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  • 1968samuel
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    Happy Monday everyone!

    Had several parties last week and didn't make it to the gym much. I'm hoping this week will be much better!
    I lifted today and I'm very proud of myself for doing so as strength training often gets shoved to the side!:blushing:
    I'm hoping to do much better in that area come 2014!

    KellySue - Hope things are getting back to normal for you and you're feeling much better!

    Stan - You look awesome! Great work!

    We have temperatures in the 60 degrees F in Denver the next few days! Woo hoo! Hoping to jump on my bike at some point before it cools down again!

    Have a great week everyone!
  • Stoshew71
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    Sounds like a lot of fun Chelle. :-)

    get it done while you can Beeps.

    Thanks Sam. :-) And wish you the best as well. Congrats getting that lifting in.

    I know I have to get a lot done this week. I will be on the road this weekend and returning to visit home in NJ all next week. I will try to get some workouts and running in next week. That is my intention. LOL I hope I can. :-)

    Have a great week everyone.
  • WhataBroad
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    hey everyone!

    welcome mitch =)

    james - looking great!

    I have been MIA for a few days; wasn't feeling too good over the weekend. I fell on Friday night and smashed my forehead. I didn't pass out but I did end up throwing up and was pretty sore for a couple days. Now I just have a neanderthal forehead and a huge shiner! =\

    I did get in a run and walk yesterday and will be hitting my chest/arms after work today. I have been part of the Move Your *kitten* group for few months and I have 100 miles to cover this month meaning I should have been at 50 yesterday... meaning I am behind by a couple so I have to catch up!

    Chelle - wow, kudos for sticking with that diet for that long! I would have been going bonkers too not being able to workout.

    Beeps - what happened to that 'systems' website you had referenced a little while back? or was that not what you were looking for either?

    Sto - you just have to fit it in somehow and if you can't, just make more 'good' choices rather than questionable ones!
  • KellySue67
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    Hi All! Yep- still alive! Just been a crazy weekend with weather and all. I, unfortunately, did not end up doing the 5k. The weather was crappy and it was about 1/2hour away from where I live and decided to stay home. Maybe next time. Sunday was the day to shovel and Monday I went shopping with my mom. Didn't really buy a whole lot, but it was fun just the same. The Mall was very festively decorated.

    I did a brief aerobics session this morning. Not quite ready to do the whole work out yet. I then came to work and had to shovel! Whoohoo- What a surprise!!! (not really... I would have been surprised if it had been shoveled!) Any how, back to the grind. Four days of work this week, three days next week, and four days the week after.

    Have a good day all!
  • Beeps2011
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    1968samuel - the winter-time bikers always FREAK ME OUT! I'm totally convinced their going to fall off their bikes and slide underneath my car wheels....

    Stoshew - do you hit the hotel gym when you travel?

    WhataBroad - don't know of any "systems" websites....I just had some app that I was tracking my "habits" on. It bored me....I'm still trying to keep all the "good habits" i was building - I'm just not "tracking" them by app anymore. I am keeping my "systems" approach (to diet/fitness) very much ALIVE and in the forefront of my MIND, though. Staying off the scale (1 x per week only) and measuring/photos only 1 x per month. This HAS eased TONS of my "anxiety". TONS.

    KellySue - Running in bad weather is NOT FUN! I'm glad you stayed home...there's another 5 km run just about any weekend, so I'm sure you'll do the next one.

    My 4-work-outs this week has already crashed-and-burned. On Day 2, lol. The DOMs is RIDICULOUS, today. So, I'll rest my old weary bones. Ugh.

    New plan:

    1. Weights on Friday.
    2. Cardio on Saturday.
    3. Weights on Monday.
    4. de-load from Dec. 24 - 28.
    5. Back to regular lifting (M/W/F) on Dec. 29.

  • caramelgyrlk
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    Greetings my 40+ friends. Hope all of you are well and in good spirits.

    I am sore from the neck down after my personal training session, followed by an Extreme Fit class. My strength has improved immensely. 6 months back I could barely do 5 push-up and last night I did multiple push-ups on medicine balls and a bosu ball in reverse position. Taking the 8 week holiday challenge at the gym with a weekly weigh in has given more reason to fight harder to lose more.

    It's nice to see how many of you work out despite the weather, or other issues.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Think I am going to have to join in here! You all sound like a great group of folks!
  • Beeps2011
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    caramel - are those full-blown plank position push-ups?!?!?!? oh my goodness! THAT'S AWESOME!

    My 2014 goals are to improve my push-ups (I can do about 3 x 8 full-plank push-ups from the floor) and to COMPLETE some unassisted pull-ups! (I cannot do any at present.)
  • Stoshew71
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    Sorry to hear about your head WhatABroad. Well glad you are now well enough to get a run in. Now that is dedication. ;-)
    Getting it done.

    KellySue- Snow sucks when you need to get to work and stuff. I know a lot of people got a ton of it and had to shovel out. Luckily living in the south we did not get hit.

    Beeps, when i travel and in a hotel, yes. But all next week I will be staying with relatives. So I will just do what i do on Saturdays. Get my HRM, my smart phone with runtastic on it, dress really really warm, and just hit the pavement for 3 miles. I just have to remember to get up early. :-)

    Way to go caramel. Way to challenge yourself.

    Hi becky, welcome to our fun little corner. :-)
  • WhataBroad
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    Hi beckyann =)

    caramel - soooo full of awesomeness!! Your hard work is paying off! I bet you are so glad you joined that gym challenge. =)
    I can't do full push ups yet, I am still on my knees but I am up to 3 sets of 8 =) gawd, I have no upper body strength =\ THAT is one of my 2014 goals... to do full push ups and pull ups. My guy has a pull up bar in the garage, that I love watching him on =P, and I want to be able to do at least 5 by the end of 2014.

