Over 200 new Year New Me Part 50



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    OK I'm late but at least it's still Friday!

    My goals for July:
    Lose 10 pounds - not quite the 2.5 I need but 1.4 is at least a start!
    Exercises 3 days a week - I'll get two in this weekend :)
    swim once a week -packing my suit for the lake!
    No Alcohol *sob!* -I might have had a glass of Cline old vine zin last night... BUT JUST A GLASS! *fail*

    I'm going to add a goal to my July quest - I'm going to update my measurements on the site. It will be ugly and possibly make me feel a wee bit depressed... but it's time I start back it this "FOR REALZ" and that's a good way to get to it!
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    Still here and doing great!! I have being running (yes I said running) on my elliptical everyday for 60 minutes and eating great.My husband is borderline diabetic and high blood pressure and a list of other things so we are trying to reverse it before it goes fulll blown.He has lost 28 pounds himself already but he is now on a lowfat,low sodium ,sugar free diet docs orders so I am trying to help him stick to it by doing it with him.Doctor said it would hurt me a bit either to follow it .Hope we can reverse this before it turns into diabetes and he has to start taking meds for it and high blood pressure.I have lost 7 pounds this week yes I said 7!! I am so excited
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    Ann, that's fantastic!! I think it's great you and hubby are doing this together. Way to go!!
    Mstahl, good work on packing your suit. Enjoy the swimming!

    Checking in from yesterday (yes, on a weekend!)
    Cals - Right on point with exercise
    Water - 120 oz
    Exercise - 1 hour of zumba, 20 min of hard walking = 700 burned cals!!
    Proud - Great Zumba class, I'm really getting the hang of the routines!

    I went to the gym this morning and did 30 min on the treadmill (running, walking, walking on an incline) and 30 minutes on the weight machines. I'd really like to see more definition in my muscles, so I know I need to start adding more weights.

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    I am now the proud owner of a (slightly used) washer and dryer! I am also now the proud owner of my first ever screwdriver. I'm a grown-up! :laugh:

    I continued to be cranky through last night, so had nice hermit evening and am feeling social again today. I'm still sore, so no workout beyond moving the washer and dryer up my stairs and into the laundry room. I might go for a walk downtown later, though, once it cools down.

    Oh, and when out running errands this morning I caved and bought a digital scale for the bathroom. It appeared to weigh me 1/2 a pound heavier than the gym scale, so I just need to do some testing to see how it really compares. If I get too obsessed about getting on it in the mornings, I'm going to return it.

    Yesterday -

    Calories: 56 under
    Water: 80 ounces
    Sodium: 453 under
    Exercise: nada
    Proud: I was able to keep the crankiness in check. Mostly.

    Happy 4th everyone!
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  • elmox
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    Hope you all had great holiday weekends! Mine was pretty relaxed and enjoyable. I went to the gym twice (Sat and Mon) and did some walking on Sun. Not too shabby!

    Checking in for the weekend:
    Cals - Over by 350....not too shabby for a BBQ day.
    Water - 96 oz!
    Exercise - 30 min on the treadmill (mostly walking at an incline), 30 min on the weight machines
    Proud - Good workout!

    Cals - Over by 800....errr....not so good....
    Water - 88 oz (so close!)
    Exercise - Walking for 25 min
    Proud - My meals were good....my snacking was a bit out of control!

    Cals - Overby 127 - BOOYAH! That's pretty good to me!
    Water - 112 oz (I got up to pee like 3 times in the middle of the night! Hubby kept asking if I was feeling ok!)
    Exercise - 30 min on the elliptical, 30 min on the weight machines
    Proud - Uh....only over by 127 on July 4th?!? I'd say that's pretty awesome!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone's check-ins!
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    Verdict on the new scale? TAKING IT BACK! If it were consistent, I think I could deal with having it in the bathroom and only getting on it a few times per week. HOWEVER, it is completely insane! It'll tell me one weight, then another, then another, then another! There's no consistency! Even with a 5 lb weight, it gave me several different readings.

    Back to weighing on the gym scales once/week and that's IT.

