in the next few weeks.

    Intellectual/Occupational/Financial or Education/Career: Advancing my career. Moving from adequate to proficient at SQL, brushing up on cost accounting and learning clinical costing, learning Python and data analysis software.
    Also, I want to have a closer look at our financial situation to see where we can save money and to make sure we're on top of things.

    The goal is to expand my skillset and to improve our financial situation.

    Medical: my husband's appointments, which I also need to attend because I'm his ears and cognition and my appointments now that I've been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease.
    I also want to create medical record binders (and on the computer) for both of us, in case something happens.

    The goal is to keep us as healthy as we can be and to ensure we have information at our fingertips.

    Fitness/Sports > Cycling > Audax Tasmania: There are a number of fitness/sport things I'd like to try, with a focus on cycling, and a large part of my cycling endeavours includes my volunteer work with Audax Tasmania ... and maybe even riding some events again myself!
    On my 50Things list I have all sorts of things like learning to swim, riding a horse for the first time, trying archery, learning to dance. Maybe this might be the year to try a bit of that.

    The goal it to improve my fitness level.

    House > Office > Computer become more specific as they go along. I have a number of thing which need to be done in the house (kitchen, dining room, etc.) but most importantly the home office needs a whole lot of work. And along with that I need to organise the drives on my computer into a better filing system.

    The goal is to have an organised and decluttered house and computer system.
    The goal is also to ensure all paperwork is up to date and accessible by both of us.

    Garden: I have several projects I would like to do this year. One of the main ones is to finish the border around my dry stream and bulb garden. :)

    The goal is to have a pleasant, creative, relaxing and functional area outside for reading, exercise and socialising.

    Spiritual: Continue to read the Bible every day. And attend church a little bit more often -we've got some plans in this regard.

    The goal is to learn, relearn, revitalise.

    Emotional/Social/Recreation: More creativity, relaxation, connections. I have all sorts of things on my 50Things list like doing more with my photography, playing the piano again, working on my website and more.

    The goal is balance. Doing a variety of things that aren't just work and education.


    But first, I need to recover from COVID.

    Machka in Oz

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    After a rough night- lots of wheezing/coughing/asthma off and on all night, got up and did some shopping with dh. Went up for Falling Prices- that was a bust but we did find some great deals at some of the other stores we went to- Best one for me was Hobby Lobby- hit the clearance section and scored a hand basket over flowing with all kinds of projects/supplies for me and also to keep my daycare girl busy.
    One thing I got that I am excited to try is something called Easy Marble- liquid marbleing - the kit was originally 12.99 and I got it for 1.30!! bought 6- plus two 3pk of just the "paint" that were .69. Some acrylic paint for .09! Different pink/red tone fabric remnants super cheap.
    I went in looking for Christmas mark down. Only found one thing- a brown, fake fur tree skirt that is now on my bed for the cats, the love it. Reg. price was $49.99 and I got it for $4.99.
    Everything was 90% off or more. Now just need to find a place to put it(still have last weeks bag from the other Hobby Lobby sitting on the couch)

    a quilling set reg. $30 for $2-
    Lots of fun supplies.

    Went to zumba class tonight- kept up pretty good. Only started coughing once near the end. Felt good to really move. Hit 10,000 steps right after class. Not bad for being sick.

    Have Ezie tomorrow. Last week of Winter break for her.
    Back to walking the wetlands next week. Will be a bit more cautious when I am there- they found a dead guy not too far from the path I walk(he was in the wooded area I don't go in). They are guessing a homeless guy. Two teenagers were walking and found him. There is a path that goes through that area but I won't go on it alone.
    So, back to walking and tracking food on Monday. Will weigh on Sunday morning to see my starting weight.

    For all the new ladies- WELCOME!!!

    Napa Valley, Ca
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    Debbie: Your eggroll in a bowl sounds delicious!

    Rosemarie from Georgia

    came out very well. We did use cream. If I made it for myself, I might switch to milk.

    It is very simple and you can add what ever veggies you like. The meat can be ground pork, turkey or chicken. Just make sure to add lots of ginger, garlic and soy sauce.
    I use the bagged salad kit because it was easy.
    Eating the filling over rice is so much easier and healthier than making all those little egg rolls and frying them. I have done that many times too- 200 at a time.
    Options for veggies include bean sprouts, carrots, celery, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, mushrooms, lotus root, cabbage, broccoli, kale
    I added a bit of oyster sauce this time and it was really good. Had a bowl full after class tonight
    Just saute the meat then start adding veggies and sauce- cook til the veggies are tender

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    Today’s gratitude:
    1/3 gutter cleaner showed up and did the work! DDS seated crown.
    1/2 gutter cleaner’s reasonable estimate, will do work tomorrow.
    Lisa interesting article, protein/fats/fiber before carbs, sounds right. Hilarious service hours ;) Insightful of Corey and good on you for not bucking his suggestion. Great happy news about seeing your DD and later DS and his SO.
    Tina I do not like the “all in my head they say” answer. Is your gyn a woman? Hope you can find another answer/provider/solution. ((hugs)) Gorgeous pics but {brr!}
    Heather WOW. And I thought our seas were angry. Thank you for yours and Machka’s to Tina.
    Welcome @GeekGirl82 Kay in OH and @Jom1003 ! We’re a friendly, chatty bunch, hop right in!
    Michele, yes I find time in the dentist’s chair emotionally and physically draining. Naps are definitely called for. Prayers for your friend.
    Ginny imho the oldies but goodies are the least toxic: cast iron, stainless steel, glass. Our skillets are all cast iron, Pyrex baking dishes, Corningware and Revereware pots. Good luck!
    Rori let us know if your guy ever plays the Bandon Dunes golf course, we could meet up for a stroll and lunch! ;)
    Tracey thanks for the “only murders in the building” recommendation. I’ve recorded it but not yet started watching. :love: your lights in vases, forgot that it was Penny’s suggestion. I have Christmas lights in a vase and now a champagne bottle in my office, year ‘round ;)
    Welcome @AnnetteGH4L Annette in MN and conVERYgratulations on the 13K+ steps!
    Kylia s s s now? :noway: Keep safe!
    Machka it just stinks that COVID has eaten up your holidays. ((hugs))
    Rita holding good thoughts for renal MD appointment. ((hugs))
    @really180 “What is everyone working on for goals this year?” Mine are to strengthen mind/body/heart. Move more, fuel better, live now. What are yours?
    Rebecca :love: that Athena face!
    Lanette can never thank you enough for Dr. Matt and the protein for breakfast. Have been having a cup of bone broth first thing each morning which helps postpone the oatmeal and veggie sausage “breakfast” til around 11, then a protein heavy meal around 4 and I’m done. Doubt I’ll ever get up to 80 g/protein per day but as I’m “small” anything over 60g (1 g/kilo of wt) is “gravy” ;) What will you do to get the chicken run ready for the snow?
    @KetoneKaren Happy New Year to you and yours! Miss you!!!
    Allie gotta love sMiles in his Valentine’s glasses.
    Vicki “I just love all you ladies and all the things we share to help each of us be the best we can be.” Well said. Ditto :heart:
    Debbie thanks for sharing your husband’s experience. Glad that doc found the trouble, so sorry the replacements were toxic and he’s been in pain ever since. ((hugs))
    Rosemarie the new couch sounds lovely and cheery, and good for you for reading/relaxing. The chores will wait!
    Simone, well done for your 30 minute walk. Both our dogs pull on leash and hurt my shoulder. Chiropractor calls it “leash arm” :laugh: When they pull, I try to stop, then not step forward until the come back to my side. Makes for slow progress and can my patience only lasts for a few minutes of training, but then I put them back in the yard and take myself for a walk. Fortunately we are safe to walk them “off leash” down our driveway to the powerline meadow.
    Sue Trash in the toilet? :noway: Drying clothes outside problematic in the PNW, you have a talent for understatement :laugh: Yours to Annie about horses ((hugs))
    @ladycopnh1 Welcome! When my knee got so bad I couldn’t put weight on it, my MD ok’d PT. The exercises the therapist gave me have really helped.
    Welcome back @lcharpentier2 Linda from Ont! We’re glad your back!
    Margaret Good positive “flip”! Will be interested in hearing more about the breathing device.
    Intro for the new ladies, I am Barbara, the Ageing (73) Hippie Mother of Dogs. My husband Joe and I live in a little blue doublewide in the woods above the Southern Oregon Coast. I love to read, line dance, and jump down the internet rabbit “research” hole. The warm, wise, compassionate, inspiring women here are a big part of my day and life. Welcome!
    1/3: Move: 2 sets PT w/d YAY me!, line dance class, Jeopardy walking. Steps:6772
    Fuel: sugar in vs mfp=15 CI<CO net=330 vits=1
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, AF, ptS, Optum rX change provider/get login help/Joe’s authorization letter, Post Office, gas, DDS, Wt: 132.5
    1/2: Move: ZERO sets PT, Jeopardy walking. Steps:5730
    Fuel: sugar in vs mfp=31 CI<CO net=693 vits=0.5
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, ptT, ptS, H, laundry, lunch with A&T, BiMart . Wt:133.4

    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    January:: Move more: dailyish PT, play with dogs, more steps than yesterday.
    Fuel better: less sugar, CI<CO, dailyish vitamins. more AF days than not.
    Live NOW: dailyish time with Joe, dogs, readings, Hebrew, meditation.
    Open heart and mind before mouth.
    2024: Strengthen: body, mind, heart-connections