    Beeps - it was the website that you got that systems idea from? I thought it was more than just fitness goal setting. And good for you for looking ahead to 2014 as well! What do you do for a deload?

    Sto - I don't think it's dedication for me anymore, it's just life now! That's what I love most about running... just get your things on and go!

    I got my lifting in last night and then did my lower body workout this morning... a shortened version because I ended up sleeping in a bit. I had a horrible sleep last night, which isn't normal for me. What kinds of things do you guys do at night to help set up a peaceful sleep?
  • 1968samuel
    1968samuel Posts: 176 Member
    caramel - Way to go lady! Very nice work!

    Beeps - Sounds like you have a great plan for the rest of the year. I think it's great that you're looking ahead to next year. I'm still trying to figure out my goals for 2014.

    Beckyann - Welcome! You'll find lots of great information and ideas in this thread!

    WhataBroad - Sorry about your restless night. Anymore, I never seem to sleep well (probably a result of changing hormones). It makes it tougher to make good choices when I'm tired, but I've had to learn to adjust. Looking forward to hearing what others do to get some good zzzzzz's.
  • KellySue67
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    Hi all! Having a "Ba Humbug!" day today. Just not feeling like myself yet. Can't wait to be done with the antibiotics. Tomorrow is the last day. They have messed with my stomach and all and I am just ready for them to be gone!!!

    Whatabroad- stinks about not being able to sleep. I try to make sure I don't have any caffeinated beverages too late in the day, but otherwise I don't have tons of trouble sleeping. Wish I could be more help.

    Have a good day all.
  • Beeps2011
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    WhataBroad - my recollection, re: my 'systems' approach, was that a newsletter came out from some fitness guru I follow that basically talked about why focusing on the "outputs" (i.e. the scale, the tape measure) is really HARD on (many) humans....vs focusing on the "inputs" (i.e. what I put in my mouth, how much I move, etc.) is something within a person's control. I liked the logic of the approach and therefore, my systems approach was born!

    I also slept horribly last night, but can blame that on my late-night carb-fest of salt-n-vinegar potato chips!!
  • princessofredrock
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    Hey cool kids!

    Sorry you had a rough night Beeps

    Stosh- Just do what you can! Even some situps and pushups in what ever room is avail is better than nothing! ; )

    Kelly- your humbug will pass! ; )

    Awesome sauce Caramel!

    WB- I take melatonin helps you sleep and reportedly for some gets rid of their gray hair! ; )

    Well I posted my first success story with pics! Yay me! lol

    Have a great Hump day!

  • WhataBroad
    WhataBroad Posts: 1,091 Member
    Thanks for the suggestions about helping sleep... it's not normal for me and it's irritating for sure. I woke up almost every hour last night and am just UGHH this morning. Didn't get up for my run and now am feeling worse because I didn't. It truly is going to be a hump day for me!!

    KellySue - :flowerforyou: hope it gets better for you.

    Chelle - naughty Mrs. Claus! love the pic and your story... awesome transformation! and that is a HUGE dog laying in behind you, looks like a big rock!! lol, what is the breed?

    Beeps - omg, I hear ya about the chips! Chips are my achilles... Ms Vickies sea salt and malt vinegar are my absolute fav chip but I can't stop until I have eaten the whole bag so I just don't go there, lol. the cracked black pepper kettle chips are my second and I have to stop now or I am doomed!!

    If the weather stays, I am going for a run outside today; we've had some really mild weather and the sidewalks are bare so I better take advantage while I can. Maybe I will close my office door for 15 minutes at some point and have a powernap too!

    Have a good one kids!
  • Morning everyone! Just finished my run with C25k, have two more to do then it will be completed. I hope to be able to run a 5k this Spring, but running has been a huge challenge for me, especially this past year. But I feel great about where I am right now with it, so no matter what, I have victory! lol.

    Thanks for the Welcome!

    @Beeps, great goals for the new year!

    @KellySue67, Glad you are about done with the antibiotics, they do stink. Hope your other issues have gotten better, digestive problems are no fun at all.

    @Whatabroad, I have a hot bath every night to help me sleep. I also have to stay away from sugar and caffeine as much as possible. lately I have been using a Melatonin and Valerian root spray. Only when I can't seem to get my heart to relax. In 20 minutes of taking this, I sink into my mattress and fall asleep. But i don't want to rely on it all the time. it's a last resort. Melatonin can be bad for those who struggle with Depression.

    @Princessofred, Congratulations on your success!

    Have a great rest of the day all!
  • 1968samuel
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    WhataBroad - I have sooo been there!! Ultimately for me, I seem to finally pass out early after too many restless nights or sleep late on the weekend to catch up. Earlier this year, I was also working out less days a week because I was so tired. I had to really watch my calorie intake as a result, but it all worked out. It totally sucks though. :ohwell:

    KellySue - Hope you feel normal again soon! You've been under the weather a while now.

    Beckyann - Great job on your running! It's my favorite exercise although I'm very slow. For me, it has gotten much easier the more I have done it!

    Today is a short cardio session for me and another lifting day. Trying to end the year on a strong note!

    Take care gang! :smile:
  • Beeps2011
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  • Beeps2011
    Beeps2011 Posts: 11,864 Member
    WhataBroad - i totally do NOT "get" the salt-and-pepper chip craze!! My inlaws from the UK are ALL ABOUT THAT, though...so, I buy them when they visit (one time per year....).

    Beckyann, you'll totally be able to do a 5km by spring - no worries there!

    1968samuel - sounds like a GREAT EXERCISE DAY!
  • jazi719
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    I just turned 49....Do I still apply for the 40's club? :ohwell: