Over 200 new Year New Me Part 50



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    So yeah, yesterday was just one of those days when you say, well, that happened....moving on! Came in early to the office, so I got a bran muffin with my coffee. Then we went out as a team for a fun froyo (that was only like 100 cals). The ice cream came whenever we were walking back to the office and passed a Ben and Jerry's truck giving out free cups of Ben and Jerry's. Clearly, I could NOT pass that up. However, around 3 p.m. I realized that froyo and ice cream isn't a filling lunch, so I was hungry again, but I didn't want to eat a real meal (because sometimes I am dumb) so I got some popcorn chips. These wouldn't have been to bad had I stayed to the one serving....2.5 servings later = crazy cals. Then last night, I FINALLY got my cheeseburger I have been craving for weeks. It was so good! And then I polished that off with some ice cream. SIGH!

    Checking in:
    Cals - After that last paragraph it is not surprising that I'm OVER = 2468....eek!
    Water - Only had 8 glasses, so I didn't even get my 96 oz goal!
    Exercise - Walked about 2 miles throughout the day (the good part of the froyo was it was 1.5 miles round trip walking)
    Proud - I logged it all and I'm moving on!
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    Hi girls, I just had to check in but I'm not tracking any of my food and exercise on MFP while on vacation this week. I'm doing well with exercise, but not very good at all with food ... it is more challenging than I thought to pass up those high calorie foods when going out to dinner every meal. I did pack yogurt, protein powder and blueberries but this morning is just the 2nd time I've had it for breakfast. It is just a mental thing that I can't pass up the 'free' breakfast at the hotels when it is offered. But on the positive side I made a challenge for myself to workout at least 45 minutes every day and I have done that - even on Monday when we drove for 10 hours.
    Saturday: 1 hour step, 20 minutes core, 40 minutes pump, 30 minute walk
    Sunday: 30 minute walk, 1 hour walk/run
    Monday: 15 minute walk around restaurant, 15 minute run on treadmill, 15 minute light swim
    Tuesday: 45 minute walk/run on treadmill, 3 hours walking around St. Louis zoo and arch, 30 minute light swim
    Wednesday: 45 minute walk/run on treadmill, 2 hour walk around Univ. of Ill at Champaign/Urbana campus
    Thursday: 45 minute walk on treadmill, 30 minute light swimming
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    So yeah....I just had fro-yo and ice cream for lunch....

    I had a Blizzard from Diary Queen last night and thought of you and Heather! :drinker: Naughty Jessica!! I think the new boy is trying to fatten me up! haha..jk

    Lauren-Sounds like a rough day eating wise for you. You've got the right attitude though. Moving on!

    lstpaul-Great job on the exercise. I'd say that's a victory for vacation!

    Allison-I'd be ready to throw that scale out the window. A Mud run!? That sounds like soo much fun!! I'd love to do one of those!
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    I was home in bed all day yesterday with this stinky summer cold. I guess ridiculing my spouse for being such a wimp was toying with fate- Fate laid me flat!

    On the upside I'm really good about not eating when I'm asleep!

    Calories - under by about 500
    Water - way too low - only about 32 oz.
    Exercise - zero
    Proud - when I woke up in the evening I was really hungry but i just had a yummy grilled cheese and went back to bed.
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    Jess - this is the link for the one I'm doing: http://www.downanddirtymudrun.com/ri.cfm
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    Hi gals!

    I've been totally MIA for a while... so much happening all at once. I promise I'll catch up soon!!!
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    Allison: I'm so glad you're signing up for some running events! I was going to do the Down and Dirty here, but registration was full. Boo! Then again, it might be good to see how Warrior Dash works out before I do another mud run! How awesome that you're on track for Onederland! Woo hoo! Oh, and your comment about fro-yo and cupcakes made me remember that I had been craving cupcakes like mad for a week and finally got one (gotta love the ones sold individually!) at a gas station. It was awesome and totally fixed the craving.

    Jess: Warrior Dash is considered a mud run. So, you're doing one! We're gonna be awesome. Are you guys wearing costumes for it? I've read that avoiding cotton is a good idea because it gets so bogged down with the water and mud. Others who have done it said to stick to moisture wicking clothing if you can.

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories: On target
    Water: 8 glasses
    Exercise: Three hours walking at volunteering...faster pace than normal since we were outside of the arena!
    Proud: I'm so proud of the riders in the program that have made huge strides in their progress both in social skills and riding skills. They're truly amazing!

    Have a great evening!
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    Jess: Warrior Dash is considered a mud run. So, you're doing one! We're gonna be awesome. Are you guys wearing costumes for it? I've read that avoiding cotton is a good idea because it gets so bogged down with the water and mud. Others who have done it said to stick to moisture wicking clothing if you can.

    Yeah I guess it should be considered a mud run!! I'm excited!! Good idea on the mostire wick clothing though. Would of never though!! Better buy some before I leave.
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    Hello ladies!!

    I have been MIA a while .

    We left for vacation on sat and got back on tuesday. Of course i left my laptop in the hotel room so they sent it to me and just got it back today.

    I was up 15 lbs from my vacaiton ..uggg...but most of it is sodum , so far 2 days back on track i am already down 8 lbs of that.

    We walked alot on vacation my calfs were soo sore...Trying to get back on track , so far so good.

    Julie - Hope that little girl comes soon. Can't wait to see her !!
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    Today is 265 days for me on MFP. And you know how it starts?

    With a 2 pound GAIN on the scale.:explode:

    I've been so careful these past few weeks, I'm at or slightly under my net cals for the day, I'm working out, I'm cooking good food for myself and I'm up 2 freaking pounds.

    Very sad panda today. :sad:
  • elmox
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    Allison, count me in on the gain this week. I'm up 1.5 lbs from last week.

    So in terms of my July 22 goals...
    Weight - I'm now 7.5 away from my goal (I'm thinking 165 isn't going to happen in 2 weeks!)
    Water - I've done pretty well with this, getting 96 oz 6/7 days
    Exercise - Another good one - today will be workout #4 this week and while the elliptical isn't full-on running, we'll count it, OK?'

    Thursday check-in:
    Cals - Over by 325....two sweet snacks yesterday, that'll do it!
    Water - 96 oz
    Exercise - 55 minutes of yoga (this was a tough class!) and 2.5 miles walked the whole day
    Proud - After yoga, I came home and took the dog we're dog-sitting for the next week on a mile-walk. It was so pretty outside and it was like bonus exercise after yoga!
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    I didn't think to weigh in this morning but I don't think it even matters at this point. :laugh: I was down a pound from last week at the doc this past Tuesday. Looks like I've managed to keep my gain under 40 pounds. My highest pregnancy weight was up 38.6# a couple of weeks ago I believe. Not at all what I wanted but I'm very happy to have not let it get too out of control even though I haven't really been able to exercise the last 4 months (thanks to my contractions getting so much worse when I'm very active).

    I need more of you here checking in, though!
  • purpleprose
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    I meant to say "365th" in my earlier post - I am celebrating my one year anniversary on MFP with a gain!

    Trying to just brush it off, but I'm annoyed.

    Lauren - sorry you gained as well.
    Julie - I'm glad you were able to keep your gain within your goals, especially since you couldn't really work out!!! Can't wait to hear about the little one once she arrives!

    July goals - other than the weight issue, everything's going well!

    Yoga - every Tuesday
    Running - at least one more intense run per week.
    Evening eating - barring the occasional popsicle after dinner, this has seen great improvement. Almost nothing post-dinner.
  • HeatherMN
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    Good afternoon, ladies!

    Allison: Happy 1 year anniversary! I know it's frustrating to see the gain, but just think of where you were at a year ago compared to today. You're doing amazing!

    Jess: I'm planning on wearing leopard print capris (left over from Peg Bundy costume) because they're cute, funny and I don't care if they get ruined in the mud. Don't spend much on your moisture-wicking gear in case the mud won't come out. Also, remember to wear old shoes if you have them. Most people donate theirs at the event afterward. I've been hanging onto an old pair of running shoes for just this reason. Oh, and a guy on MFP who did a Warrior Dash this past week said that if you can walk and you can climb a ladder, you should be just fine. That's encouraging, isn't it?

    Julie: I hope by Monday there are pictures of a wee little one for us to see! The suspense is killing me. I can't imagine what it's doing to you! Sending lots of love and good vibes your way!!

    So, on to the good stuff:
    I'm down 3 of the 6 lbs. I gained over the holiday weekend, but that means I'm now 9.2 lbs. away from my July goal. I'm thinking it's not going to happen. Now I'd be happy to hit 175 instead of 170 by the end of this challenge!
    I haven't done any running, very little strength training and am eating ice cream almost daily. I'm apparently failing here! Ahh!

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories: On target
    Water: 10 servings
    Exercise: 1 hour walking (between volunteering and chasing my horse around her pasture) and 30 minutes bareback riding.
    Proud: After volunteering, I picked up a small bag of Cool Ranch Doritos because they were there (pure habit). I ate three chips and realized they didn't taste that good and I wasn't hungry. I threw the rest away. I'm counting this as a huge win.
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    Hi there! Is this group open to new members?
  • Momma24
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    Yes!!! and Welcome EHmommy:flowerforyou:
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    I totally spaced that this was Friday. Ryan is going to be 6 on Monday, ♫ Happy birthday to my sweetheart♫ (not a bad birthday Julie) and we will be away from daddy on that day so we are celebrating today. He was so cute last night he came in and saw that I bought birthday candles and asked, if he could open his presents? I had a bag with soap and toothpaste and pads also from the trip to the store. He saw that bag and was sure it was his present. He did not seem at all disappointed when he opened the bag and found that he got soap for his birthday.:laugh: He will be thrilled tonight when he finds out he got the toy from the store that he wanted so bad. All week he has been saying "Momma, lets go to the store and you pick up that green lantern and bring him home for me" Yes, he actually calls me momma. He tells everyone that my name is momma. :love: :love: Also not to jump around a whole bunch but I did just drink some coffee. I am sad:sad: :cry: I drove by the high school my daughter graduated from this morning and realized she is not going to be there in August. She will be leaving me. :sad: :cry: I am so excited and proud of her but oh how my heart is breaking. :brokenheart: I actually raised a kid and she is leaving my nest. The amazing part is how well she turned out in spite of the fact that she is the one who I was doing mom training on. My little experiment went well.
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    Yes, post #3 from me. I did say I had coffee this morning. Reminder to check in with our weight and goals. Yes, I messed this one up by forgetting it was Friday. But I will say I have most likely failed my goals for this week. But I say battle lost but the war is NOT over. Victory or Death!!!!!!!!!. I watched last starfighter last night sorry. No victory or death just a little goofy this morning.:blushing: But you all get what I am saying
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    Yay!! What day do you guys weigh-in?
    A little about me: I am a 30 y/o, married mama to two great boys. My oldest is four and youngest is seven months. I have been overweight pretty much my whole life. I have yo-yo dieted forever. In the past, I have successfully lost as much as 60 pounds, but as you can see, I gained it all back...plus some. My body has really rebeled after having the second child. I have not bounced back like I did the first time around. I am breastfeeding my little one, so I have to be cautious with cutting calories too much. I can do OK with the food aspect (although sweets do call my name), it's the exercise I can never seem to fit in. I think part of that is an avoidance on my part. I am mostly a SAHM (I work one day a week). I really need to make some lifestyle changes I can stick to and accomplish this weight goal once and for all.
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    EHmommy, sounds good. Like you said breastfeeding means *careful* with the amount of calories to cut. Also, just a tad bit of unsolicited advice (as a mother of 4 who breast fed all 4 the last 2 until they were just shy of their 2nd birthday) Breastfeed before you exercise. Right after exercise the breast milk is more bitter and they love that sweet stuff we mothers naturally produce. Not sure if that is and "old wives tale" but it makes since to me. Besides it is more comfortable to exercise when your not full of milk any how. Also we weigh in on Friday's but apparently our girls forgot that... Myself included! Looking forward to getting to know you