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    Well starting day 3 I hate this fluctuation thing and that I just can't understand a gain.. All I can think of was to much carbs in the popcorn I had. Because I was under calories on here. Oh well take it and keep with it. Good luck to all
    Linda in Northern Ontario
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    Linda I am guessing salt from popcorn....fluctuations are normal, but hard to watch. Some ladies weigh daily but only log once a week. Some only weigh weekly or monthly. If you haven't done so yet, take measurements too. You've got this!

    Annie HUGS! Take care.

    Allie Hot compresses. They help quickly. Also washing eye area with baby shampoo. These things help me. If you wear eye makeup, don't until gone. Buy new mascara.

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    Kylia- don't wear makeup ,don't have baby shampoo but will be hopping in the shower and have cera v face wash and will use some of that.
    Alfie is under the covers as usual lol
    Pip- please let us know whats going on with poor Kirby ..
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    Betsy in NW WA
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    Stat for the day-

    Walk w/family- pushed chispas in buggy- 2hrs 1min 58sec, 85elev, 3.05ap, 90ahr, 114mhr, 6.30mi= 642c
    Strava app= 772c

    Didn’t spin or go to the gym. I have to get my California drivers license this year (exp. 2025). I have all the information from my previous marriages (married 4 times) except for husband #1 so I am tackling that. The county couldn’t find my marriage certificate but I was able to get my divorce paper. Hopefully that will be enough to get a license since it has my original name. Moral of the story, don’t get married multiple times!

    You need all of that to get a driver's license? That's annoying.

    Tina in CA
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    pipcd34 wrote: »
    At the ER with kirby-

    He got a pain that won’t stop after lifting a bucket of water to fill the front fountain. He Took ibuprofen and laid down thinking the pain would go away, but it hasn’t. I wanted to bring it here once it happened. That’s what insurance is for. We r still here

    Hope he's OK!

    Tina in CA