    Calories: 30 under
    Sodium: 390 under
    Water: 64 ounces
    Exercise: getting the washer/dryer off a truck, up some stairs, and into my apartment.
    Proud: I own a screwdriver!

    Calories: 162 under
    Sodium: 20 over
    Water: 56 ounces
    Exercise: none
    Proud: I went out to dinner and still stayed under my cals.

    Calories: 13 under
    Sodium: 442 over
    Water: 80 ounces
    Exercise: 50 minute walk
    Proud: I got a lot accomplished around the house yesterday and made a really healthy/tasty dinner.
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    I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I didn't track calories - so below are my best guesses :)

    Calories - over by less than 400 calories
    Water - not enough
    Exercise - not much

    Calories - over by 500 calories
    Water - only if you count coffee and diet coke :ohwell:
    Exercise - a little walking

    Calories - over
    Water- plenty
    Exercise - nada

    I was careful but not great over the weekend. I went out for lunch with family and didn't order anything but as I was sitting at the kids table I still had cheesy bread and some pasta. On Monday I had a spoon full of potato salad, red sauce with a little pasta and a lot of green beans, some cheese and a burger with lettuce for a bun. Then three half pieces of desert. :sad: OOPS!

    I've been fighting a summer cold all weekend which just stinks!:sick: But the weather was beautiful and while family was out doing great outdoor activities like swimming and sailing... I was in a hammock reading. Well... you know... I uh... work really hard all week and all... and well... (yeah FAIL!).:grumble:
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    Hi ladies!

    I had an appointment today and my OB thinks baby will be here in the next few days! I'm 3cm dilated & totally effaced. That's almost 2 more cm dilated than I was last Wednesday. I've been having stronger contractions since last night & cramps and a backache on and off so I think I may actually be in slow early labor.

    She stripped my membranes which I wasn't expecting & said they'd probably break my water at my next appointment if I were to make it until then but she said she'd be very surprised if baby wasn't here this weekend or sooner. :bigsmile:

    MIL and mom both predicted 7/7 independently of each other. My favorite OB is on call that day so my fingers are crossed that's the day!
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    SQUEEE!!!! JULIE - SO EXCITING!!!! YEAH HOORAY FOR YOU!!!! I can't wait to hear the updates!

    Yesterday's check-in:
    Cals - Over by less than 100.
    Water - 88 oz....just 1 glass short of my 96 oz goal
    Exercise - 55 min of pilates in the park, 30 min of walking
    Proud - Enjoyed a pilates class (oh my core!) with a beautiful view....

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    <3 Brooklyn!!!! I miss it!
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    Alright, ladies, I'm back. I was dreading it because I've been doing terribly and am up about 6 lbs. Seriously not cool, but of my own doing. Truthfully, it was wanting to know if Julie's daughter arrived yet that brought me here today; otherwise, I probably would have avoided it. I'm in a bit of a funk over the weight for the first time since December. Grrr.

    Jess: Can you believe Warrior Dash is two weeks from Saturday?!? I'm so excited to meet you in person! I'm going to send you a private message with my phone number so you can let me know when you'll be available to get together.

    Sherry: I was about in tears of joy for Ryan telling his teacher what he did with his sister. So, so amazing. I completely understand. I'm also so happy to hear you and the hubby had a great time on vacation. Seeing wild dolphins is a truly amazing experience; I was lucky enough to see a huge pod of dolphins in Hawaii...we also saw a whale! Awesome.

    Lauren: I think pilates and/or yoga outdoors would be amazing. I think it's the only time I wouldn't get bored. I'm glad the half marathon for fall 2012 sounds good to you. We'll all just have to figure out where.

    Allison: Congrats on being a grown-up! :laugh: I felt that way when I bought my house.

    Julie: I can't speak for Santa Cruz, but Hawaii is amazing! I didn't care for Oahu, but LOVED Maui. The only reason we went to Oahu was to see Pearl Harbor, but Hanauma Bay was absolutely beautiful there.

    Ann: Great news that you and your hubby are doing this together! Congrats on both the running and the 7 lb. loss. Amazing. Keep up the awesome job.

    Weekend check-in:
    Calories: Over every day
    Water: Under every day
    Exercise: Very little
    Proud: I only gained 6 lbs. despite eating everything in sight all weekend?

    Challenge check-in:
    Weight: FAIL! Gained.
    Running: Fail
    Strength: Fail
    Ice Cream: Fail

    Yep, all around fail, but I'm working hard on getting back on track for the rest of the month.
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    Julie, HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!

    mstahl, oh well a little time in a hammock with a book NEVER killed anyone!:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: It sounds rather enjoyable once in awhile

    elmox, nice view!! Sounds like fun

    Heather, I over did it over the weekend too. I have not had the courage to get on the scale!!

    Okay ladies, this week is getting some college things done. Like applying for a parent loan for college.:grumble: Requesting deferral of payments for housing. Then packing because myself and the 4 children are leaving for a week. Hubby does not like church camp so he stay's home and works. :laugh: So you may not see too much of me this week and NOTHING next week. Julie have your baby before I go so you can post some pics for me to see. (I know sounds very self centered of me needing Julie to have the baby and post some pictures before Sunday so that I could see them):ohwell: Now you know my true colors:tongue:
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    Julie-OMGG!! I cannot wait till your little bundle of joy arrives!! Time flies..probably not for you though!

    Heather-2 weeks!? YIKES!! Yes send me a message with your #!!
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    Let us not forget to keep up with our goals. Checking in on Friday's! Remember our end date for the goals is July 22nd! I will not be able to post next week but I will try to keep up with posting this week! We need to get a little bit more chatty!. I have to go pick up my volley ball player, so I will see you all later!
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    Sherry, trust me, I'm trying! :laugh:
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    So yeah....I just had fro-yo and ice cream for lunch....
  • HeatherMN
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    So yeah....I just had fro-yo and ice cream for lunch....

    Sounds like the perfect lunch to me....:love:
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    Yesterday was really hectic, so am hoping today is a little more chill.

    Tuesday's check in
    Calories: 11 under
    Water: 9 cups
    Sodium: 31 under
    Exercise: 1 hour of yoga
    Proud: I kept my temper with a friend even though I was really upset with her. Yay for self-control!

    Wednesday's check in
    Calories: 154 under
    Water: 80 ounces
    Sodium: 160 under
    Exercise: 1 hour of personal training
    Proud: My trainer told me he was really impressed with the way I won't back down from challenges and will power through just about any workout.
  • purpleprose
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    Heather - don't be in a funk! you *know* most of that is water weight and that a few days of lots of water and lower sodium will take care of that in a jiffy. Think about how awesome you've been doing - you've been running in a race every month and inspired me to get off my behind and sign up for some as well. :flowerforyou: Don't kick yourself.

    Julie - anxiously awaiting the news! I'm sure you'll be meeting your July goal in no time. I imagine you checking in on MFP during labor so as not to lose your 500-day streak!

    mstahl - I'm jealous of your hammock time! I'd love to be lounging in a hammock with a good book.

    Momma - good luck getting all that stuff done with college paperwork and whatnot. And I'll crack the whip while you're gone.

    Jess - I hope you and Heather have an awesome time together.

    Lauren - I have an unholy love of froyo. I think froyo is the new cupcake.

    Not too much new with me...I am taking back the scale I just bought because it was wildly inaccurate (even with a 10 pound dumbbell it would weight it with a margin of 3 pounds). I don't need that stress in my life, so back to weighing in once/week at the gym.

    Inspired by Heather I've now signed up for a mud run in August, an 8K in October, a 5K in November, and am looking for good events in September and December. I'm kicking myself back into high gear come hell or high water.

    Doing well with all of my goals except the weight one...it was doubtful I'd make onederland in this challenge but I am really *really* hoping to hit it by July 31. With my cals and exercise, the program has consistently telling me that "in 5 weeks, I'll weight 19X" which makes me so freaking happy. I just need to get a grip on the sodium again.